Being an Exceptional Company - Why people matter and how they impact your financial performance.

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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: scottfitzgeraldadp



An abridged presentation about how employee engagement directly affects a company's financial health. Research-based insights and impact statements educate organizations who think they've been doing it right all along, and surprise them when they realize they haven't.

Being Exceptional Why people matter and how they impact your financial performance PART 1 of 3 Scott Fitzgerald | ADP Human Capital Management Consultant Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @outcompete

PART ONE Employee Engagement Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 2

“ “ Back when I was a teenager, I thought that with the right bunch of people anything was possible, and that turned out to be the case. It was the people I surrounded myself with who made the difference: If you treat your employees right, they will treat your customers right, and sustained profits will follow. Richard Branson Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 3

FACT Employee engagement directly affects your organization’s financial performance Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 4

Consider this… Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 5

Measured against their competitive set, companies with 9.3 engaged employees for every 1 actively disengaged employee in 2010-2011 experienced on average: 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) 6

:-) Employees happy with their work = engaged 80% of the day :-( Employees unhappy with their work = engaged 40% of the day 7

In their peer group, companies with highly engaged employees were more profitable by 200% 8

That is data your organization can not ignore. 9

Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 10

What if… You bill by the hour? Turnover affects your business? You are a manufacturer of goods? Product quality is important to you? Workplace / worksite safety is imperative? Your management team is disengaged? Healthcare is your industry? You care about your people? Will you bill less hours? Will you lose clients? Will your output decrease? Will the quality of your widgets go down? Will there be more accidents and lawsuits? You are in trouble. Will your patient population suffer? Do something. Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 11

What if you are the CEO or CFO? Psst… Do something. Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 12

Three steps 1 Analyze Define your current strategy & execution Organizational vision and staffing, roles and responsibilities, HR talent, connection to business strategy, key performance and engagement indicators. 2 Understand What is the impact of employee engagement to your business? Technology infrastructure, employee-related initiatives, HR staff’s role in business performance and profitability. Where are they spending their time? 3 Empower Support the team, or find another model Define what you can do to support engagement initiatives. If the team in place is misaligned or focused on administration, you’re positioned incorrectly and your profitability will suffer. Scott Fitzgerald | ADP | Human Capital Management Consultant | | 13

What do exceptional companies do? 14

STRATEGIC TACTICAL Culture Compensation Recruitment Brand Training Strategy Engagement Talent Retention Forms Excel sheets Payroll Timecards Compliance Administration Q&A Paperwork! Paperwork!! Paperwork!!! REVENUE-POSITIVE REVENUE-NEGATIVE 15

STRATEGIC TACTICAL Currently your team spends and 10 – 20% 80 – 90% of their time here of their time here REVENUE-POSITIVE REVENUE-NEGATIVE 16



STRATEGIC TACTICAL Gets better people Keeps better people Keeps people happy Makes them more productive Makes you more money Polishes your brand Scales while you grow Cannibalizes the strategic Costs money and time Does not scale well Significant errors Liability and risk Fines and penalties Lawsuits Old business model DO THIS STOP THIS 19

Traditional Human Resources is being disrupted. 20

Four priorities Turn HR into strategic superstars Eliminate admin burdens Leverage HCM technology Make people a priority 21

SIGN UP Profitability Analysis This free informal assessment of your current human capital efforts is meant to identify the key technology and process barriers preventing you from operational excellence and increased profitability. This analysis is designed specifically for mid-sized business owners, Senior Executives, CEOs, CFOs, or VPs of HR. High demand limits availability to 12 companies. To inquire about or sign up for the profitability analysis, please contact Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Fitzgerald | ADP Human Capital Management Consultant Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @outcompete 22

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