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Published on March 7, 2008

Author: Veronica1


Be Safe, Be Proud – Safety for Supervisors & Route Managers:  Be Safe, Be Proud – Safety for Supervisors & Route Managers David Biderman NSWMA/WASTEC/EIA 202-364-3743 Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud NSWMA receives $ from OSHA under a grant program to improve safety in the solid waste industry. In previous years, NSWMA has used this $ to: Hold ergonomics training seminars On-line ergonomics/safety training Develop ergonomics checklists Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud In 2004, NSWMA partnered with Republic Services to develop a safety video focused on residential collection – drivers and helpers: Be Safe, Be Proud. NSWMA partnered with Republic in 2005 and with Republic and Waste Management in 2006 to make more safety videos: Be Safe, Be Proud – At the Landfill Be Safe, Be Proud – At the Transfer Station Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud The grant and NSWMA videos have helped spur an increased focus on safety: Safety Monday – weekly safety newsletter Safety training programs: A. Regional B. Company-specific Safety Committee – exchange of data, compliance assistance and ideas re safety Slow Down to Get Around Why?:  Why? Because solid waste/recyclable collectors have the 6th highest fatality rate in the United States: 43.8 per 100,000 in 2005 (43) This is about ten times the national average. The solid waste industry’s injury/illness rate is trending down, but is still high: 8.3 per 100 – collection 7.0 per 100 – disposal Why?:  Why? The money spent on personal injury, property damages, workers compensation and lawyers is HUGE. Morale – Nobody wants to work for an unsafe employer Employee Turnover Image – With customers and communities Leading Causes of Injuries in Solid Waste Operations:  Leading Causes of Injuries in Solid Waste Operations 1. Collection Backing Struck by other vehicles Falls off the truck Lifting/pushing Tipovers Rear end collisions Crushing by container Sharps/medwaste/chemicals Lockout tagout Disposal Struck by Loads Falls 3. Maintenance Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud The majority of solid waste facilities, injuries and accidents involve collection: The majority of accidents and injuries are caused by unsafe BEHAVIOR, not unsafe conditions Safety = getting adults to change their unsafe behavior This is not easy Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud It is not enough to just have safety rules. Companies and sanitation departments need to make safety part of the DNA of their organization: Management – leadership Training – make it relevant Resources – do workers rush to finish routes quickly? Repeaters and discipline Safety incentives – group/individual Communications – signs, banners, slogans, etc. Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud New Hires v. New Employees How to Train: Multimedia – pictures/video, classroom, computer Interactive Keep it short Make it relevant – e.g., PPE/Eyewear Language/literacy issues Topics to Consider:  Topics to Consider Lockout/tagout Confined space Bloodborne pathogens Hot load procedures Safe lifting Heat stress Ergonomics Personal protective gear Fall protection Welding & Cutting Hand signals Cold stress Alcohol & drug abuse Electrical safety Machine guarding Fleet safety Hearing & respiratory Fire extinguisher use Emergency response Off the job safety Fit for duty Vehicle inspection Cell phone/radio use Additional Topics…:  Additional Topics… Equipment specific procedures Tire maintenance Hand & power tools Grinding & spray painting Compressed air safety Clearance hazards Container placement Downed power lines Cranes, chains & slings Driving topics Equipment danger zones Site traffic control Flammable liquids Asbestos Dog bite prevention Abrasive wheel safety Blind spots Mirror adjustment Shop safety Seatbelt use Defensive driving Route Observation:  Route Observation The best way for you to find out if your drivers and helpers are following the rules and working safely is to watch them: PPE Seatbelts Backing Riding steps Speed Cell phone Be Safe, Be Proud:  Be Safe, Be Proud NSWMA’s new safety video focuses on supervisors/route managers and both: The safety rules, and 2. How to be a safety “coach” Be Safe, Be Proud: The Bottom Line:  Be Safe, Be Proud: The Bottom Line There is no magic solution Successful companies are focusing on employee behavior Safety is an investment, not an expense Don’t wait until an accident happens or for an OSHA inspection We are all in this together Additional Safety Resources:  Additional Safety Resources EIA/NSWMA & WASTEC – and - Safety Monday - Safety Manual - Coaching the Refuse Driver II - ANSI Standards - Be Safe, Be Proud Videos OSHA website – - Lots of Spanish safety info - Voluntary programs Slide19:  Be SAFE Be PROUD

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