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Published on May 15, 2013

Author: guiramirez



What are the challenges of today's educators? Do they need an education reform to start reforming their classroom?

Drawing by Alexey Iorsh

Let’s begin by asking…

What isEducation?

Education is just…

a story of stories.



Education happens

when you put together…

someonewho wantsto teach

+someonewho wantsto learn

It is a simple equation.

abct1p1TIMEPLACETeacherYou havethe timeand placeof theteacher

abct2p2StudentAndthe timeand placeof thestudentTIMEPLACE

abcabct1p1t2p2Teacher Student

Traditional Educationabcabct1p1t2p2==In traditional education bothtimes and places are equal

Virtual Educationabcabct1p1t2p2==WWWIn virtual education timesor places can be different

abcabcWWWAnd the connection is…


But virtual education

has been around for centuries.

Teachers and students

in different times and places

have been connected

by a technology called


With thisancienttechnology

someone inone timeand place

can tell astory

to someonein adifferenttime andplace.


Successful education

was based on «expert users»

of this ancient technology.

That isgoodreadersandgoodwriters

That is:good readers and good writers


Berthe Morisot (1870) Johannes Vermeer (1670)Reading+Writing



The process is the same

The tools are different

Different Media Different Speeds

When educationhas a time and a place

We havea course

A course is a place

where you can go

to listen to a story

Then a course is

One story

One story+One host

One story+One host+Several guests

But today we have

New principlesThe MaterialsAtoms vs. BitsProcessing Informationvs. Moving ObjectsIntangiblesCollective KnowledgeGeneration of IdeasOverinformationMisinformationGil Bruvel

New principlesThe PlaceDistance is redefinedFrontiers are obsoleteThe World is your audienceand your competitorChallenges and threatsare closer…one click apartGil Bruvel

New principlesThe TimeInstantaneousInteractive / FeedbackReal time / MultitaskingConstant ChangeA Life Projectvs. A Life of ProjectsGil Bruvel


There is a new arena

for this ongoing conversation

between teachers and students.

The virtual classroom

WWWVirtual CampusVirtual ClassroomActivities• Discussions• Questionnaires• Homework• Glossaries• Chats• Blogs• WikisResources• Links• Readings• Learning ObjectsFiles• Folders• Documents• Videos / Audios

A place full of tools

for the host to find new ways

to tell the story

A story can be told in sequenceVirtual Classroom

Virtual ClassroomOr not…

It can be full ofresourcesReadingsLinks VideosSimulationsLearning objectsAudios

And activitiesDiscussionsChatsHomeworkQuestionnairesBlogsWikisGlossariesPuzzles

But it willbe lifeless

without anactiveinteraction

of all theparticipants

So theresources



but not asimportant


A community

We can have

the best of both worlds

and go toschool

in manyways

But what aboutthe “old” classroom?

Education is …

…an economic process …

…of transformation.

When I pass through this process…

…I become…

…an «educated» person.

It is a costly process$

…that I pay…$

…or someone else pays.$TaxesCitizensEnterprises

It is expensive. Yes.

But… is it valuable?

What is value?


Value= worthiness

Values= principles

Valor= braveryHowbraveam I?

Education as a process…

…should raise my value.

…should raise my value.+Valuable

…should raise my value.+Values+Valuable

…should raise my value.+Values+Valor+Valuable

Is it working?

Who should be blamed?TheBureaucracy?

Who should be blamed?TheCongress?TheBureaucracy?

Who should be blamed?The President?TheCongress?TheBureaucracy?

Who should be blamed?The privatesector?TheCongress?TheBureaucracy?The President?

No…The privatesector?TheCongress?TheBureaucracy?The President?

The blame isThe privatesector?TheCongress?TheBureaucracy?The President?

TheBureaucracy?The blame is…on us!Students

…on us!The blame is Andon us!TeachersStudents


Because…We tolerate mediocrity!

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!Educationis us…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We want quality in education…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…but we don’t show up for it.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!And when we go…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…we are not there.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We want more resources…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…to «preserve» them.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We want freedom…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…of expression.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We are against privatization…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…but we never deprive ourselves…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…of the products…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…of the products……of the private sector.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We want changes…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…but we don’t vote.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We deplore corruption…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…of others.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We embrace technology…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…that “eases” our lives.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We understand originality…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…as not being caught.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…as not being caught.Investigation = Compilation

A teacher is measured…

…by the amount of diplomas.

The job of the educator

The job of the educatorhas turned into«diplomacy»

The job of the educatorhas turned into«diplomacy»Or the art ofaccumulating…

The job of the educatorhas turned into«diplomacy»Or the art ofaccumulating…diplomas

We want to be doctors…

…so we won’t teach to undergrads

Our intellectual «production»…

…is buried in unread magazines.

…is buried in unread magazines.And rarely used in the classroom.


…is just a cruel joke.

The quality of education…

…is attested in certifications.

…is attested in certifications.Far, far away from the classroom.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!Undergraduated studies are…

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…undervalued.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!So we need to «acquire»...

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!…more diplomas.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!We became «consumers»…

…of the diploma industry.

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!Many graduatedEducamos a muy pocos

¡Toleramos la mediocridad!Many graduatedFew educated

So we need…

…a real education reform…

…in the classroom.

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!We have everything:The placeThe peopleThe time

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Why don’t werescuethe classroom?

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Let’s value the hour of class!Do we investigate?Do we question?Do we debate?Do we share?Do we build?Do we create?Do we…learn?

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Let’s celebrate the encounter!What doI bring?What doI take away?Was it valuable?What’s next?

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Let’s enrich the experience!Do we knoweach other?Do we laugh?Do we live?Are weaccomplices?

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Let’s value the «product»!What’s thevalue of…what I wrote?…what I read?…what I built?…what I brought?…what I asked?

¡Toleramos lamediocridad!Let’s privatize education!In the privacy…of myclassroom…of myteammatesIn my privacy.

Let’s certify education!Am I a little bit…wiser?…worthier?…braver?Do I attest it?Do I certify it?

Let’s reform education!In each classroomIn each courseIn each hour of classIn each teacher…

What are wewaiting for?

Who needspermission?

Let’s start the«conspiration»…!

…in the classroom!

Thank youFind my free e-book“El Profe Virtual” (Spanish)http://www.profevirtual.comGuillermo Ramírez(Do not hesitate to comment and share this presentation if you like it)

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