Benefits of Birthstone Earrings Jewellery

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Information about Benefits of Birthstone Earrings Jewellery

Published on September 25, 2018

Author: Daviddeyong123


slide 1: Benefts of Birthstone Earrings Jewellery Wearing your birthstone as earrings a necklace or even on a bracelet can provide numerous benefits. What many people dont realise is that birthstones offer numerous benefits enabling you to wear your birthstone with complete confidence. If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member considering birthstone earrings jewellery can be the perfect gift something that they can wear and cherish for years to come. Before identifying the benefits take a look at the list below to identify the birthstone you should be purchasing. The birthstones according to birth month are:  January – Garnet  February – Amethyst  March – Aquamarine  April – Diamond  May – Emerald  June – Pearl or Alexandrite  July – Ruby  August – Peridor  September – Sapphire  October – Tourmaline or Opal  November – Topaz or Citrine  December – Tanzanite Zircon or Turquoise The one benefit you will find when it comes to birthstones is that they provide welcome healing properties. Some of the properties you may experience includes garnet which helps to energise while rubies are known to remove any negative slide 2: energies. Its recommended to learn as much about your birthstone to see what healing properties it provides. Next you will find that birthstones have a historical significance. Thats right your birthstone is never going to out date you can wear it for many years and with confidence. A birthstone will never get old so your birthstone earrings jewellery can be worn for many years to come. It is believed that birthstones bring luck. Its a fact that when wearing your birthstone you feel luckier. Feeling good about yourself having that boost of confidence and that lucky feeling are all great benefits that birthstone earrings jewellery provides. It is also noted that birthstones can help protect the wearer. A good example is that garnet is known to protect you against nightmares for example. So if you are born in January take advantage of your birthstone earrings jewellery to protect you against nightmares helping you enjoy a good night sleep every night. In addition to all of this a birthstone is something personal. While there are only twelve months your birthstone will differ from some members in your family and your friend circle. It is personal to you. This enables you to wear your birthstone earrings jewellery with complete confidence. What is awesome about your birthstone is it can be a great talking point. People will notice your jewellery and ask you about the stone. You can tell them with pride its your birthstone and if you learn about the stone the healing properties and benefits it offers it can be a fantastic talking point at parties and dinner functions. Further you will find that when wearing birthstone earrings jewellery they are beautiful. Each is unique to you and your birth month so they are special. If you love your birthstone whether its the green of emerald or the blue of sapphire you will find birthstone earrings jewellery which are made with attention to detail can be a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. slide 3: Finally your birthstone earrings jewellery can be worn with pride. You dont have to hide your jewellery. The colours of the birthstones stand out and make a statement. You can wear these earrings as a daily jewellery item or for special occasions the choice is up to you. Always ensure when buying birthstone earrings jewellery that you buy from a reputable jeweller who has extensive experience and a proven track record for supplying genuine stones so you can buy with confidence. About Us: David Deyong is a leading jewellery designer offering an extensive range of top quality pieces at affordable prices. This very well established Middlesex UK company caters to clients throughout the United Kingdom Republic of Ireland and Singapore offering fast dispatch and delivery. The company has been operating for more than eighteen years paying close attention to detail to provide clients with the finest jewellery pieces that they can trust. David Deyong is regularly updating their selection which can be viewed in their stores in London Shepherds Bush Stratford and more in numerous jewellery stores or via their website at 9 StanmoreHillStanmore Middlesex United Kingdom HA73DP

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