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Information about Being EFFECTIV vs EFFICIENT

Published on July 22, 2014

Author: RobertBoog



What is more important in sales, being efficient? Or effective? After all, everyone nowadays is busy. Don't you want to do the more optimum thing vs doing something that's inefficient? The answer might surprise you!

By Robert Boog author of Selling Outside the Square Being Effective vs Being Efficient

Defining our Terms  Being Efficient: performing a task in the most economical manner possible.  Being Effective: doing things that take you closer to your goals without a time limit. No matter how long it takes, or hard it is to do them, as Larry the Cableguy says, you will “Gitter Done”

In Sales it’s Better to Be Effective than Efficient  Why? Mainly because you can be efficient at a task but the task might not important!  In other words, just because you are BUSY does not mean you are also being PRODUCTIVE. I can be on the computer all morning. But if I’m just checking emails and playing Solitaire –is that really being productive?

I can mail 5,000 postcards and get ONE response.  Or personally call on 50 people and take 3 orders. Which one is MORE effective? Which one is more of a pain to do?

It’s Good to Ask Yourself Is there a more efficient way to do something?  But an even BETTER question is: How can I be more effective?  “A male doctor would snap to attention at a mere whiff of perfume or a glance at a pretty [sales] girl, his instinctive desire to reproduce having kicked into gear.” James Reidy, Hard Sell

Most People Try to Avoid Pain but..  The MORE effective solution is often the MORE time-consuming, laborious, or painful one!

How Being Effective Relates to You  Customers want to know what your product or service can do for them.  They don’t want to feel like a number.  They want to feel like you understand them and their pain; that your product or service will truly help remedy what ails them.  They also want to trust you.

What this Means to YOU  Because customers want to know what your product or service can do for them,  Can you show them via Skype or aYou Tube video or aVideo Conference?  They don’t want to feel like a number, so  Can you engage with them –via Social Media: Facebook orTwitter, or a text?  They want to feel like you understand them and their pain  Can you show them that you care with an unexpected surprise, bonus or coupon?

The Great Grandma Effect Don’t try to rationalize by saying this is the way we’ve ALWAYS done it. Split-test to be sure that it’s the most effective way.

Bottomline: Try to Be More Effective  Being busy does not relate to being productive.  Sometimes there IS a reason why things are done a certain way.  Sometimes there is NOT, so be open to change.  Change is Here – welcome it!  Search for ways to be more effective!

Thanks for Viewing  You can check out my video sales course  Selling Outside the Square and Making Extra Money  By just CLICKING HERE

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