Benefits of doulas and what they do?

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Published on February 26, 2014

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Benefits of Doulas and What They Do? by Tony & Nyrie Roos

Benefits of Doulas and What They Do? by Tony & Nyrie Roos

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone by your side giving you moral support and a good back rub during labor and delivery? Well, your husband can give you emotional support, but other than him, a knowledgeable woman who can assist you during child birth would be most helpful and beneficial. Aside from this, a woman’s sensibility is different from that of a man and this is because a woman could understand what you are going through during childbirth. Thus, this is when doulas come into play.

Yet, before you immediately look for a doula, there are certain things that you need to know First, • In the U.S., although there is no regulation yet on doulas it would be to your peace of mind if she can present certifications coming from reputable agencies. • Years of experience of your doula and the number of births she assisted and attended is also crucial in determining her expertise. If she can provide references, then it would be great. • Knowing the types of births she attended would also give you insight on her capabilities in attending either hospital or home births. • Knowing her style or strategies in giving you and your husband support during childbirth is also important. This will level off the expectations and will keep surprises away. • Of course, knowing how much it will entail to get her services is also another point that you need to consider.

So, once you are satisfied with the credentials of your doula, you can then build a healthy working relationship and reap the advantages of having a doula at your side.

What your doula can provide? Having a doula can provide you with emotional support as well as physical. The labor pains can be more enduring through proper back massage or leg rubbing of your doula. She can also provide you what you need to know about labor, birth or even information after giving birth. Thus, the role of the doula is basically to extend help to other women for them to have memorable motherhood experience. Apart from this, you can also list the type of support that you need from your doula, but understand that medical or midwifery roles are not part of that support. So, don’t expect them to check your vital signs, etc. Thus, your doula can give you various supports like: • Moral support during transfer from your home to the hospital • Help you with massages so as to make labor pains bearable • After giving birth, your doula may provide information support through email or home visits • Your doula can also help you relay your messages or information to hospital staff • Lastly, doulas can also provide support to your husband by showing constant encouragement on how he can provide you with his own kind of support

While you prefer to get support after the birthing period, your doula can actually give assistance in the care of your infant. She can also provide assistance in housekeeping or cooking or run some errands. In the end, the role of your doula depends on what you both agreed upon.

Benefits of having a doula Aside from the abovementioned advantages, there are other things that could sway to have a doula during child birth. Research and studies show that having a doula during childbirth lessens the chances of getting a cesarean birth and decreases the time you spend for labor. Aside from this, massages by your doula can release oxytocin thereby lessening stress. The following are concrete benefits of having a doula: • Reduction in the use of forceps during deliveries, • The chances of experiencing fever after birth are decreased, • Lessens the stay of newborns in the neonatal ICU, • Increases your confidence to perform your motherhood role, • Lastly, doulas help you avoid postpartum problems like depression.

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