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Published on December 7, 2009

Author: azeem_pucit


Slide 1: Bermuda Triangle Strange? A connection to Atlantis? Presented by Syed M.Junaid Fahad Majeed Muhammad Azeem The Bermuda Triangle : The Bermuda Triangle Area: Varies between 500,000 and 1,500,000 square miles What people think about the Bermuda Triangle? : What people think about the Bermuda Triangle? Perhaps UFOs are the cause ? : Perhaps UFOs are the cause ? Slide 6: Or the “monsters”? It could be……? : It could be……? Slide 8: Or the Hurricanes ??? Slide 9: Could it be. . . ? Slide 10: Why do ships never return ? Slide 11: World Ocean keeps many secrets, the first among them is the mystery of the Bermuda triangle Slide 12: Southeastern Atlantic ocean Happens unexpected disappearing The Devil Triangle Slide 13: The real Mystery Hurricane Andrew. Slide 14: On December 5, 1945 five bomber TBM-3 “Avenger” were disappeared there. Flight 19 Slide 15: Missing Aircraft & Ships Christopher Columbus & Bermuda triangle : Christopher Columbus & Bermuda triangle Slide 19: When airplanes disappear and when ships never return. Slide 20: COULD IT BE THE HOLE TO HELL? DOES TIME REALLY STOP IF YOU GET LOST IN THE BERMUDA TRAINGLE ??? : DOES TIME REALLY STOP IF YOU GET LOST IN THE BERMUDA TRAINGLE ??? Slide 22: SO IS THE MYSTERY TRUE Slide 24: WAS THE MYSTERY SOLVED Conclusion : Conclusion The Bermuda triangle has been under learning since 1950. It is impossible to describe all the hypotheses explaining mysterious events in this research work, which take place in Bermuda. But we can continue the scientific work on this subject, because we have a lot of materials to study and interesting describes are waiting for us. It’s the mystery which excites brains of many people and sometime it will be revealed. Slide 26: Thank you for your attention! Have you got a question? © by Jakob Bader und Christian Finding Thank you for your attention! Have you got a question?

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