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Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Gourangi


Cyberinfrastructure and the UC System:  Dr. Francine Berman Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center Professor and High Performance Computing Endowed Chair, UC San Diego Cyberinfrastructure and the UC System Using Cyberinfrastructure to Explore the Universe:  Using Cyberinfrastructure to Explore the Universe AMANDA produces 15 trillion bytes of data per year. The information is used to develop massive simulated data sets which distinguish the faint signal of neutrinos from the abundant false signals UCI faculty Barwick and Ph.D. student Silvestri transferred trillions of bytes of data to SDSC for analysis and simulation on TeraGrid. During data transfer, Silvestri was visited by UCI campus police because he was taking so much of the campus bandwidth – they were concerned that he was breaking the law … Sky map from AMANDA neutrino telescope shows that the locally produced atmospheric neutrino background detected to date is quite uniform, without strong sources. The AMANDA (Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array) telescope gathers data from below, more than mile into the low-noise ice of the South Pole, to detect the light from neutrinos. The data is key to understanding the origin of the highest energy cosmic rays. Why Cyberinfrastructure is Important for UC:  Why Cyberinfrastructure is Important for UC Campus, Research lab High- end Small-scale, home Cyberinfrastructure extends the “reach” of the individual researcher, institute, department, campus by integrating data, storage, networking, compute, visualization, and other resources from the small scale to the high end For Example: SDSC Resources Available to the Community:  For Example: SDSC Resources Available to the Community COMPUTE SYSTEMS DataStar 15.6 TeraFlop Power 4 System IBM p655 and p690 nodes 4 TB total memory TeraGrid Cluster 4.4 TeraFlop Itanium2 IA-64 processors 1 TB total memory Intimidata 2.8/5.7 TF Blue Gene System user_services/ SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY STAFF (400+), SOFTWARE, SERVICES User Services UC Academic Associates Program Education and Training SDSC/Cal-IT2 Synthesis Center Over 50 installed community and commercial SW packages DATA ENVIRONMENT 1 PB Storage-area Network (SAN) 6 PB StorageTek tape library DB2, Oracle, MySQL Storage Resource Broker HPSS 72-CPU Sun Fire 15K Over 70 public and private community Data collections and DBs Support for community data collections and databases Data management, mining, analysis, and preservation UC Can Lead in “Regional Cyberinfrastructure”:  UC Can Lead in “Regional Cyberinfrastructure” How? Improve connections on campus so that UC can provide end-to-end BW to coordinated infrastructure: Community databases and data collections Coordinated UC computational resources Access and interoperability among campus resources Opportunity: Linking UC Regional Cyberinfrastructure with TeraGrid:  Opportunity: Linking UC Regional Cyberinfrastructure with TeraGrid OptIPuter + CENIC + TeraGrid = “OptiGrid” UC San Francisco UC San Diego UC Riverside UC Irvine UC Davis UC Berkeley UC Santa Cruz UC Santa Barbara UC Los Angeles UC Merced Opportunity: Coordination and Better access to UC Resources:  Opportunity: Coordination and Better access to UC Resources Low Hanging Fruit Integrated data collections (e.g. UC Cancer Centers, UC Stem Cell efforts, MRUs) High bandwidth access to UC computational resources to incorporate as higher capacity and capability lab resources Higher bandwidth access to UC scientific instruments Slide8:  Imagine what we could do with sufficient end-to-end bandwidth between all UC resources, campuses, labs, institutes, departments At SDSC alone: UC PIs account for 329+ trillion bytes of data stored at SDSC In FY05, over 5 million CPU hours on HPC machines at SDSC were consumed by UC faculty and students at all campuses Of the top 10 allocated users at SDSC (consuming 26% of all cycles), 2 are from UC Berkeley and 2 are from UCSD Current Engagement between UC researchers and UC resources is the tip of the Iceberg Leadership starts at home – A Unique Opportunity for UC Leadership :  Leadership starts at home – A Unique Opportunity for UC Leadership UC system can pioneer a new approach to Regional Cyberinfrastructure Coordination between UCOP Campus CIOs UC Institutes SDSC NERSC LLNL, etc. can lead the way for an integrated information infrastructure that can revolutionize the way California researchers, educators, administrators, and practitioners work Thank You :  Thank You SDSC Academic Associates Program: Contact

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