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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: boscolegal



Highlighting the benefits of e-filling overall and versus fax filing.


E-FILING IN OTHER LOCALES • A few countries have attempted comprehensive integration and automation of court records, case management, document management, and electronic transmission and receipt of records (Austria, Australia, Canada, Israel, Singapore, and South Korea). • Ongoing programs in Kansas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Texas highlight nationwide move toward electronic filing, allowing courts to utilize expanding digital technologies. 2

BENEFITS OF E-FILING • Cost • Notifications • Time • Scalability • Redundancy • Transparency 3

COST • Has been demonstrated to spare court budgets significant expense. • Reduces physical storage costs. • Increased efficacy of courts reduces expenses. 4

NOTIFICATIONS • Users can get instant notification that the court received the documents. • Users will receive their conformed copies once the court has processed the filing. • Confirmations do not exist with fax filings and you rarely get the conformed copies back. 5

TIME • Facilitates efficient calendaring. It saves time for attorneys and their staff. • E-filing also makes it easier to identify which law firms or attorneys have entered appearances in particular courtrooms during a particular time period. 6

SCALABILITY ! • Filings not limited by equipment, location, or many extraneous factors. • A case can be opened online by court personnel, lawyers, or litigants. All docket entries and documents are electronically submitted, reviewed and disseminated. • There are multi-layers of access restrictions. 7

REDUNDANCY • Electronic PDF can serve as the official document. • 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Midwestern floods did not create major interruption of Federal Court operations that utilized CM/ECF. 8

CONTROL AND TRANSPARENCY • E-filing allows for increased control over information. • E-filing allows automation of docket statistics. • Take CM/ECF for instance, there are multi-layers of access restrictions depending on each individual’s legal status (i.e. judge, clerk, attorney), involvement in a particular case, or special permissions can be set. Access can be restricted as needed for any number of reasons including by docket, sealed documents, ex-parte, or court-only viewed entries. • Docket statistics can be used to measure how resources are allocated as well as improve budgetary decisions and staffing imbalances. Statistics can identify trends in prosecution, which can assist in the evaluation the efficacy of social programs. Efiling allows for gathering complete information about the courts for transparency. 9

SOURCES Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice International Journal For Court Administration Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Judicial Council of California Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 10

NEED E-FILING? Contact Bosco Legal to efile in Orange and Riverside Counties*. ! We can also do the data entry for efilings on behalf of our clients at these courts as well as various other courts saving our clients valuable time and resources. Call (877) 353-8281 or email for more details. *Limited document types are currently available in Riverside County for efiling with more to be added in the near future. 11

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