Being Selective for Success

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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: chinmaypmahajan



“If upon your choices you do not think, You will not get to sleep a wink. Yours may be a marriage, arranged or love, You can still make it as pure as a dove. Remember, a selective choice can your destiny make, A wrong word and your bones can break!”


Introduction “The selected group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual can make or break the sustainable initiatives” “If upon your choices you do not think, You will not get to sleep a wink. Yours may be a marriage, arranged or love, You can still make it as pure as a dove. Remember, a selective choice can your destiny make, A wrong word and your bones can break!”

Examples  There are those who are true learners of creer success and never learning how to move their life from good to great  Others are a part of a driven sales-network for a company  Next, we have those who may be driven by the achievement of the work provided them and this includes the special talent to maintain a positive relationship between themselves and others

Other Examples  Some may be seeking to build a strong family and relationships  Some may be struggling in some aspect of their lives and are in need of extra help and support and through their work are in search of their true purpose and meaning in life  Others may be struggling with bad habits such as with eating, drinking, smoking, or gambling • You, or someone you know may be at this time unable to stop grieving for a loved one or pet  As a result, so many question their ability to be successful, or more successful

Ways of being successful  Selective hearing  Selective relationship  Selective exits  Selective memory  Selective choices

Vision What works according to science? The Science of Success is about the core elements of scientific research: Observation, measurement, and Testing hypotheses in an objective way, and publishing research so that others can evaluate the conclusions and attempt to replicate the findings.

Contd... "Successful People Achieve What They Want By "beginning with the end in mind." NOTE: More importantly, it is better to envision the acts of achievement.

How To THINK Like a Genius  Successful people are a little (positively) crazy  Tend to be a little eccentric, and unconventional in their thinking  Reject traditional beliefs, and lack a concern with what others might think about certain ideas  They come up with odd or strange ideas  Three-in-four millionaires believe that learning to "think differently from the crowd," has been a key factor in their economic success

Contd...  Successful people are overly optimistic  They are flexible THINKERS which is a prerequisite for creative thinking leading to an ability to conceive an idea and its opposite simultaneously  They are able to envision two objects at once with one replacing the other

BEING SUCCESSFUL  There are consistent patterns of ATTITUDES and ACTIONS that differentiate successful people from their less successful counterparts  The differences appear in study after study, and stand out when we explore the lives of successful people  True achievers THINK about their lives differently, and use "different" techniques for bringing about life changes  Thus, the biggest barrier to success, then, lies in the process of how people bring about success

Common Strategies for Success  The use of Willpower  The New Year's Resolution  Use of Positive Affirmations  Cold Turkey  Pay For It

Challenge Yourself Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)  People who set more challenging goals tend to accomplish more than those who set more modest goals  Emerson said, "We aim above the mark, to hit the mark " When goals are set higher and higher, performance increases  People with attainable goals are happier and experience more well-being than those with unattainable goals  The most common reaction to unattainable goals is simply disengagement — people do not commit to them

Challenge Yourself Commitment to a goal = Goal importance X Goal Attainability  People are most committed to important, attainable goals, but if either goal importance or goal attainability becomes zero, then commitment disappears  The research shows that people are often reluctant to commit to new career, personal, or business goals set simply because they considered them unattainable

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