Best Automation Testing Tools For DevOps 2018

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Information about Best Automation Testing Tools For DevOps 2018

Published on July 19, 2018

Author: enov8


slide 1: Best Automation Testing Tools For DevOps 2018 Automation testing is running a software program that tests the execution of test cases and yield efective results without any kind of human eforts. While manual testing is time-consuming and requires human eforts this test is generated automatically to save you from all the hassle or hard work and making your task easy. With the developing technology the software developed from automation testing change. The new software is developed according to recent requirements along with which the test environment management tools also evolve. These automation tools become the key weapon in testing the new software that keeps on adding to our lives. They improve productivity quality as well as customer satisfaction by deriving the corrections required in the software. DevOps which is a software engineering culture automating and monitoring the steps to software construction starting from integration testing releasing to deployment and infrastructure management. It is yet another efective way to slide 2: reduce the time span between changes made in the system which are later to be applied in production. Like every other software culture DevOps also requires its own IT environment management tools. Each project is automated in such a manner that requires to be executed by the right kind of automation tool. A lot of test automation tools are available to carry out regression testing and these frameworks are made available for DevOps because they are present there to assist organizations with delivery management and integration. The automation testing tools that are best suited for DevOps are listed below. Tricentis Considered to be the industry top trending tool this testing platform is known for reinventing software testing for DevOps. It has been able to achieve leader status in the top three analyst reports. To add to this tool’s capabilities it can perform risk-based testing automation from end-to-end without scripting. Tricentis is industry most extensively uses technical support. Appium The testing framework is a mobile application which allows native hybrid and web app testing with the help of its great UI. Appium uses vendor-provided frameworks so it does not have to go through the process of compiling or addition of any third party framework. It facilitates simple setup process along with the simple application which consumes a very small amount of memory. Stackify Retrace It a DevOps testing tool which has the ability to show real-time log errors and queries directly in the workstation. The lightweight testing tool comes much in handy for the software-defned data center. It provides an instant feedback loop slide 3: for checking the Java web applications. It performs a detailed trace of all types of web requests. It gives you a secure access and confgured image caches. Selenium It supports automation testing over a wide range of browsers. It provides support for parallel tests execution which ultimately reduces the time taken for test execution. It demands very less amount of resources as compared to other testing tools. The test cases developed here can be operated over diferent Operating systems. The popular programming languages are supported by Selenium like Java Python C JavaScript. Contact Us Company Name : Enov8 Contact Person : Niall Crawford Address : Level 5 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000 New South Wales Australia. Phones : +61 2 8916 6391 Website :

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