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Published on January 20, 2009

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Slide 1: What do you think will happen if you were to hold a strip of paper between two fingers and blow on top of it Slide 2: I can’t ……… How will it change me IF I COULD ….. For a moment imagine you can … see how that makes you feel and what kinds of thoughts it brings … see if it makes you want… maybe even start planning for it What is stopping you? Who is stopping you? Slide 3: It is necessary to be serious and stern in the classroom. With some children Punishment has to be used. Its only a few children in every class who are outstanding and who learn fast. Maths is a difficult subject. In a Child friendly classroom the teacher should ignore discipline problems. If a child has not scored well that means that he has not understood or studied the topic. If a child asks a question, we should tell the answer. Some children do not want to study; they just want to play. Children learn well by having marks to strive for. We ought to tell children what we think is important to know. Teaching means showing the child what is right and what is wrong. Some subjects are more important then others. Some children are fussy eaters Choose whether you believe each statement to be True or False The Menu is NOT the DishThe picture is NOT the personThe Perception is NOT the Reality : The Menu is NOT the DishThe picture is NOT the personThe Perception is NOT the Reality The Map is NOT the territory Behaviour v/s Beliefs : Behaviour v/s Beliefs Behaviour Beliefs Slide 6: Beliefs ~ Beliefs are based on experience~ Beliefs can be changed~ Beliefs are not “wrong” or “Right”~ Beliefs nourishes the Behaviour~ Assumptions leads to Beliefs – negative or positive~ Being aware of beliefs open up the avenues. Ladder of Inference : Ladder of Inference Change Kiti’s seat or Give her more homework Kirti will not do well in exam or will not learn much Kirti is will not understand Kirti is not concentrating or is not interested Twice when I turn I saw her shuffling Kirti is shuffling in her seat Ladder of Inference : Ladder of Inference I Give Raju more chances Enthusiastic children do well in studies It will be fun working with Raju Raju is very keen on learning Raju comes running for the class Raju came running and said good morning Ladder of Inference : Ladder of Inference Reflection: Check my assumptions Consciousness : Aware of my thinking and reasoning Inquiry: Question into other’s thinking Breaking Build Beliefs : Breaking Build Beliefs “Kids don’t get to have fun” Ask Specific “Nobody pays attention to me” Exaggerate “I can’t climb this” Remind Contradictory Experience My mother hates me Break related thoughts Maths is tough Injunctions Affirmations Lets catch each other operating from Beliefs : Lets catch each other operating from Beliefs Assignments : Assignments 2.2 My Beliefs List as many (at least 10 in each) of your Limiting beliefs you think you have with respect to1. Yourself2. Your Child or children in general3. LifeRemember if you are not sure whether a particular view is a belief or not - chances are it is - so write it Assignments : Assignments 2.3 Experimenting with one belief Take any one belief of yours. Any. Specially the one in an area which is troubling you. 2.3.1 State that belief here (it could be one taken from assignment 2.2) Eg: I am not patient)2.3.2Now decide that you will experiment with this belief.So, write down hear the opposite statement(Eg: I am patient)2.3.3Now write the benefits you perceive this new belief will offer.2.3.4Now experiment working with this new belief. Try it on your day to day life. Specially when you are faced with situations.Write down your experience of playing around with your belief.

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