Bespoke Technique for Secret Messaging

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: ajykmr1



My Project PPT(2013 Paper)

A Bespoke Technique for Secret Messaging Project Guide Ms. I. S. Pallavi, Assoc. Professor, Head of the Department, Department of Computer Science. 1 By N. Ajay Kumar, M.C.A 3rd Year, PG111202052.

Contents  Abstract Problem Statement     Current Systems Proposed System Requirements elicitation    Functional Requirements Non Functional Requirements Overview Algorithms An Example Conclusion    2

Abstract It is challenging to hide the communication from eavesdropper. There is a continual digging to find robust and effective algorithms to protect digital communications and digital assets. In the reviewed work, Researchers have developed algorithms for text encryption and embedment in digital watermarking. It is very true that if the complexity in algorithm is increased, higher security level can be achieved. The proposed work is targeted to maintain the tradeoff between the complexity level of algorithm and security level of message considering the time factor. 3

Current System  The previous techniques deals with cryptographic and watermarking algorithms. In Cryptography, the secret message is first encrypted with a key and then sent to destination. The key is to be sent hidden. Digital watermarking using LSB at cost of time. Complex and time consuming encryption techniques.    4

Proposed System  In proposed work, the focus is not only on cryptographic techniques but also tried to achieve security level high by modifying message embedment technique. Proposed algorithm, not only encrypts and decrypts secret message but also embed and extract secret message from digital image. This is using ASCII value to decide the position of embedment in image pixel matrix. Key size is dynamic i.e. depends on the secret message size and does not permit repetition of character in key.   5

Functional Requirements  SENDER : Inputs Initial Inputs: Key, Original Secret Message(OSM) Intermediate Inputs: Encrypted ASCII values, Image Output Embedded Image  RECEIVER : Inputs Embedded Image, Key Output Secret Message 6

Non-Functional Requirements  This project is used for securing our message embedded in an image. The project works on ASCII codes. We are using a single key to encrypt and embed the secret message in image. Software Requirements: Operating System : Windows XP or later Front End Design Tool : VC#.NET Hardware Requirements: Processor : Pentium – IV or later RAM : 128 MB Hard Disk : 10 GB Disk Space     7

Overview 8

Algorithms used The proposed work has evolved with two algorithms: 1. AMEADT (ASCII Message Encryption and Decryption Technique) to protect secret message. 2. AMEAET (ASCII Message Embedment and Extraction Technique) to embed encrypted text to digital image. 9

AMEADT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 Find the ASCII value of “Original Secret Message(OSM)”, Find the ASCII value of Key, Sort them in ascending order, Add Sorted form of ASCII value of Key into Original Secret Message for Encryption , Encrypted value, derived, is embedded to digital image using AMEAET. At destination, this data is extracted and decrypted by applying reverse process.

AMEAET Select the pixel value according to ASCII value of key in ascending order 2. Encrypted value is embedded at selected position. Selected pixel value positions are changed with Encrypted Values For extraction of encrypted text same process of selection of position using key will be used to identify embedded text on image 1. 11

Example 12

A. AMEADT Key with ASCII codes Secret Message with ASCII codes 13 Sorted in Ascending order Key + Secret Message

B. AMEAET Position selected according to ASCII value of Key. 14 Replaced with Encrypted Value

Decryption 15

Conclusion    In this paper, a technique is proposed which increases the level of secrecy in communication. This improvement in secrecy level is achieved by combining the techniques: AMEADT and AMEAET using single key for both encryption/ decryption and embedment/ extraction. Had a focus on improving the complexity of encryption and using static technique of embedment. 16


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