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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Tarzen


A Look at PowerPoint 2000:  A Look at PowerPoint 2000 The , the , and the About This Presentation:  About This Presentation This presentation was prepared for the PowerPoint Extreme workshop of the Training 2000 conference held in Atlanta, February 20, 2000. To see the animations on every slide, you’ll need the flash 4 player; download it free from Check out the notes pages--some slides have notes All content is the opinion of Cathleen Belleville only, and is not guaranteed to be correct Prepared by Cathy Belleville:  Prepared by Cathy Belleville 1989-1995: Microsoft PowerPoint product manager head of product planning for graphics business unit 1995-today: A Bit Better Corp. creator of 'Screen Beans' PowerPoint consulting services What Users Will Like:  What Users Will Like real tables      support for animated GIFs aliased fonts (with Windows 98) and font previews picture bullets auto-fit text saving to web improved narration animated bullets--but are they a good idea? What Users May Not Like:  What Users May Not Like support for animated GIFs only tri-pane view saving to web on-line collaboration presentation broadcasting short menus Saving to the Web:  Saving to the Web Save, or Publish? Saving to the Web: the Choices:  Saving to the Web: the Choices Saving to the Web: Recommendations:  Saving to the Web: Recommendations if you can mandate IE5, you’ll be happy remember to set animations to play when saving if you have to support other browsers than IE5: don’t rely on transition effects: you won’t see them avoid builds: use multiple slides to get same effect don’t use animation effects, sound, video okay to use fonts, pictures, tables, and links to other slides publish using Netscape 3 or higher, or 'both' option Presentation Broadcasting:  Presentation Broadcasting Audience Presenter 1. Presenter schedules broadcast; email sent to audiences with info 2. Presenter sets up link to Public Server 3. Audience clicks on link in mail to connect to Public Server 4. Presenter gives presentation; audience sees slides, camera video and audio 5. Presentation archived to server for non-live access Online Collaboration:  Online Collaboration Attendees Leader 1. Leader schedules meeting; email sent to attendees with info 2. Leader sets up link to Public Server and phone conference call 3. Attendees clicks on link in mail to connect to Public Server 4. Leader adds people to meeting; attendees sees slides, listens to audio through telephone 5. Leader controls who can edit the presentation Broadcasting & Collaboration:  Broadcasting andamp; Collaboration both require network administration assistance both require big, fast public servers not designed for peer-to-peer, LAN, or ISP-based networks broadcasting: you’ve got to really want it requires extremely fast machine: 300 Mhz minimum use 2 machines; one for video, one for pres andamp; audio collaboration: might be faster to fly there very cryptic setup; no UI for passing of controls consider using mature third-party products Finally, Tables:  Finally, Tables UI Improvements and Their Cures:  UI Improvements and Their Cures Other New Features:  Other New Features ‘Detect and Repair’ (help menu) for fixing install improved reviewing tools multiple items on clipboard narration--now it’s usable paste into clip art gallery your UI changes andamp; toolbar configurations stored in: c:\windows\application data\microsoft\powerpoint\ppt.pcb label cathy belleville: why aren’t you using initial caps in your bullets? PowerPoint Version Info:  PowerPoint Version Info 2000 and ‘97 same file format, no down-rev saving 2000 tables: display in ‘97, but can’t be edited ungroup tables in 97 to edit when reopened in 2000 they are not editable animated gifs from 2000 display but won’t play in ‘97 mac version of 2000 (Office 2001) due by end of year won’t have presentation conferencing or collaboration will have tables, animated gif support Cathy’s Favorite Shortcuts & Tricks:  Cathy’s Favorite Shortcuts andamp; Tricks change case w/shift f-3 saving fonts with presentation (file/save as: tools) ctrl-drag to copy black and white view, right-mouse to set print settings for each object individually esc to shift to object selection shift-slide view button to go to slide master ctrl-slide show button for tiny preview in slide show mode ctrl-drag guide for multiple guides; using guides to measure More Tips & Tricks:  More Tips andamp; Tricks alt to release grid and guide 'tug' nudging with arrows, using ctrl to nudge by pixel tab to select objects on slide transparent fills making transparent bitmaps freeform tool, making curves editing freeform objects and curves 3-d drawing features and their problems Shameless Self Promotion:  Shameless Self Promotion powerpoint FAQ with many many pages of questions 'ask powerpoint': powerpoint questions answered powerpoint tips and tricks resources for presenters screenbeans clip art, with new 'business communication' collection

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