Best do it-yourself projects like installing boat t-tops and marine upholstery which boating enthusiasts will enjoy

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Published on December 10, 2016

Author: George2Nicholson


1. Best Do-It-Yourself Projects Like Installing Boat T-Tops And Marine Upholstery Which Boating Enthusiasts Will Enjoy Tips For Installing Boat T-Tops Having a boat T-top is an essential feature to have on your vessel. This is because no matter how much of an outdoor enthusiast you are, you will feel the trying conditions of the harsh marine environments when you are out sailing. With such a protective structure you will be able to shield yourself from harmful weather conditions as well as protect the instruments and electronic components of the console area as well. There are many T-tops available in the market which are designed for center console boats and they come in various sizes and shapes to suit your requirement. Installing such a boat accessory is an interesting project which does not require too much time. In addition all you would need are some basic hand tools which a regular DIY fan would already have. The structures often feature aluminum or steel piping and a protective cover. Since the structures are fairly large it would be useful to have at least two people working on the project and prior to drilling into the base of your boat for fixing it, makes sure to correctly mark out the positioning. Do-It-Yourself Projects For Boat Upholstery  Inspection of exiting upholstery, repairs and removal of parts to be replaced Boat upholstery is generally designed to withstand very harsh marine environmental conditions but with time they too tend to deteriorate. By performing frequent inspections you could identify any areas which need repairs and attend to them before they become a serious problem. If the exterior is worn out significantly you will need to remove the old upholstery. Take care when removing the staples as sometimes the foam can be reused if not damaged. Next inspect the plywood for water damage or delamination.  Selection of materials and installing new marine upholstery Ideally when selecting materials for upholstery on boats you should specially note to select marine grade materials as they would be specially treated to withstand harsh environmental conditions. When purchasing new foam it should be measured to be about 3/8″ larger than the size of the plywood of the seat and the thickness could vary between 3 to 5 inches depending on the type of boat seats which will be compatible with your boat. When you are sewing upholstery fabric it is recommended to use an industrial grade sewing machine which can handle such thick materials. Article By Stefaniak

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