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Published on October 7, 2016

Author: alwilliams49


1. Beginners Biggest Blogging Mistake: Not Building There Email List Congratulations! You Now Have Free Giveaway Rights To This Ebook Worth $67! You now have 100% free giveaway rights to this ebook! You can give it away to anyone who may benefit from it, put it on your website, blog, social media pages or add it to your membership site. Go share! © Copyright Alonzo Williams, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this product make be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from the author. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES The information presented herein represents the views of the author as the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions. This product is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.

2. Beginners Biggest Blogging Mistake: Not Building There Email List Email Marketing Lists- What You Should Know Many companies the world over are in search of ways to build their email marketing lists. Established companies make attempts to obtain the email addresses of existing customers and new companies are struggling to compile an original email list. Let’s explore the things you should know when it comes to building your email marketing list. Try networking with local businesses. Attend meetings in your local area (i.e. seminars, and city commerce luncheons) to exchange cards and information with other professionals. Exchange business cards and be sure to follow up – via email of course. However, you should make sure that the people in this network are interested in what you

3. have to offer and the possibility of sharing contacts with you. It’s poor form to contact businesses that wanted nothing to do with you. Try attending trade shows. Set up a booth or organize a presentation, or simply ‘attend’ a show and use it as a networking opportunity. Obtain general contact information and offer promotions and ‘free’ gifts. The people who fill out your information form have automatically ‘opted in’ to your marketing strategy. Organize and attend informational seminars geared to both consumers and business contacts alike. Use registration information and other networking techniques to obtain contacts for your email marketing lists. Retail storefronts are a great place to expand your email marketing lists. You can design a drawing or a contest that requires registration. You’ve probably engaged in this marketing technique before without even knowing it (i.e. registering to win a new car while shopping at the mall). Any storefront opportunities are well-received and are a great way to add to your email marketing lists of contacts. Get involved in local events. Many people are addicted to openings, parties, musical concerts, and any other event that draws people together. You might even consider sponsoring one of these events yourself or joining with other likeminded business people; to sponsor the event. Doing so can afford you the opportunity to increase your Internet mail address listings and help you get your name out there. Direct mail marketing techniques, such as sending out postcards, is a great way to grow your email contact lists. You can mass issue postcards with your company name and website and collect contacts as they visit the site or make inquiries. Offering some type of incentive will earn you the best response. Consider telemarketing. This process can be time consuming but well the efforts if done properly. You can use phone calls to touch base with prior customers and it is a great way to rekindle old business and perhaps make new contacts. Just don't allow your telemarketing staff to call during lunch and dinntertime hours. Email marketing is just like any other form of marketing and is designed primarily to open the lines of communication and to make contact with people. You should do your best to translate your everyday interactions with people into business growing leads and contacts. To deploy a successful email marketing lists campaig, you must cultivate your people skills and always adhere to the Golder Rule; treat your customers as you would expect to be treated in a given situation and your business will go far.

4. Email Marketing - The Lifeline Of Your Internet Business It is not unusual to have high ranking at the Search engines yet see low conversion rates. In fact, someone else whose ranking is lower than yours may be making a killing online with his products. How could that happen? With all other things being almost equal, good web design, good sales copy, quality products, it is highly probable the other person has an effective email marketing campaign set in place. It is a so-called ‘known secret’ of successful online marketers that the lifeline of any Internet business is email marketing. It brings longevity to your business. If you hope to make a long term living off your Internet business, you need to give serious thought to email marketing if you haven’t done so. I started off my Internet business without seeing the need for email marketing. I spent a lot of time on SEO. Then one day this question dawned upon me. What am I to do with the traffic that would show up at my door? It is a known fact that not many people will buy your product or service on their first visit to your website. Yes, some may buy the products that you are promoting but the majority won’t. The vast majority may never come this way again. You stand to lose substantial traffic in this way. Then what about those who bought something? How can they become your lifelong customers? No wonder, successful online marketers have an effective follow-up system that allows them to touch base with their visitors. What better cost effective way to do so than through email. 4 Benefits of Email Marketing: 1.Gives visitors a personal touch to your online business. Email communication is the most cost effective way at present to touch base with your website visitors. In a highly impersonalized world of Internet marketing, simple personalized email communiqués can do wonders for your Internet business. 2.Allows you to build credibility and trust with your visitors. You can achieve this by conducting short courses in the area of your expertise through email. The courses you conduct must be relevant to the products or services you are promoting on your website. For example, if you are promoting weight loss products, you may conduct a short course like 30 days to lose weight. People are more disposed to buy your product or service if they gain confidence through the information you have provided.

5. 3.Exposes visitors to your product or service. Sales statistics reveal that most people need to be exposed to an offer 7 times or more before they buy. You have no way of exposing your products or services before your website visitors except through Email marketing. 4.Turns first time buyers into lifelong customers. Email marketing is an effective way to update your customers of your latest products and services. Follow-up with your customers immediately after they made a purchase with an offer of a free gift or special discounts on products that are related to what they have bought. This is good marketing practice. You will endear first time buyers to you, and turn them into lifelong customers. After all been said, how to get visitors to leave behind their email address? Nobody will give something in exchange for nothing. Offer a free e-book, or software, or email course, or newsletter in exchange for your visitors’ names and email addresses. This is by no means tricking people into giving their email address. In the first place, your visitors have some expressed interest when they came by your website. Your job is to continue to arouse their interest that they want to know more about what you have to offer them. The names and email addresses you collect is called an opt-in email list. With it you can touch base with your visitors without being accused of spamming. Follow-up with personalized email communiqué, offer relevant information and leads. Don’t turn your email communiqué into one big sales letter. It puts people off. If they unsubscribe from your mailing list, it’s your loss. Say goodbye to your potential customers. You cannot maintain the number one spot at the Search engines all the time. Other webmasters will overtake you sooner or later. However, this does not diminish the importance of Search Engine Optimization. For long-term success, SEO and an effective email marketing campaign are needful. Email Marketing - The Lifeline Of Your Internet Business It is not unusual to have high ranking at the Search engines yet see low conversion rates. In fact, someone else whose ranking is lower than yours may be making a killing online with his products. How could that happen? With all other things being almost equal, good web design, good sales copy, quality products, it is highly probable the other person has an effective email marketing campaign set in place.

6. It is a so-called ‘known secret’ of successful online marketers that the lifeline of any Internet business is email marketing. It brings longevity to your business. If you hope to make a long term living off your Internet business, you need to give serious thought to email marketing if you haven’t done so. I started off my Internet business without seeing the need for email marketing. I spent a lot of time on SEO. Then one day this question dawned upon me. What am I to do with the traffic that would show up at my door? It is a known fact that not many people will buy your product or service on their first visit to your website. Yes, some may buy the products that you are promoting but the majority won’t. The vast majority may never come this way again. You stand to lose substantial traffic in this way. Then what about those who bought something? How can they become your lifelong customers? No wonder, successful online marketers have an effective follow-up system that allows them to touch base with their visitors. What better cost effective way to do so than through email. Email Marketing Solutions Your Must Have Check List It’s time to launch your email marketing campaign; what should you know prior to setting your plan into motion? Well, before you do anything, you should first make certain that your sales staff and all sales departments are prepared to make the transactions generated by your email marketing campaign. Once your confident your business can handle a potential influx of sales, you should follow a few regimented steps to insure you’re making the most of your email marketing solutions. The below checklist will help you to determine what to do and when to do it. Determine what day of the week to send your messages. The theories on this choice are numerous. Many experts suggest targeting individual customers over the weekend but business-to-business hopefuls on a Friday. However, a recent study indicates the best day to issue B2B email marketing messages is Monday or Tuesday. The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule for this factor. Do your own research to determine what day you think is best. Consider testing several days and determining which one gets the best response. There are two times of day that are historically best for sending a marketing email, mid-morning and right after lunch.

7. At these two times, people tend to be more receptive to what lands in their inbox. After you’ve determined when and what time you’ll be sending your marketing email, you should prepare to monitor responses. Your monitoring efforts should cover everything from replies to unsubscribes. Monitoring your responses early can help you to eliminate and even avoid certain link and spam problems. Now it’s time to deliver that email and the final step should be creating and email that is attractive, but not too “spam like” that customers will take time to read and find easy to navigate. An effective interface will enable you to track the results of your email campaign and move ahead as a result of that tracking. Below you will find a summarized “tip list” derived from various email marketing experts. Take some time to review these tips and then be on your way to email marketing success. Offer something to your customers! In exchange for their contact info, offer your customers something in return. (i.e. a free newsletter, or seminar, or more information) Be economical about the info you gather! When gathering customer contact information, only ask for the information you need. Make it easy for them to unsubscribe! Make absolutely certain you provide a way for customers to unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing solutions campaign. Email Marketing – Are You A Gambler? In 2006 businesses spent nearly $400 million on email marketing. This figure is staggering, yet it proves just how important online businesses believe email marketing to be. Most marketing experts would likely rank Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies as the number one marketing mechanism for online businesses. However, it is email marketing that comes in second. The reason this marketing technique is so highly touted is because it doesn’t wait for business to trickle in. Email marketing takes your message directly to the people providing a sense of immediacy and purpose.

8. SEO strategies are essential for the long term viability of your marketing strategy, but for the most significant return on investment (ROI) email marketing has consistently held an edge over other marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or banner advertising. Email lists that are organically grown typically hold the greatest ROI, but some online businesses have found a modicum of success using rented or purchased lists, but there is always a price. The reason many businesses look for lists that have already been compiled by third parities is because they can begin to market immediately. The problem many encounter with this strategy is that many of those on the email list may not be very happy with their private information being made available to the highest bidder. Recipients may also be hostile to any overtures from unknown companies. You will discover that the best response you receive will be a direct result of interacting with existing, satisfied customers. They are the ones who already have an affinity for your product and do not tend to view your emails as unwanted material or spam. The propagation of spam has made email marketing a bit more of a challenge for online businesses, which has placed a greater emphasis on trust, worthwhile correspondence and value for the existing customer. Another reason purchased or rented lists are suspect with recipients is that legitimate email delivery is either personal or opt-in. If recipients have not signed up for the email in question they will not likely be excited to receive it. These unhappy recipients can (and often will) report your email as spam and you could be blocked from being able to send future emails – not just to the recipient who reported you, but also to any others that may be using the email service provider (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, etc.). The value of email marketing is well noted and it can be tempting to take shortcuts from which to glean potential customers. In the end you may be gambling with your potential to send email to customers in the future if hostile recipients view your company email as spam. Email Marketing Mistakes Many business owners who opt to try email marketing make the mistake of believing any type of email marketing is beneficial. This is simply not true; there are a number of mistakes business owners can make when they organize an email marketing campaign. Examples of these types of mistakes may include allowing promotional materials to be tagged as spam, not following up with promotional emails, not being prepared for an influx of customers after an email marketing effort and not marketing specifically to the target audience.

9. We will begin our discussion on email marketing mistakes with spam. Spam is a problem which is reaching endemic proportions. Each day Internet users are bombarded with spam from around the world. This may include a host of unsolicited emails which are promoting products or services the recipients may or may not be interested in purchasing. A critical mistake business owners can make in email marketing is to issue emails which are likely to be construed to be spam. This may result in the emails never reaching the recipient or the emails being deleted, without being read, by the recipient. Avoiding the potential of falling into the spam category is not very difficult. It basically involves ensuring your promotional emails contain more useful copy than blatant advertising. This will make it more likely for your emails to be taken seriously. Another email marketing mistake often made is failure to follow up on promotional emails. Sending out emails to interested parties can be very beneficial but it is even more beneficial to contact these email recipients by other methods such as mail or telephone to answer any questions they may have and offer any additional information they may require. This type of follow up can be much more effective than simply sending an email and allowing it to fall into the abyss of an overcrowded email inbox. Business owners may also run into the mistake of not preparing themselves for an influx of customers after an email marketing effort. The express purpose of email marketing is to generate increased interest in your products or services. Therefore it is critical for business owners to anticipate an increase in business and be prepared to accommodate this increased demand for products and services. This is important because potential customers who have to wait for products or services may seek out your competitors who are better prepared to provide them with products or services immediately. Finally a critical mistake made by business owners is to not tailor an email marketing campaign to their specific target audience. This can be a problem because it may result in the email marketing being less effective. Business owners typically make this mistake because they fall into the trap of believing that it is more important to reach a large audience than it is to reach a target audience. You may blindly send your email marketing materials to millions of recipients and only generate a few leads. However, you could send the same email marketing materials to a smaller group of only a thousand recipients who all have an interest in your products and services and will likely generate more leads from this smaller email distribution list. It is not only important to send your message to members of your target audience but to also tailor your message to suit this audience. Creating an email message which will appeal to a variety of individuals is not as important as creating a message which will appeal to members of your target audience. You will need an autoresponder system to market with email We recommend for sending your email.

10. Email Marketing – It’s All About The Content Did you know you could combine email marketing, list building and podcasting? This process allows you to work your marketing strategy on three separate fronts. I have always been an advocate of powerful content for your email marketing. The difficulty is attempting to blend quality content with the potential for interactive features. In most cases the more bells and whistles you have in your email the greater the possibility it will be rejected as spam or because the filtering system believes it may have a virus. It’s at this point that you develop, within the framework of your website, pages dedicated to additional information. The practical application of a direct website link is driving traffic to your website while seeing which topics receive the most visits. This information can be used to develop popular subject matter for future editions of your email. You can also develop a podcast with information that can be accessed through your email marketing. This information should be targeted toward existing email recipients, but it also serves a secondary purpose. You can take an excerpt from the audio file you’ve created and make it available on your website and other applicable third-party sites. This is where list building comes in. Visitors can freely access the excerpted portion of your podcast, but will need to sign up (free) to gain access to the rest of the podcast. The expense of developing a podcast is minimal and may be a powerful tool in your email marketing campaign. There is a growing power in trusted links within your email campaign. This process allows further exploration by those most interested without weighing your email marketing campaign down with what might be perceived as information overload. Make sure you stay on target and give your email recipient list a reason to come back. Think about it, there are millions of email marketing campaigns that are being sent. Information consumers are becoming more particular about what they want and will accept. Do not insult your recipient list with something either simply thrown together or something that is off target. It could become very easy to treat your email campaign a bit like you would a blog, but you need to realize the expectations are different for individuals that use and enjoy both mediums. Stay disciplined in your approach to email marketing, give more than is expected and find ways to use that information to bring more potential customers on board.

11. Email Marketing – The Timing And The Relevance If you look hard enough you will find research on almost any given topic. For instance, were you aware that there are certain times when sending email marketing is probably a bad idea? There are also times when sending marketing emails makes perfect sense. Monday and Friday – These two days are not as useful to email marketing as other days of the workweek. The primary reason is Monday is generally a time to get back into the swing of work, while Friday is a time to gear down. Your email is likely to be lost in the shuffle. Since most email marketing can be sent out on command this is something to consider when developing an email marketing campaign. Saturday and Sunday – The weekend is generally throwaway days for email marketing for much the same reason as Monday and Friday. If someone is in the office on the weekend, the last thing they are interested in is marketing emails. If your email comes in over the weekend chances are pretty good your email marketing campaign will be subject to a readily used email purge without serious consideration. It should be noted that you might find some receptivity to email marketing campaigns that are sent out to individual consumers late in the workweek or even early in the weekend. This is the primary difference between business-to- business email marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. Tuesday through Thursday – These are the three days when all email marketing seems to have the greatest impact. Employees and business owners are fully entrenched in their workweek and the result is their minds may be better geared toward business decisions or consumer purchases. Interestingly if you can send your emails out around either 9 am or 1 pm, response seems to be better than if you wait for either lunch or the end of the workday. Essentially what we are seeing is if you can approach consumers and business contacts during the ‘trench’ part of the workweek, when their minds aren’t focused on either closing time or lunch you may stand a better chance at affecting a site visit and potential sale. You may even find fewer opt-out requests when you work within this simple time frame for email marketing. Remember, no one likes junk mail and they don’t like emails that are thought of in terms of spam. Make sure your content is relevant to the topic the individual signed up for, make sure you can provide information or price reductions

12. on products the customer may be interested in or has purchased in the past. Relevancy and timing are keys to acceptability in all email-marketing campaigns. Email Marketing Campaign Software Is Mind Blowing Your email marketing campaign should be precisely targeted to bring forth the maximum profits and rewards to you. Of course you will want your email marketing campaign to be successful. Email marketing software is fantastic, but it can really only streamline your business processes and attract some new clients. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with other aspects of how to maximize the rest of your marketing campaign. The very first thing that you must do is set some specifice measurable goals; both short term and long term. For example: * Number of subscribers (short term) to your mailing list (e.g. 100) * Set date to reach 100 subscribers (e.g. 15 days or perhaps 30 days) * Number of subscribers (long term) to your mailing list (e.g. 5000, 10,000 etc.) * Set date to reach 5000 subscribers to your mailing list (e.g. 6 months, 12 months etc) You should also develop certain tactics and strategies that will help you realize these goals. For example: * Targeted Article Marketing to drive trafic to your sign up page * Provide targeted report, ebook, video, DVD, CD or other free material for enticement to sign up * On line and off line advertising Although the above examples are just a few ideas, they should trigger your "brainstorming tool" into coming up with additional goals, tatics and strategies. To help you do this and get a better handle on your email marketing campaign, you need to understand certain terms and and functioning; of email marketing campaign software Non responders are people that you target to your website but they don't buy. It is your job to turn them into paying and repeat clients. First, make sure that everyone is receiving your emails and then begin to phase out any that have no potential. Always confirm and then re-confirm email addresses. You should come up with a system for reconfirming your regular subscribers email addresses over time so you don’t lose anyone. Automated processes can be a life saver indeed. To optimize your email marketing software efforts you should use these automated services for such things as subscriptions, unsubscribe, monthly or weekly newsletters and more.

13. When you are looking for your email software in order to launch your campaign, look for one that is easy to manage. If a customer asks to subscribe or unsubscribe from your list, this should be automated and as quick and easy as possible. You need to be able to add messages to your marketing campaign quickly and easily. You need to be able to change the order that the messages are sent out if necessary. Designing your own message format is a good idea but it's always useful to have a pre-designed template to work with, if only for ideas. Make sure you don't use words in your emails that would result in your email being flagged as SPAM. Words such as free and porn will get your emails sent to the recipients junk mail folders. Replace those words with words that mean the same or change the spelling so that they look the same when reading them. Examine your email marketing campaign; be sure that all aspects of your business are in sync with your email campaign. Is customer service ready to answer questions? Do sales have the inventory to meet your customer’s needs? There’s no point in sending out an email boasting about a new product if people can’t order it or get any questions answered. Just be sure that all systems are in place before you send out that email. Otherwise, your attempts at furthering your reputation and profits; will likely be futile. Email marketing can be a viable and effective way to connect with existing and potential customers, as long as you respect people’s time and privacy. People lead busy lives and as much as they may want your information, you have to be precise with the quantity. Your email marketing campaign can signal the beginning of a long period of online profitability; when you do things right. Email Marketing Campaign Software Popular Terms Defined If you’re new to utilizing email marketing campaign software, you may be a bit confused as to what all those terms mean. Top Ten Reviews Magazine recently published a list of email marketing campaign software definitions that may help you on your way to launching a successful email marketing campaign. Below you will find an excerpt from that list of definitions. This may only be a drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll learn during your email marketing campaign, but they will provide you with a great start: Feature Set We ranked the software according to the number of practical features that will help you create and send professional and effective bulk emails. Installation/Setup Email marketing software, like any software, should be easy to install and setup, should come with clear installation directions and not cause errors on your computer.

14. Ease of Use We considered how easy the software is to navigate and use to perform the basic functions. A computer novice should feel confident in using the program to send marketing emails. Email Creation This criterion ranks the software according to how easy it is to create an email. Reporting We considered the number of valuable reports like email delivery and unsubscribe lists, that the software produces. Standard/Regular The number of emails the standard software will allow you to send at one time. Professional/Enterprise The number of emails you can send at one time if you buy the professional/enterprise version of the software (if available). Direct Send Mode You can use your Domain Name Server instead of your SMTP server to send your emails. Multi-Threaded Multi-Processor Engine A system used to speed up your emails so your SMTP server won't get bogged down because of the large number of emails you're trying to send. Auto. Detect Settings The email marketing program will automatically detect a built-in SMTP server and adjust the settings accordingly, so you can get the software setup with as little hassle as possible. Email Setup Wizard/Tutorial The product includes a wizard that will help you setup the program with the SMTP/DNS server. Supports Unicode Characters You can use Unicode and international characters in the marketing email. Message Encoding You can use message encodings in the marketing email. Supports Images You can add images to your email campaigns to create attractive visuals in your message. Supports Background Images

15. You can import an image into your email and add text over it to create a stylish and impressive email. Import HTML Pages You can import a pre-made webpage or HTML email into the program and send it as an email blast. View Email in Browser (Before Send) After you create your HTML email, you can view it in an Internet browser so you can see exactly what the email will look like. Add Unsubscribe Link You are able to add an unsubscribe link to your email by adding a quick button or by hard coding the link into your email. ==>Take Action Now And Get More Tips Click The Link Below Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today ... FREE LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training. Got Leads? FREE LIVE on going weekly lead-gen training from the best marketers in the world: FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter,Blogging,PPC ... == > Bless And Be Blessed Alonzo Williams 910-632-0224 MLSP Team Player ***Please Like, Comment And Share***

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