Benefits of React Native App Development

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Information about Benefits of React Native App Development

Published on February 11, 2019

Author: Cisin


Benefits of React Native App Development: Benefits of React Native App Development Introduction: Introduction In order to start a new mobile app development project, you are provided with a plethora of options. Among them, React Native App Development remains to be the best choice out there which is why there is a sudden rise in React Native app development services . Let’s look at the benefits of this: Slide 3: 1 . Popularity Among Tech Giants React Native has become the forefront runner among the well-establish companies and tech-giants like Airbnb , Wallmart , Bloomberg as well as different other big brands that utilise the advantages of React Native. Hence, a react native app development company can easily use its popularity for its own advantage. 2. Enhanced Productivity When it comes to the codebase, it is actually shared almost 95% between the iOS and Android. There is no need for knowledge sharing since every feature can easily be implemented by one single team. Slide 4: Code Sharing Presentation or Front-end code can easily be shared between the Android and iOS . Business logic can easily be shared with different web applications too. There is an abundance of code-reusability between different platforms. A React Native Development company can reduce the time required to develop the app. Slide 5: App-Store Approval There isn’t any requirement to go through the entire app store approval process. You can easily host an entire bundle on the server and also do regular updates. Performance When it comes down to performance, React Native offers almost similar identical performance to native. It is essentially as good as native applications. Slide 6: Animations React Native offers smoothest animations since the code is actually converted to the entire native views before the process of rendering. User Experience and Automation You can easily have a platform-specific User Interface design. Also, the same automation suite can easily run on both Android as well as iOS . Slide 7: Popularity as Cross-Platform Framework React Native is quite a popular cross-platform framework when it comes down to mobile app development. React Native developers can easily get much faster feedback during the entire development process in comparison to different traditional approaches since they don’t actually need to restart the entire packager to view all of the changes. Hire React Native developer who can easily take advantage of this particular feature.

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