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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: imranmansoor9



In recent years, there has been increased interest in the application of behaviour change theories in the areas of health, education, criminology, energy and international development with the hope that understanding behavioural change will improve the services offered in these areas.

Behaviour Change an overview

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Definition of a Community A group of people living in the same defined area sharing basic values, organization, and interests—Rifkin et al. (1988)

Community Diagnosis Done not only to identify problems and needs but also to find resources to overcome to problems. A community comprises of systems just like respiratory system, nervous system.

Community Systems Social system - Family structure Political system - Formal informal leaders Cultural system - Basic believes Economic system - Ways of earning

Types of Communities An integral community - Strong identity, integration, linkages A parochial community - Strong identity, integration, weak linkages A diffuse community - Strong identity only A stepping-stone community - Weak identity, strong interaction, links Anomic - Weak on all counts

Collective / Community Efficacy The perception of residents about the strengths and cohesion of their community to help themselves. 3 COMPONENTS Social Control - Do people abide by certain norms of behaviour? Cohesion - Social interaction Identity - Sense of belonging

Community Change COMMUNITY MOBILISATION - Programs are externally designed, but community members are expected to contribute resources - An example is getting local people to help in a health department’s immunization campaign

Change Agents In this process of community capacity building we have Change agents • • • • LHW TEACHERS RELIGEOUS LEADERS COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES Change Agent under COMMUNITY MOBILISATION is a TASK FORCE which overlooks the co-ordination of resources & identify resources needed.


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