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Published on January 6, 2017

Author: mixvita123


Slide 1: The difference between Processors,Mixers,Blenders and all-in-ones : Everyone understood that Processor, Mixers, Blenders all are same, but there is much difference in-between all appliance. Cons of all the appliances in this category so you can make sure your kitchen's equipped with the tools you'll use the most . All-in-one kitchen machines Blenders Super blenders Single-serve blenders Food processors Stand mixers Hand mixers Stick blenders with mini food processors Slide 3: All-in-one kitchen machines: All kitchen needs different appliance to make our food delicious and tasty. But you must know about every machines that you are using in your kitchen. We are here to tell you about different gadgets . Slide 4: Blenders: Blenders can used to puree soup, make smoothies and blend frozen drinks and cocktails. Blenders is a kitchen appliance used to mix food and other substances. A stationary blender consists of a blender jar with an electric motor in the base. Slide 5: Super blenders: Super blenders are suitable for mixing, dressings and blended cocktails, sorbet, grinding nut butters and crushing ice. Some blenders so fast they can even heat raw vegetables and liquids and healthy soup. There is a major difference between blenders and super blenders. Super blender are doing the same things that blender can do, but Super blender is smoothies and faster than blender. Slide 6: Single-serve blenders: Single –serve blenders blends fruits and vegetables to a liquid and you can drink from the same bottle. Some water is added with the blending. Single –serve blenders is the best way for your kids because they get juice according to their selves. : A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to mixed up fruits and vegetables in the preparation of food. Food processors are similar to blenders in many forms. You can not use food processor for blending soups, cocktails. Food processors: Stand mixers:: Stand mixers : Stand mixers is good for those who like to just bake cakes, breads, biscuits, meringues, marshmallows, choux pastry. Stand mixers is used to mixed up batter and whisks cream and egg whites. Hand mixers: : Hand mixers: Hand mixers is b eating egg whites, whipping cream, blending cake batters, mixing icing and making smooth creamy mash potato . Hand mixers is comparatively easy to store than other appliance. Stick blenders with mini food processors: : Stick blenders with mini food processors: A stick blender is best for pureeing soup in the pot, processing small batches of baby food and whipping cream . The stick blender and mini food-processor aren't suitable for pastry dough.

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