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Published on September 25, 2007

Author: blackbeltjones



A talk I gave in 2004 about embodied interaction, mobiles, RFID and tangible computing

Being in the World Matt Jones Nokia Insight & Foresight Design Engaged 2004

Two halves to this talk, one more concrete, one more playful than the other

A hard problem “Ubicomp is hard, understanding people, context, and the world is hard, getting computers to handle everyday situations is hard, and expectations are set way too high. I used to say ubicomp was a ten-year problem; now I'm starting to think that it's really a hundred-year problem.” - Gene Becker,

Next-gen mobile Bigger screens, Same old more whizzy features messy world. The 4/5/04 101 Disappearing Organisation

A modest start: “being in the world”

Where the action is “tangible and social computing -- have been conducted largely as independent research programs. However, I believe that they have a common foundation, and that that foundation is the notion of quot;embodiment.quot; By embodiment, I don't mean simply physical reality, but rather, the way that physical and social phenomena unfold in real time and real space as a part of the world in which we are situated, right alongside and around us. This ignores 99% of our daily lives, The reason that the idea of embodiment is an important one is that it isn't new. In fact, quot;embodimentquot; is at the centre of phenomenology, an important strain of philosophical the mundane everyday existence in thought beginning at the end of the nineteenth century. Phenomenology rejects the which we simply go our about Cartesian separation between mind and body on which most traditional philosophical approaches are based. The idea of disembodied rationality, phenomenologists argue, arises business. In place of the Cartesian because we think about cognition only in those immediately apparent problem cases where some problem appears in the world that needs to be solved. This ignores 99% of our phenomenology explores our simply go model, daily lives, the mundane everyday existence in which we experiences as embodied actors interacting in the world, actors in it and acting experiences as embodied participating our about business. In place of the Cartesian model, phenomenology explores our interacting in the world, participating through it, in the absorbed and unreflective manner of normal experience. seems likeingoodand to turn for help in developing an in the a it place acting through it, understanding of the role that Since the phenomenological tradition has taken the idea of embodiment as a central one, it absorbed and unreflective manner of embodiment can play in interactive systems. Drawing from the writings of a number of phenomenologists, and especially from Heidegger, Schutz and Wittgenstein, Where the normal experience. Action Is develops an understanding of embodied interaction organised in terms of the creation, manipulation and communication of meaning, and the establishment and maintenance of practice. Rather than embedding fixed notions of meaning within technologies, embodied interaction is based on the understanding that users create and communicate meaning through their interaction with the system (and with each other, through the system).”

Where the action is

More ‘embodied’ interaction The 4/5/04 102 Disappearing Organisation

Converts… This holiday, my two sisters - who to my knowledge had never played a console game before - got addicted to EyeToy… The 4/5/04 103 Disappearing Organisation

New ways of using mobile phones with touch-based technology Easy and concrete access to services, content and repeat functions by touching Transfer of digital items between devices as a simple gesture of giving In the future, also fast and convenient local payment and ticketing This last case has got most of the publicity, but as an interaction designer I find the first two more powerful

100 10 1 Touch can reduce user interactions by 2x orders of magnitude

Launched Active-Cover for Nokia 3220 with NFC

Car Navigation System Audio HDD/DVD Recorder PDA NFC Technology Television Video Camera Digital Still Mobile Phone Camera PC 19 would you like to know more?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a touch-based RFID technology NFC works in the globally available 13.56 MHz band The effective working distance is up to a few centimeters Based on ISO 18092 including ISO14443A MiFare and FeliCa standards, ie compatible with the most broadly established smart card infrastructure covering >80% of the market Tags in smart objects are powered by the radio signal of the reader, and do not require any battery or other source of power The tags contain some memory that can store URLs, SMS and similar information Costs currently a few ten EUR cents and decreasing rapidly Devices do not contain tags, but can communicate using the same interface Devices can not only read tags, but also write to enabled tags

1 = r 3 ~ 10 - 30 mm The NFC field maps closely to the object which is ideal for interaction design using touch

“Don’t be idiotic, study semiotics”

A digital spirit world ~ 10 - 30 mm Things acquire a digital life

Semiotic Spirit World Things could acquire many digital meanings Origin forest Permitted moves for the mahogany for this piece I was made from Play that scene from “The Thomas Crown Affair”

Info Fetish objects • Auspicious Computing • Genevieve Bell • Minority Report • Unique wooden balls

Info Fetish objects? image:

Ecological impact • Ecological impacts, +ve & +ve • -ve • phones are precious, tags are not • throwaway, data detritus, spime spume • +ve • programmatic product life-cycle • audit trails for trash • automation of recycling

Corporate Technoptimism? “Though it might take five to ten years to build and scale up such a system, it could revolutionize the life-cycle management of products.” “The development of inexpensive radio frequency tags to identify the products to which they are attached may enable us to more accurately track their movement through commerce and into final recycling, reuse, or disposal systems, automating producer responsibility programs.” “According to John Seeley Brown and David Rejeski, manufacturing systems could be designed to keep track of products, manage inventories better, alert operators when products need repair or replacement, and enable manufacturers to ensure that they make their way back to the appropriate facility for remanufacturing or recycling.” Nope... this is World Wildlife Fund report “Sustainability at the speed of light”

SUSTAINABILITY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT DENNIS PAMLIN to the We have to cont- the role respec- the gap akers in lief that ty, need © 1986, WWF World Wide Fund For Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund) ® WWF Registered Trademark owner / Tryckeri AB Knappen, Karlstad, Sweden other if for the WWF Sweden Ulriksdals slott 170 81 Solna Sweden Tel: +46 8 626 74 00 Fax: +46 8 85 13 29 DAVID REJESKI JOSEPH ROMM JAMES N LEVITT NEVIN COHEN PETER ARNFALK THOMAS LANGROCK HERMAN OTT THOMAS DWORAK RAUL ZAMBRANO MONA AFIFI ANDERS WIJKMAN KALLE LASN EDITED BY DENNIS PAMLIN

Long now layers Sometimes, technology can short circuit these layers (?) Image: Stewart Brand at IA Summit, by Mike Lee,

Could Touch-tech be one? Blimey! Apologies to Stewart Brand

You know what? I love this stuff! Thanks!

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