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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: GrahamRobertson



Brand Leaders Bring Us in to find Solutions

People bring us in for Answers and we bring them Action Plans. We have a reputation who can find growth where others can’t. With the 20 years of experience as a Brand Leader, I’ve seen so many types of problems that I’ve likely worked on one just like yours.

Brand Leaders People generally bring me when facing one of these situations

- Brand Turnaround or Re-Alignment
- New Direction or New Products
- Not getting the Growth They Want
- Not able to Deliver in the Market
- Embedding the Brand into the Culture

We Make Brands better and we make Brand Leaders better™

At Beloved Brands we focus our energy on doing two things right: Brand Coaching: We promise to make your Brand better by listening to the issues, providing advice that challenges you, and coaching you along a strategic pathway to reaching your Brand’s full potential. 1 2 Brand Leader Training: We promise to make you a better Brand Leader, by teaching you the fundamentals and challenging you to push yourself for greatness so that you can unleash your full potential.

You only hire us, if we can provoke new thinking that takes your brand to next level Beloved Brands can help with: • Turnarounds • Re-positioning • Sustaining success • New launches • Aligning Teams If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll just get what you’ve always get Our Big Idea

Meet Graham Robertson, President of Beloved Brands Graham is the voice of the modern Brand Leader. He started Beloved Brands, knowing he could “Make Brands better and Brand Leaders better™”. His Beloved Brands blog has 2 million views, and his public speaking appearances inspire Brand Leaders to love what they do. Graham spent 20 years leading some of the world’s most beloved brands at Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, General Mills and Coke, rising through the ranks up to VP Marketing. Graham played a major role in helping Pfizer win Marketing Magazine’s Marketer of the Year award. The idea behind Beloved Brands is the more love you can generate with your consumers, the more power you have in the market which drives higher growth and profits for your brand. As a brand coach, Graham helps to find growth where others couldn’t, creating Brand ideas consumers love and Brand Plans everyone can follow. For Brand Leaders wanting to reach their full potential The Brand Leadership Center offers workshops on strategic thinking, analytics, planning, positioning, creative briefs, judging advertising and media. Love what you do. Live why you do it. ™Love what you do, Live why you do it.

Our view on Brands: Love = Power + Growth + Profit The more love you create for your brand means more power and profit

6 LOVE IT INDIFFERENT BELOVED BRAND FOR LIFE LIKE IT No Opinion Not Aware. Confused. Not Interested. Stick to Current Brand. Satisfies Need Thought About it. Tried it. Practical. Makes Sense. Crave It Great Experience. A Favourite. Emotional Choice. Lifestyle Fit. Self Expressive Outspoken Fan. Would never switch. Memories. Built into Life. Understanding where your brand is on the Love Curve, helps choose strategies to push the brand to be More Loved. Consumers move along the “Brand Love Curve” © Beloved Brands Inc.

At the Beloved stage, demand becomes desire, needs become cravings, thinking is replaced with feelings. Loyal Un-relenting Personal Possessive Outspoken Emotional Beloved Consider Use Functional Enjoy It Rational Random Like It It will do Unaware Unfamiliar Open Mind Other Brand Basic Needs Indifferent © Beloved Brands Inc.

How can you Generate more Love for your Brand The Brand The Consumer How well does the brand benefit connect to the consumer How well does the brand experience live up to and consistently deliver the promise? How well does the brand communicate their differences and move consumers How well does the brand stay fresh and on top of trends with consumers? Promise Experience Story Freshness Positioning Innovation Culture & Operations Communication What focused choices does the brand make to drive growth and profits? Strategy Brand Plan T h e r e a r e 5 S o u r c e s o f C o n n e c t i v i t y What’s the BIG IDEA for Your Brand? © Beloved Brands Inc. P a s s i o n a t e E x e c u t i o n i n t h e M a r k e t

Brands can turn the Love it generates into Sources of Power Harder to break through loyal users New Entrants Can’t duplicate emotional appeal Competitors People switch stores before brands. Channels Think Less, Feel More. Outspoken Defenders Consumers Brand and Culture are one. Advocates want to work there. Fully Engaged on Day 1. Employees Willing to give a little to be part of brand. Suppliers Advocates follow & share. Spread news. Social Media Better slots, Lower rates, more integrations Paid Media Being a famous brand beats paid SEO. Search Media More likely to actively recommend Key Influencers Popularity: A line up attracts a line. Conversations A Beloved Brand wield its power up 13 forces of Brand Power. 9 Brand is newsworthy. New Products are lead story. Earned Media © Beloved Brands Inc. Website can engage inform, design and sell. Home Media C ON S U M E R A D V O C A T E

How the Beloved Brand turns Power into Wealth. Premium and Inelastic: Loyal consumers, weakened channels pay premiums, and trading up where offered. More engaged employees deliver better experience—even more premiums. Efficient and Powerful: Economies of scale. Suppliers cut costs due to volume & wanting brand in portfolio. Efficient media spend, free media through search, earned and social. Gov’t willingly subsidize. Partners give favorable terms. Momentum and Tipping Point: Crowds draw crowds. Power of media (search + social + earned) keeps brand in the conversation with heavy influence. Competitors can’t respond to the momentum. Loyalists Will Follow Wherever: Loyal users will follow where brand goes, and doors will open to new ventures. The idea of brand no longer tied to product, but to how brand makes you feel. Pricing Trading Up/Down Product Costs Marketing Costs Stealing Other Users Get Users to Use More New Category New Uses Price Cost Market Share Market Size There are really only 8 ways a Brand Leader can influence the P&L. Which one can you influence the most to drive Profits for your Brand? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Higher Margin % Lower COGs & Expenses Share Gains New Markets Brand Profit = (Price – Cost ) x (Market Share x Market Size)

© Beloved Brands Inc. We help find your Brand’s Big Idea and then align it across all your brand execution and within everyone in your organization CEO Marketing Sales Financ e HR OperationsR&D The Big Idea of your brand should guide every part and every person in your organization.

Brands we have either coached or managed We bring our Brand Experience to your Table

We work the way that best meets your needs Team Building Off sites Boardroom via Skype Large Group Small Group Brand Leader Training

Brand Coaching We help Brands reach their full potential. We’ll create a winning brand positioning, develop brand plans everyone can follow or coach on advertising execution.

Grays Cookie is the… To… That … That’s Because … (category frame of reference) Tasty low fat cookie (Target Market) Healthy Proac ve Preventers, 25-40, who want to do as much for overall health as they can (Ra onal/emo onal benefit/promise) gives you the best tas ng yet guilt free pleasure so you can stay in control of your health. • In blind taste tests, Grays Cookies matched the market leaders on taste, but only has 100 calories and 2g of fat. (Reasons to believe) With the target, benefit and reason to believe, you’ve created a great Posi oning Statement. • In a 12 week study, consumers using Grays once a night as a desert were able to lose 5lbs. • Grays uses all natural ingredients. Posi oning Try the new Visa Card, it gives the power back to you. • Are you red of black outs and seat restric ons from all those points you’ve earned?. • No Other Card Beats the x Visa. X Visa is the card that lets you use your points on more travel ac vi es! Use your points on any travel ac vity, anywhere you want and whenever you want to go. x helps you “beat the old, red travel points system”. Unlike most other travel credit cards, if you can charge it on your x Visa, you can redeem it with your points. With the new Visa, you can go wherever and whenever you want. Concept Positioning Statement Brand Positioning We coach Brand Leaders on creating a Brand Idea and Positioning that will help you win in the market. Ask us how we can help create a Brand Idea that separates you from competitors. Where We Can Help You • Brand Positioning Statement • Brand Concepts for Testing • Creative Briefs ready for agency • Brand DNA and the Big Idea Beloved Brands Inc. 55 Bridewell Cres., Richmond Hill, ON Canada L4C 9C3 T: 416-885-3911 E: CREATIVE BRIEF FOR GRAY’S COOKIES 1. Why Are We Advertising · Drive awareness and consideration of the new Grays Cookies as “The Healthy Choice to Snacking” brand positioning. 2. What’s the Consumer Problem We are Addressing · Cookies are my enemy. I’m always watching what I eat. And then BAM, I see a cookie and I’m done. As much as I look after myself, I still like to sneak a cookie now and then. 3. Who are you talking to? · “Proactive Preventers”. They do whatever it takes to stay healthy, they run, workout and eat right. Women, 25-45 with bulls-eye target of 35-40. For many, Food can be a bit of a stress-reliever and escape even for people who watch what they eat. 4. Consumer Insights · “I have tremendous will-power. I work out 3x a week, watch what I eat and maintain my figure. But we all have weaknesses and cookies are mine. I just wish they were less bad for you” · “I read labels of everything I eat. I stick to 1500 calories per day, and will find my own ways to achieve that balance. If I eat a 400 calorie cookie, it may mean giving something up.” · “I shop at Whole Foods and love to explore the new items. The last few years, there have been some tremendous advances in making great tasting options—in a healthy package.” 5. What does our consumer think now? · I’ve never heard of Grays Cookies. But I’d likely need to try it and see if I like it. If it really does taste that good, it’s something I might consider as a snack. 6. What do you want your consumer to think/feel/do? (Desired Response) · We want them to try Grays and see if they like the great taste. 7. What should we tell them? (Stimulus: benefit) · Grays Cookies are the best tasting yet guilt-free pleasure so you can stay in control of your health. You have to try it to believe it. 8. Why should they believe us? · Grays combines the great taste in a low fat and calorie sensible cookie. In blind taste tests, Grays Cookies matched the market leaders on taste, but only has 100 calories and 2g of fat. · In a 12 week study, consumers using Grays once a night as a desert were able to lose 5lbs. · Grays uses all natural ingredients. 9. Tone and Manner · Successful. Motivated. Reliable. In Control. Natural. 10. Media Options · Main creative will be in specialty health magazines, event OOH signage and in-store. Want to carry the idea into digital, social media and a microsite. 11. Mandatories · The line: “best tasting yet guilt-free pleasure” must be included in the spot. · 25% of Print must carry the Whole Foods logo as part of our listing agreement. · Legal disclaimer on the taste test and the 12-week study. Vision & DNA Creative Brief Brand Concep t 1

Brand Planning We coach Brand Leaders to build Strategic Plans that everyone in your organization can follow Strategic Road Map Brand Assessment Where We Can Help You • Deep Dive Brand Assessments • Brand Strategic Road Maps • Brand Plans • Marketing Execution Ask us how we can help map out a plan that guides your brand for the future. Brand Plan 2 Portfolio Prioritizatio n

Advertising Coach We coach Brand Leaders to get better Advertising into the marketplace Where We Can Help You • Review advertising process • Assess briefs, insights, strategy • Voice at creative meetings • Agency Selection Process • Advice at every stage Advice through production Ask us how we can help your brand get better advertising. 3 Provocative Voice at Creative Meetings Advertising Audit Agency Search

Better people, means better work and that leads to better results. Learning Workshop Options 1. Strategic Thinking 2. Brand Plans 3. Positioning Statements 4. Creative Briefs 5. Brand Analysis 6. Better Advertising 7. Media Plans 8. How to Run Your Brand 9. Managing your Marketing Career 10. Motivational Lunch and Learns Brand Leadership Center Customized interactive Brand Leadership Workshops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4

About Inc. We create more love for your brand, and enable you to achieve in market results Case Studies

NFL Players Inc. Vision NFL Players Inc. is a trusted resource at the table, delivering access to the influence, power and personal stories of every NFL player, to drive success for our client businesses. NFL Players Inc. Purpose The NFL Players are the fuel and the beneficiaries of our success. NFL Players Inc. Values WINNING ATTITUDE STRATEGIC THINKING HIGH TOUCH FOLLOW THROUGH CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING PLAYER KNOWLEDGE Case Study #1: NFL Players Inc. NFL Players Inc. Brand DNA Situation: We worked with NFL Players Inc., a division of the NFLPA, to create and set up an agency model to effectively service NFL sponsors on behalf of the NFL players. The result has been a mindset shift to client service, and the acquisition of two new clients to long term deals.

“Beloved Brands assisted us in the transformation of our brand positioning and company culture. Graham helped steer people towards finding their own solutions and owning them, as opposed to just giving people the answers.” Keith Gordon President, NFL Players Inc. Case Study #1: NFL Players Inc.

Earls Vision To be the most loved and best run restaurant in North America Earls Purpose To deliver irresistible food and engaging experience to every one of our guests Great guest experiences begin with great partner experiences. At Earls, our people are our most important resource in delivering irresistible food and engaging experiences that build relationships for life. By practicing the principles of integrity, authenticity, commitm ent to a cause greater than oneself, and being cause in the matter, we nurture, challenge and reward talent for the benefit of the individual and Earls, People Grow Case Study #2: Earls Restaurant Situation: Earls Restaurant was experiencing flat sales, needing a kick-start. There was a lack of alignment around future. We worked with Leadership team to create a new vision, strategy, DNA, and we even created operational service values for all 6000 employees. Result has been share gains in Canada and expansion in the US market. Launch of Earls Service Values Led agency search and hired Leo Burnett for new look/feel Focused Earls Expansion across US Earls Miami Earls Chicago

“Beloved Brands has been a tremendous asset to Earls. They helped us to uncover a new vision, brand DNA and strategic business plan. We were so pleased with the results, we used Beloved Brands to develop Earls’ cultural brand service values which were rolled out to all 6000+ employees.” Monique Gomel VP Marketing, Earls Restaurants Case Study #2: Earls Restaurant

Red Racer Brand DNA “To us, every beer is our masterpiece” We created a Brand DNA that got to the core of who they were and how they felt about the beer they made. Red Racer Positioning “I’ve dedicated this beer to the one that got away” created a compelling story that allows the Brand Leader to leverage the irreverent image in a creative and engaging manner Case Study #3: Red Racer Beer Situation: Red Racer had a disconnect between the brand image using light hearted style branding with a red head girl on a bike, which contrasted against a serious award wining product image. Solution: Rather than get rid of the irreverent brand image or the serious product image, we created a compelling brand story that brought them together. The story of this serious brew master, who dedicated his masterpiece beer to this girl from his past—”the girl who got away” Events Instor e Label Design

“Beloved Brands helped us through a roadblock issue we had faced for sometime internally, and distilled it down to manageable pieces. Using his tools and coaching, we came to a solution together, and are very happy with the result.” Tim Barnes VP Marketing and Sales, Central City Brewing Case Study #3: Red Racer Beer

Case Study: Managing through a Merger Consumption Results Situation: In 2006, J&J acquired Pfizer’s consumer business. Experts predict a 10% sales decline and talent loss. As the VP marketing, I had to keep my team focused and motivated. Action: Inspired team with a new mission statement: ”Everything starts and ends with the consumer in mind” and created a new personal development program around “if we each get better, we all get better”. Results: Leveraged strong motivation to drive results. We had Zero talent exits heading into merger. We had a great year, with growth on all 12 brands, share gains on 9 of 12 helping to over-deliver stretch sales target. My business unit had the best results of any country globally, on either the J&J or Pfizer side, in both the year prior and in the year after the merger.

Situation: Launched Listerine strips, with Canada, as the lead market globally. We had such an exciting different product, almost too different, that we had to be careful to explain the product. Also, we had no experience or any leverage into the gum/mints section where it was shelf warfare. Solution: Heavy Sampling at big social events with samplers dressed as aliens, helping capture attention. We sampled full packs–our consumers took sampling to the next level, as early adopters shared the product with 10+ people. High Attention Advertising parody of the alien movie with a female Action Hero in a cave defeating Evil Breath Bacteria. To get to younger audience, we even developed a 90-second Movie Trailer version to get to the youth target. Exceptional advertising results with great ad recall, 82% brand link and 73% for main message. Front of store Distribution: To achieve the needed front end distribution, we had to get around the Adam’s/Wrigley’s domination. We got creative, developing counter units and shelf extenders that affixed to gum rack. Marketing Case: Launch of Listerine Strips Ads Sampling Events In-store Displays Results: Created such pent up demand, that we hit a 55% share of the mint market in the first share period, and maintained a #1 share position throughout the first three years. We over-delivered our forecasts by over 50%. Stores could not keep this in stock. We won the Product of the Year award and the Advertising won a Cassie for Best Advertising.

“To say that Graham is a talented marketer is an understatement. Graham is a remarkably gifted leader who brings excellent strategic discipline and a fresh way of looking at any business challenge.” Wes Pringle U.S. General Manager Johnson and Johnson Case Study: Managing Portfolios

Graham Robertson P: 416.885.3911 E: W: T: @grayrobertson1 Contact Beloved Brands

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