Benefits of Rejuvenating a inground pool with a vinyl pool liner

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Information about Benefits of Rejuvenating a inground pool with a vinyl pool liner

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: poolcover



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Benefits of Rejuvenating a Inground Pool with a Vinyl Pool Liner Often when refurbishing an existing swimming pool, the only economically feasible option is to re-line the pool with a vinyl pool liner. This does not mean they are an inferior option though, as inground pool liners can last 20 to 25 years or more. A pool liner won't chip or peel and can accommodate ground movement, which is the likely cause of the renovation in the first place. With a long lifespan, the average pool owner will likely on need to replace a liner once or maybe twice. To ensure this though, you need to have a “good installation” in order to get the full life out of your liner. Lastly you will need to choose an appropriate pool liner material. So this means, that while it is technically possible for an inground pool liner to be installed by the home handyman, in reality, to handle any problems that may arise during your installation, make sure you find an experienced installer. Choosing a Pool Liner A key benefit is that liners come in a variety of exciting colours and patterns, are UV rated for Australian conditions and inhibits bacteria, mould and mildew growth. Ideally they should be textured (embossed) materials as these offer a far better “non slip” finish. To ensure longevity, all inground pool liners installed MUST be made from a material that is no thinner than 0.75mm. Above ground

pool liners traditionally are manufactured for 0.50mm and while you can put a .75mm thick liner into an above ground you should NEVER be talked into putting a .50mm liner into an inground pool. Your installer should be able to supply you with colour samples. Once you have picked a colour, they should be able to either show you pictures of other pool finished with the colour or even better direct you see a completed job for yourself and you can also speak to the home owner about how their job progressed. To get the best life from your liner you should choose a liner made from virgin vinyl, not one that uses any recycled materials. Before you can install a new liner, your pool will have to be prepped and cleaned, so now is the time to decide on any changes to the pool shape. These can include: 1. The addition of stairs, 2. The addition of benches,

3. change in the slop angle, 4. or pool depth. Pool Liner Warranties Most people misunderstand the pool liner warranty, and are tricked into a purchase soley based on the warranty offered. All pool liner warranties are prorated after a certain amount of time, which means you get less and pay more the longer the liner is in your pool before (and certainly an if) a problem arises. Few if any liner replacements are credited with a manufacturer’s warranty after the fourth year, so don’t purchase a liner based on a “warranty gimmick”. Always check with the supplier as to how the warranty will be applied in case of a failure. Can I put my own inground pool liner in? While it is feasible for the DIY person to install their own liner especially for above ground pools, it is not recommended for inground pools. Indeed few manufacturers will supply an inground pool liner to the average person. For the best and highest quality result, your pool liner should always be fitted by an experienced installer. They will prepare your pool shell, and take precise measurements to ensure the membrane will fit your pool perfectly. A special fixing system will be used to secure the liner around tile borders, steps, skimmer box’s and other pool fixtures like step out areas. Once in position, it is then vacuum-sealed to form a smooth skin, and is then ready to be filled with water. Measuring the pool for my new liner All inground pool liners are custom made to fit, so in order to avoid either overstretching your liner on the walls and corners or excessive wrinkling, your pool has to be properly measured. If your liner is over stretched in any area, it will be thin, making it susceptible to leaks and premature failure. Likewise, too much material will leave wrinkles that are not aesthetically pleasing and will be unpleasant to walk over. An inground pool liner needs to fit like a glove and be

free of wrinkles, so it has to be evenly stretched “a little” while being properly set. For simple shapes, your installer will be able to measure your pool accurately with a tape measure. For more complex shapes such as pools with steps or step outs that need to be covered they will organise the measuring to be done using a 3D measuring system, that can sample up to 2000 points, ensuring a super accurate measurement. Inground Pool Liner Overview A quick summary when looking at purchasing an inground pool liner:  Pool liners are a very good and economical way to refurbish an existing pool that may have cracked or weathered over time.  Inground pool liners should always be measured and fitted by a professional. However above ground pool liners can be fitted by the DIY person, see here for an example installation guide.  An inground pool liner should be made from virgin material (not recycled), be a minimum thickness of 0.75mm, and UV rated for Australian conditions. Above ground pool liners are usually slightly thinner at 0.5 mm, and should never be used in an inground pool.  Check the warranty and ask questions about what would be covered in 3 or more years time. Refitting is unlikely to be included in the cost, but also ask if additional costs may be incurred. For More Information Visit: - Pool Cover

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