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Published on December 7, 2016

Author: VigneshRajendran12


1. Benefits of Mr.Transcript www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017

2. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Worlds Cheapest Transcription Service at $0.75/min Mr. Transcript is one among the widely aggrandized online transcription service providers in the United States and India. One need not have to fluster about the quality and cost for the services that Mr. Transcript provides. The company embarks to render a high quality online transcription service at affordable rates or low cost. In respect to providing professional transcription services we have with us some of the professionally skilled and technically talented transcriptionists. Mr. Transcript is human friendly as it never uses any non-human transcription methods such as robots or algorithms. With a clan of enhanced professional team, we are wide open in providing a variety of services in Transcription, Translation, Captioning, and Typing. It is never hard to make decisions until we know what our core values are! The SPIRIT to work at Mr. Transcript says it all. By SPIRIT we mean to assure.

3. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Secured Storage We guarantee a safe and a secure storage of all your documents by not emanating any of the provided details. It's the cloud storage and no worries.

4. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 People [Customer] It is a deal of trust between our service and our customers. Herewith, Mr.Transcript provides satisfactory services by not letting down our clients' expectations.

5. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Integrity Shaping services and rendering it in the most cost-effective manner with no use of robots and algorithms. "High Quality at cheap rates" serves as or integrity.

6. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Responsibility It is only at Mr. Transcript that we plan and execute our works right on time. Our responsibility is to timely satisfy the needs in an agile and iterative manner.

7. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Innovation The innovation we build at our work space would be to grow along with the technical implications and upgradation. We are open to render services at any which way our clients require in the mode of human interpretation.

8. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Teamwork Team like no other! At Mr. Transcript we work together with SPIRIT to aim to provide service & satisfy our clients in a time-boxed approach, rich in quality under all types of services.

9. www.mrtranscript.comCopyrights Mr.Transcript 2017 Contact Us +1 (316) 214 - 3016 mrtranscript

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