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Published on March 11, 2014

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Due to the fact that many people are embarrassed of their teeth because of what colour they are is why people get them whitened.

Benefits of teeth whitening Due to the fact that many people are embarrassed of their teeth because of what colour they are is why people get them whitened. Many people’s teeth need whitening because they have eaten foods or drank substances that have stained them, listed below are some foods which may stain your teeth; Black coffee or tea – however adding milk can reduce the staining effect. Cigarettes Red wine Colas and sports drinks – due to the high acidity Berries – especially high acidic berries Sauces – such as soy sauce Juice Pickled food Candy Curry All this types of foods are highly acidic which makes them stain your teeth as they open the pores of the enamel allowing for easy staining. However to way out the negatives there are some foods that can naturally improve the whiteness of your teeth, listed below are some tooth whitening foods. Apples, pears and guavas Cauliflower and cucumbers Cheese – due it being high in protein and calcium Sesame seeds – they scrub away the plaque Salmon Onions Pineapple Below are the negatives and positives of professional bleaching your teeth; Professional tooth whitening brightens the teeth which give the person a prettier and youthful smile; however bleaching your teeth can result in sore gums especially if you have sensitive gums. When teeth have a whiter appearance, it diverts other people from looking at other flaws, for example wrinkles in the skin. Although you should take note of the fact that tooth whitening doesn’t always work for everyone, it is estimated that only 10-22% of people experience very little chance in the appearance of their teeth. It also depends how darkly stained your teeth are because typically yellow stains will lighten easier that brown stains. Having white teeth makes you seem friendlier and more approachable. Whitening your teeth may actually change the way people react toward you. However you will need to have the tooth whitening process repeated as the colouring can fade and some techniques last longer than others. If you do a lot of public speaking because of your job or for whatever reason, tooth whitening is a must, people will respond in favour to you purely because of your teeth. Although it is important to note that tooth whitening does not work on bonded, capped or cavity fillings, and those teeth will stand out as they are unable to be bleached. Professional tooth whitening is preferable to at home whitening as the process is quicker and often less messy. However tooth whitening can be costly and can range to £600 to £1000 also

Tooth whitening is not covered by the NHS or dental insurance because it is a completely optional treatment.

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