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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: tanching85



WHAT  Seven sequential steps  First four steps focus around process evaluation  Last three steps focus on outcome evaluation

WHAT LEVEL STEP DESCRIPTION 7 End Results Social, Economic, Environmental 6 Practice Change Behavioural changes in target group (direct/proxy evidence) 5 KASA Change Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Aspirations 4 Reactions Reaction to involvement 3 Involvement Involvement of different stakeholders (participation monitoring) 2 Activities Implementation of activities (activities monitoring) 1 Input Programming resources to support program activities (input monitoring)

HOW  Working from level 1 to 7 for planning  Working from level 7 to 1 for evaluation

WHAT  How well the program is working?  Is it reaching the intended people? WHY  Tells how well the plans developed are working  Identifies early problems that occur in reaching the target  Allows adjustments to be made before problem worsens METHODS  Quantitative, Qualitative, Combination EVALUATING PROCESS HOW

WHAT  Helps to measure immediate changes brought about by the problem  Helps assess changes in KASA WHY  Allows for program modification in terms of materials, resource shifting etc  Tells whether or not programs are moving in the right direction METHODS  Quantitative, Qualitative, Combination EVALUATING OUTCOME HOW

LADDER OF OUTCOMES STEP MEASURES Actions Changes in behaviours and practices Learning Changes in knowledge, attitudes, skills, aspirations Reactions Degree of satisfaction with program; level of interest; feelings towards activities, educational methods Participation Number and characteristics of people reached; frequency and intensity of contact HOW

REFERENCE Bennett C. & Rockwell K. (1995) Targeting outcomes to program outcomes (TOP)L An integrated approach to planning and evaluation University of Nebraska Radhakrishna R.B. & Relado R.Z. (2009) Viewing Bennett’s Hierarchy from a Different Lens: Implications for Extension Program Evaluation Journal of Extention Radhakrishna R.B. & Relado R.Z. (2009) A framework to link evaluation questions to program outcomes Journal of Extention

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