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Published on April 18, 2018

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Bernice’s Educational School Age Center: Bernice’s Educational School Age Center By: Rosetta Demby Springfield College School of Continuing Studies Professor Livingston April 7, 2018 History: History Mrs. Bernice Thomas is the founder and executive director of Bernice’s Educational Day Camp now know as Bernice’s Educational School Age Center. Mrs. Thomas was a teacher of the public school system of Wilmington, DE. She worked at Stubbs Elementary School and Bayard Elementary School specializing as a special education teacher. She has two master degrees and is certified principal. She started out going from place to place with her day camp every summer to keep the inter city children with a stimulating atmosphere to grow, learn, and have fun. History Continue: History Continue Mission/Vision Statement : Mission/Vision Statement To prepare economically underprivileged children six weeks through eighteen years old for college entry from infancy, through pre-school, youth and teen activities which includes culturally identifiable and mentally stimulating curriculum, year around academic programs, exposure to non-traditional activities, solid family involvement and ultimately the provision of college entry assistance for high school. To see economically underprivileged youth enter college and become economically and socially advantage, and to be able to sustain a vocation for themselves, their families and their communities. The vision is to establish independence from the need or desire to receive public assistance. Goal: Goal To improve academic achievement in reading, math, science, social studies, and to assist students in meeting the standards required by the State of Delaware for promotion to the next grade . Demographics : Demographics Venture Organization Bernice’s Educational School Age Center is a non-profit organization owned and operated by Ms. Bernice Ryle-Thomas.  It is licensed by the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families. Staffing consist of certified teachers, interns and volunteers.   Venture Market BESAC primarily serves the City of Wilmington’s economically disadvantaged children from 6 weeks old to 18 years old and their parents.  The families we market to are single-parent and two parent income families.  The parents of our children tend to be under 30, with multiple children and have low incomes.  Most participate in the Purchase of Care Program. The vast majority are of African American descent. Activities: Activities Daily Early Childhood Learning Activities Reading and Storytime Motor Skills Development Good Decision Practices Dedicated Sleeping Areas Cooked Hot Meals Safe Outdoor Play Area Center Security Computers, Math, Art s& Crafts, Creative Writing, American History, English and more Field Trips/Special Events Lego and Robotics Club Swimming Chess Club Zoo Carnivals Sleep Overs Rowing Museums Cheerleading And much more Volunteer: Volunteer Partnerships Created: Partnerships Created PACE ( Parent Advocacy Council for Education) Delaware State University (Entrepreneur Program, Cheerleading for Homecoming football game) Cheerleading for the 87er’s, 76er’s, and Philadelphia Soul Football (indoor arena football) Food Bank of Delaware Other Childcare Centers Department of Labor Channel 28 2 nd Chance Track Club Park and Recreation Just to name a few Extra Curriculum Enhancement: Extra Curriculum Enhancement The Delaware Show Stoppers Registration & Enrollment: Registration & Enrollment BERNICE’S EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL AGE CENTER, INC. A Delaware Stars Level 4 Program for High Quality SITE ID#:  1710 388 600:    WEEKLY COST: INFANTS-$250, 12-24 MONTH $200.00, 27 MONTHS AND ABOVE $175 111 South Lincoln St., Wilm ., DE 19805   *               302-651-0286 (OFFICE) * 302-983-7982 (CELL) * 302-981-2451 (CELL) Emails:   * Meet the Team: Meet the Team Adiministration Mrs. Bernice Ryle- Thomas (executive director) Mrs. Dwana B. Street- Bias (administrator) Dedicated Staff Infant Room Mrs. Barbara Gee (volunteer), Mrs. Aretha Demby (teacher), and Ms. Donna (Intern) 1 year old room Mrs. Joenia Cantre-Batista (teacher, Ms. Dornella Pennewell 2 year old room Ms. Aja Bias (teacher) 3 year old room (preschool) Mrs. Rosetta Demby (head teacher) 4 &5 year old room (pre-k) Mrs. Dwana B. Street- Bias (head teacher), Nadriah Demby-Brown (teacher) Questions: Questions The End: The End

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