Best Fitness Advice and Treadmill Reviews

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Published on May 23, 2017

Author: maria_wilson


slide 1: Best Fitness Advice and Treadmill Reviews slide 2: Being fit is the ability to push the limits of one’s body and not face any resulting serious consequences. This is the ability to run long distances go for brisk walks lift heavy weights and letting the body undergo strenuous activities. Subjecting the body to more added strenuous activity to attain the perfect physical fitness including emotional and mental fitness. There are five components of physical fitness: slide 3: Body composition is the relative amount of fat bone muscle and other body’s vital part and it can provide a better evaluation of the body’s overall health. It is important to maintain a level of body fat that is neither too low nor too high. A body fat analysis needs to be performed to start a small healthy diet and exercises to improve the composition of the body. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the lungs heart and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to body tissues. One needs to choose an enjoyable activity starting slowly and increasing intensity and duration. To maintain good flexibility to protect muscles and joints from injury a basic stretching program will be needed to improve this often neglected fitness component. One needs to make time for it maybe a 10-minute stretch or walking/stretching breaks at work to improve flexibility. slide 4: Muscular endurance is the muscle’s ability to continue performing without fatigue which can be achieved by doing sustained activities such as walking swimming or biking. One needs to look for opportunities to activate muscles by walking to the grocery store and flexing biceps by carrying groceries. Muscular strength is the muscles’ ability to exert effort during an activity which can be achieved by using muscles against resistance like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing pushups during commercial breaks. slide 5: In order to be totally fit one needs to focus on all these components of physical fitness. This will ensure that one is healthier overall and will enjoy the benefits of disease prevention from osteoporosis or diabetes and reduced risks of injury. A multibillion-dollar industry has blossomed around the promise of an effective exercise program to gain total body fitness. Excellent exercise solutions for most people have developed from membership to health clubs and home exercise equipment. There are two types of exercise equipment are the cardio equipment and strength equipment and are found indoors. Strength equipment includes ankle weights exercise mats hand weights resistance bands and tubing. Cardio equipment are cross –country ski machine elliptical trainers rowing machines stairs-steppers stationary bicycles and treadmill. slide 6: Unison Fitness:

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