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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: LiveWorldInc

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This workshop teaches how to develop "purposeful engagement" - story-based marketing that mashes up content marketing & data analytics to design social content for the results you have in mind.

Begin  at  the  End:  Content   Planning  for  Insights   @Mark  Williams  &  @DoricePiraino1   #BeginAtEnd  

Mee;ng  Overview   ●  Making  Social  Media  Fun  by  helping  Prove  &  Improve  Process  &  Strategy   Objec>ves   ●  Act  as  change  agents  &  encourage  you  to  ask  ques>ons   ●  Help  you  communicate  to  the  management  team  in  languages  they   understand   Outcomes   ●  Real  word  2013  insights  &  observa>ons  on  Facebook   ●  DraC  plans  for  successful  marke>ng  implementa>on   ●  Idea  lists   Process   Roles:   Everyone   Par>cipates     ●  Presenta>on   ●  Interac>ve  discussion/brainstorm  exercises   ●  Mee>ng  Leader:    Mark  Williams;  Time  Keeper:    Dawn  Lacallade   ●  Presenters:    Mark  Williams  and  Dorice  Piraino   ●  Ideas  &  Perspec>ves:    Everyone  

About  @MarkWilliams   •  Crea;ve  Director,  Social  Strategy   &  Content  Programming     •  15  years  social  media   •  15  years  actor,  director,  producer   •  Backpacker  to  6  con;nents   •  facebook.com/mark.williams2   •  mark@liveworld.com     Client  history  includes:     •  KraN  Foods,  HBO,  MINI,  QVC,   Sprint,  TJX,  NBA,  and…   •  #1  retailer  in  the  world   •  #1  CPG   •  #1  Travel  &  Financial  Services   •  #1  and  #2  Pharmaceu;cal  

About  Dorice  Piraino   •  Analyst  for  the  Social  Strategy   &  Content  Programming  team   at  LiveWorld   •  Accidental  techy  turned  data   nerd   •  Degrees  in  English  &   programming   •  Camped  on  Maui  for  three   weeks   Ten  Years+  Analysis   Experience:   •  Walmart,  Oracle,  Chaps;ck,   Blue  Shield,  Pfizer,  EQ  Stables,   Cars.com,  Dealix,   AnewAmerica,  Jedi,   Renaissance  Center,  Women’s   Ini;a;ve,  and  more.     •  Main  contributor  for  ROI   calcula;ons  on  the  Social   Return  on  Investment  in  the   micro-­‐enterprise  industry  in   2005.  

    Why Are You Here?

Special  Offers!   •  1-­‐1  email  consul;ng  with  me  for  1  week   aNer  this  workshop.     •  We  will  have  follow-­‐up  free  webinar  1   month  from  now  –  email  for  an  invita;on  

Rules  of  Engagement   1.  This  is  YOUR  workshop  –  let  us  know  what  you  need     2.  Dawn  is  the  ;mekeeper.  The  ;mekeeper  rules.     3.  FriendNDA  –  please  don’t  tweet  bad  examples,  but  do  amplify   good  ones.     4.  Please  par;cipate  –  ask  ques;ons!     5.  #2  trumps  #4.  If  we  go  too  far  astray  on  ques;ons,  Dawn  will   pull  us  back  &  parking  lot  (remember  the  special  offers!)  


Me!  Me!  Me!  

Specious  Connec;ons  to  Current  Events  

Use  a  Cute  Crimer!  

Let’s  Play  A  Game!  

Crawl,  Walk,  Run  –  Pick  Your  Pace   •  Crawl  –  Beginning  social  media  programs   •  Walk  –    Intermediate   •  Run  –    Advanced    

Social  Content  Planning:  Crawl     •  What  program  ini;a;ve  are  we  suppor;ng?     •  How  are  we  going  to  support  it?   •  Who  do  we  deliver  reports  to?  

Crawl   Basic  Ac(vity  Metrics  or  Vanity  Metrics  

Social  Content  Planning:  Walk   •  Who  wants  in  the  content  calendar?     •  Where  do  we  get  all  the  content  we  need?     •  What  metrics  do  we  need  to  show  our  success?  

Walk   Around  Your  Business  Goal   Metrics  Aligned  

Social  Content  Planning:  Run   •  How  do  I  juggle  compe;;on  for  space  in  the   content  calendar?   •  Which  content  is  highest  performing?   •  What  is  my  ROI?  

Run   you  on  your  performance.   Metrics  informing  

Marke;ng  ROI   ●  Acquisition: $1–$100/head ●  Loyalty & Engagement: Reducing customer churn by 5% can increase profits by 25% (Leading on the Edge of Chaos, 2012 ) ●  Brand Awareness: On average, social customers tell 42 people about a good customer experience (American Express, 2012 ) ●  Purchase §  Community participants spend 54% more (HBR, 2008) §  Visitors to branded community site 2x more likely to buy (vs. page on destination social network (Momentum, 2007) ●  Word of Mouth Impact on Sales (Cisco, 2009) §  1% increase in good word of mouth = $16M extra sales §  1% reduction in bad word of mouth = $49M extra sales ●  Support: 5x-10x more cost effective vs. phone

Social  Media  Enlightenment   •  Why  Will  People  Par;cipate  With  Your  Story?     •  What  Value  Do  You  Provide?   •  How  Do  Your  Customers  Provide  Value  For  You?   •  What  do  you  LEARN  from  your  customers?  

The  ONE  Thing  Dorice  Wants  You  To  Remember                    Analyze  to       prove  or    improve  

One  Thing  Mark  Wants  You  To  Remember     Engage  with  a  purpose  

Data  Analysis  Process:  Measuring  Connec(on  &  Rela(onships,   Not  Ac>vi>es  

A  Short  Case  Study  

SENTIMENT   TOPIC   Posi;ve   Posi;ve   Nega;ve   On  Topic   Off  Topic   On  Topic   ?   ?   ?   Nega;ve   Off  Topic   ?  

How  is  my  audience  reac>ng?   Who  am  I  reaching?   Do  they  follow  my  lead?   Who  is  talking  with  me?  

Nega;ve  Feedback  Ac;ons   User  Generated  Content   Sen;ment  Balance   Rejec;on  Reasons   Posi;ve   Nega;ve  

Know  Your  Audience:  Assess  the  Dialogue       Frequency  &  Dura>on     •  How  OFTEN  are  fans  dialoguing?   •  How  LONG  are  they  interac;ng?   •  Can  fans  be  re-­‐engaged  aNer  they  fall  off  the  radar?   Response  cadence:           •  How  QUICKLY  do  they  interact  with  me?       •  Is  there  a  PATTERN  to  their  ac;vity  behavior?   32   32  

Run   Industry 1.1357 932 Std. Deviation .66363 Personal Care / Cosmetics 1.0945 4471 .17560 OTC/Pharma 1.1124 2608 .27710 Household The  number  of  TIMES  each   unique  individual  interacts  with   the  brand  has  dipped  from  2013.   Stories/PTAT   N Financial 1.1165 8883 .18743 Retail 1.2443 930 .26242 Animal Health Interac>on  Per  Author   Mean 1.1992 945 .37186 Total 1.1221 18769 .26097 1.20   1.18   1.16   1.14   1.12   1.10   1.08   1.06   Aug   Oct   Dec   Feb   Apr   June   Aug   Oct   Dec   Feb   Apr   June   Aug   Oct   Jan   11   11   11   12   12   12   12   12   12   13   12   13   13   13   14  

# Fans Insight Exercise: Conclusion #1   1   75%  of  fans  talk  for  the  day  of   the  post  and  don’t  comment   thereaNer.       14%  talk  two  ;mes     5%  are  brand  influencers     1  Time          2  Times              3  Times          4  Times                  5  Times                    6  Times   Participation Frequency

Insight Exercise: Conclusion #2   # Fans On  average,  85%  comment  one  day.       Of  the  15%  who  are  ac;vely  talking,   they  are  your  main  audience.     1   1  Day                        2-­‐50  Days                        50-­‐100  Days                      100-­‐200  Days   Participation Duration

What’s  Going  On?   75%  of  fans  talk  one  ;me.   85%  comment  only  one  day.      

Building  loyalty  &  a  brand  defense  with  your  influencers:     First  step-­‐  Know  who  they  are!     •  1%  of  these  fans  create  5%  of  my  Facebook  user  content   •  33%  are  posi;ve  and  42%  are  nega;ve.   •  60%  remain  on  topic.   •  The  average  life  cycle  of  this  fan  is  2  weeks.   •  They  contribute  an  average  of  24  posts.  

Encouraging  Loyalty  Through  Connec>on:     What  are  their  behavior  paeerns?   Angela   Consider  reaching  out   strategies  when  your   advocate  falls  off  the  radar.   User  Content   Music   Grocery   Children   Brand   Reputa;on   Pets   Total  Tagged   Content   Total   Category   2329   190   74   64     26%   10%   9%   327   88   44%   12%   743    

Insights  should  be  ac;onable.  

 Social  Content   Rules  

Why  Do  People  Par>cipate  In  Social  Networks?   •  To  Express  Themselves   •  To  Connect  With  or  Make  Friends   •  To  Gain  Aeen>on  or  Status   •  To  Get  Informa>on  

Why  People  Become  Fans  of  Brands   Source:  Syncapse  

Why    Brands  Par;cipate  in  Social   We  want  you  to  do  something  for  us.   •  •  •  •  •  Product  announcements   Sales/special  events   Customer  Service   Branding   We’re  supposed  to  

See  The  Disconnect?   Why  People  Par>cipate   Why  Brands  Par>cipate   •  Express  Themselves   •  We’re  Supposed  To   •  Connect/Make  Friends     •  Gain  Status  or  Amen;on     •  Get  Informa;on   •  Branding   •  Incen;ves   •  Sales  &  Special  Events   •  Customer  Service   •  Product  Announcement  

A  Virtuous  Content  Cycle   •   Give  something  of  value  to  the  audience   •  Ask  for  something  trivial  in  return   •  Give  something  of  value  to  the  audience   •  Ask  for  something  trivial  in  return   •  Give  something  of  value  to  the  audience.   •  No;ce  the  pamern  –  GIVE.  

The  ONE  Key  to  Your  Social  Success   Social  is  about  ME   (and  how  I  see  myself)   It’s  not  about  YOU   (the  brand)  

What  to  Give  in  Social   Entertain.  Inspire.  Inform.   hmp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw   47   47  

What  Do  You  Want  in  YOUR  Newsfeed?  

          Move  from  Messaging  to  Story-­‐based  social  marke;ng  

Two  Ridiculously  Easy  Ways     To  Improve    Your  Brand  Story  NOW   •  Change  Your  Focus:  It’s  About  The  Customer,  Not  You     •  Post  Stories,  not  messages.  

A  Really  Short  Guide  to  Storytelling   •  •  •  •  •  Hero  –  customer  (who  is  transformed)   Goal  –  what  transforma;on  do  they  seek?   Obstacle  –  what  keeps  them  from  gewng  it   Mentor  –  the  brand,  guides  the  hero   Moral  –  let  the  customer  know  what  they  got  

Products  As  Stories  

Story  or  Not  a  Story?  

Story  or  Not  a  Story?  

The  ONE  THING  To  Remember   The  customer  is  the  hero  of  your  story  


Fans  Love  To  Give  Opinions     –  Even  when  they’re  not  prompted!   1%   1%   1%   1%   1%   1%   37%   17%   40%  

Market  Learning   Social  Marke>ng   ●  Understand  what   consumers  think  and   what  ac>ons  to  take   ●  Drives  product  marke>ng     and  development   Customer  Support   Sales  &  Marke>ng     ●  Cost  effec>ve  marke>ng   ●  Increased  sales  via  word  of  mouth   ●  Loyalty  &  rela>onship  marke>ng   Service  &  Support   ●  More  customer  sa>sfac>on   ●  Lower  support  costs  

Content  Planning  Tip:  An>cipate  the  dialogue   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  59   What  type  of  dialogue  do  I  expect?     What’s  the  topic  of  the  conversa;on?   How  would  I  expect  a  fan  to  respond?   How  should  I  respond?   Do  my  moderators  have  all  of  the        informa;on  they  need  to  respond  in  a      ;mely,  accurate  manner?        


Content  Planning  Tip:  Mul;ple  choice   Why it works: Multiple choice takes less brain work, encourages more response, and gives a chance to educate Why it is challenging: How do you get at the answers? 61  

Content  Planning  Tip:  Ask  directed,  focused  ques;ons     62  

All  Ques>ons  are  NOT  created  equal! Crea;ng  varying  amounts  of                   space  for  an  answer:     •  Yes/No:    quick  responses.     •  Fixed  answer:    Limited  choice  list.     •  Open-­‐ended:    Creates  space      The  manner  of  the  ques9on  is  cri9cal   Be  careful  asking  ‘Why’.    In  most  cases,  this  ques;on  can  be  reworded.    

We  call  this…   Engage  With  A  Purpose  


Status  Update  #1   He  thinks  it's  ;me  to  let  go  of  the  past.  She  thinks  this   works  just  fine.  Who  do  you  think  is  going  to  win  this  one?  

Status  Update  #2   Grilling  isn't  just  for  summer,  or  for  burgers  and  hot   dogs.  Here  are  a  few  of  our  favorite  grilling  recipes   for  fine  dining.  hmp://someurl.com   Go  ahead  and  brag  a  limle  -­‐  what's  the  best  thing   you  make  on  a  grill?  

Status  Update  #3   VS.   She  thinks  a  pink  grill  is  just  the  thing.  He  wants  stainless.  We're   giving  away  a  $50  off  coupon  at  hmp://someurl.com.  If  you  could   have  any  color  in  a  BBQ,  what  would  you  choose?  

Status  Update  #4   Who  grills  in  the  winter?   Send  us  a  photo  of  you   grilling  in  the  winter  and   we'll  pin  you  to  our   Pinterest  page!  hmp:// somepinteresturl.com       What  do  you  think  -­‐  is   this  crazy  or  what?  

Status  Update  #5   60,000  BTU's,  5  burners  and  a  cast-­‐iron  griddle…and  a  limle   something  for  her  too.  Get  the  full  story  here:    hmp://someurl.com   Best  of  all  -­‐  get  a  $55  off  coupon  here!  


Insights  Process   1. Define   2. Strategize   3. Analyze   4. Inves;gate   5. Conclude   6. Ac;on  

Define:  What  do  you  want  to  know?   Marke;ng   Efforts     Sites   Business   Insights   About  my   Brand   PR  Insights   Hot   Topics  / Crisis   Brand   Advocates   Content   Success   About   Support   About   Products   Execu;ve   Branding   Compe;;ve     Insights   Marke;ng   Efforts   Campaign   Success  Levels   Topics   Interests   Advocacy   of   Level   Social  Insights   Interest   Engagement   Details   Who  am  I   Influencers   Sites   Reaching   Strategies   A/B  tes;ng  &   Refinement   Interests   Advocac y  level   Cultural   Insights   Improvements   and  Ideas   Employee   Concerns   Topics   of   Interest  

Strategize:  Go  in  with  a  plan.   Does  the  data  show  a   decrease  in  organic  reach?   Is  engagement   declining  too?   Are  we  seeing  similar   decrease  on  other  pages?   Are  we  losing  fans?   Has  the  content  itself   changed?  (Subjects  or   success  levels)   Is  Organic   Reach   really   declining?   What  are  the     seasonal  trends?   Does  paid  adver;sing   figure  into  this  change?   Has  the  content  mix,   media  type,  frequency   or  ;ming  changed?   74  

Don’t  go  into  your  data  blind.   Be  prepared  with  the   ques;ons  you  want  to   answer  or  assump;on   that  you  have.   Realize  social  media   data  is  like  a  puzzle.            If  you  go  into  the          data  blind,  you  may              end  up  frustrated.  

Why  do  these  observa;ons  mamer?     “So  What?  Why  should  I  care?”   Inves;ga;ons  oNen  reveal  a  series  of  observa;ons   that  can  move  you  in  many  different  direc;ons.    It’s  how  these  observa;ons  ;e  together  that   reveals  the  story.   Ac>onable  insights  involve  taking  observa;ons  from   your  data  and  making  sugges;ons  based  on  a  series   of  rela;onships  between  the  data  points.    

Content  Value   Content  Value:        What  value  did  these   ac;ons  have  to  the  brand?    A  weighted   score  that  combines  several  metrics  to   measure  the  posi9ve  effect  for  the  brand   rela;ve  to  a  piece  of  content     Engagement  Success   Ripple  Effect   Engagement  Success          How  many  people   did  you  engage  with  a  piece  of  content.    A   weighted  score  that  combines  several   metrics  to  measure  how  successful  the   content  is  at  engaging  fans.     Ripple  Effect:                                  How  far  did  it   ripple  beyond  them?    How  many  people   did  they  bring  into  the  discussion?    How   many  addi;onal  people  were  reached  for   each  person  who  engaged  with  a  piece  of   content?  

                      Content  Value    Content  Value    Likes        Shares        Comments      Video        Unlike  Page    Hide  All  Posts    Hide  Post      Link        Report  Spam    X  Bumon                           Engagement  Success    Points    2    20      5      2      -­‐250      -­‐200      -­‐2      2      -­‐20      -­‐2     Engagement  Success        Points   Other  Clicks          0.5-­‐1   Photo  Clicks          0.5  -­‐1     Ripple  Effect   Engagement  Ra;o:   Engaged  Users/Total  Reach     Ripple  Effect:   Total  Reach/Engaged  Users   LiveWorldScoringAlgorithm.xlsx  is  available  under  slide  share.  

Lightning  Round  –  Bring  Us  Your  Ques;ons!!   If  you  would  like  an  invite  to  the  webinar-­‐   tweet  us  at  @Liveworld    or  #BeginAtEnd  or   FB/liveworld  

Thank  you  for  coming!!     Remember  to  put  the  slide  share  URL  here   Mark  Williams   @MarkWilliams   mark@liveworld.com   Dorice  Piraino   @DoricePiraino1   dorice@liveworld.com  

“The  boDom  line  is  that  your  Page  strategy  should  s9ll  stay  the  same:   produce  high  quality  content  and  op9mize  for  engagement  and   reach.”  –  Facebook  for  Business  Blog   Case  Study:     Facebook’s  organic  reach  decreasing   83  

First:  Define  the  Business  Context  you  will   be  Evalua;ng   Business  Problem:       General perception is that Facebook’s algorithm change means a 60% decline in Organic Reach.   Is that the case? Business  Decision:       How much does this change our Facebook spend?

What  should  we  consider  to  determine  if  the   Organic  Reach  is  declining?  

Approach  Map   Does  the  data  show  a   decrease  in  organic  reach?   Is  engagement   declining  too?   Are  we  seeing  similar   decrease  on  other  pages?   Are  we  losing  fans?   Has  the  content  itself   changed?  (Subjects  or   success  levels)   Is  Organic   Reach   really   declining?   What  are  the     seasonal  trends?   Does  paid  adver;sing   figure  into  this  change?   Has  the  content  mix,   media  type,  frequency   or  ;ming  changed?   86  

Does  the  data  show  a  decrease  in   organic  reach?     1.  2.  3.  1.  2.  Approach   Don’t  assume  the  hypothesis  is  right.    Test  it.       Compare  this  to  last  month,  6  Mos.  Average  and  YOY.     Compare  it  to  as  much  historic  data  as  you  have  to  see  seasonal  trends.         Displaying  Results   Display  data  in  colors  with  trend  arrows  to  non-­‐data  folks  for  easier   diges;on  and  presenta;on.       Less  is  some;mes  more  

Does  the  data  show  a  decrease  in   organic  reach?     Data   Reach  is  down  -­‐75%        in  January.   Reach  declines  historically  each  January:        -­‐49%        from  Dec11  to  Jan12          -­‐26%      from  Dec12  to  Jan13     Answer   •  Yes  there  has  been  a  decrease.   •  Is  this  a  seasonal  decrease.    Is  there  more  to  it?  

Does  the  data  show  a  decrease  in   engagement  too?     Data   Engagement  is  down  -­‐73%  in  January   but  only  37%  in  February  with  a  136%   increase  from  January  to  February.   Engagement  declines  historically  each   January:        -­‐81%            from  Dec11  to  Jan12          -­‐45%          from  Dec12  to  Jan13     Answer   •  Yes  there  has  been  a  decrease  in  engagement.   •  What  happened  in  October?    

   New  Ques>on:  Why  is  engagement  so  low  in  October  but  organic   reach  so  high?     What  does  the  data  show?   Are  more  non-­‐  fans   engaging?   What  was  happening  in   the  world?   What   happened   in   October?   Were  there  fewer  new  fan   adds?   Did  something  go  viral?  Did   shares  increase?   Has  the  content  itself   changed?     Does  paid  adver;sing   figure  into  this  change?   Has  the  content  mix  or   media  type  changed?     Answer   •  Engagement  and  reach  drops  significantly  in  October  because:   •  Significant  reduc;on  in  paid  campaigns  à  in  Decrease  in  the  #  of  new  fans   •  Video  went  viral   •  Gamifica;on  post  

How  does  paid  adver>sing  figure       into  this  change?       Secondary  Ques>ons   Why  are  less  fans  engaging  on  paid  campaigns?   Are  paid  campaigns  targe;ng  more  non-­‐fans?   Is  paid  gewng  less  organic  reach?   Answer   •  Fans  are  seeing  your  content  less  frequently  for  paid  than  they  had  last  year.       •  Organic  LiN  last  year  was  on  average  25%  whereas  the  organic  liN  is  sta;c   since  December  –  held  at  7%.       •  This  means  fans  are  gewng  less  exposure  to  your  brand.  

Has  the  content  mix,  media  type,   frequency  or  >ming  changed?   Answer   •  Yes,  content  changed.   •  Dis;nct  increase  in  the  product  posts.   Decrease  in  use  of  photographs.   •  Increase  in  use  of  videos.   3%   53%  

Are  we  losing  fans?   Approach   •  Compared  fan  loss  by  MoM,  YoY,   by  type  and  by  demographic   group.   Answer   •  Some  change  in  fan  loss  by   various  demographic  groups,  but   overall  fans  were  steady.   Are  we  seeing  similar                 decrease  in  other  pages?   Approach   •  Looked  at  similar  research  for   mul;ple  pages  ranging  in  size,   target  audience,  business   category,  etc.     Answer   •  The  data  was  widely  varied  by   page  in  part  based  on  target   audience,  size  and  other  factors   during  the  ;me  window.   •  Saw  decrease  between  10%-­‐40%  

Gathering  Answers   Consistent  decreases   across  the  board,  but  large   range  (10-­‐40%)   Everyone   Else?   Not  a  factor   Fans?   Content   Subjects   Yes,  content  changes  to   lower  reach  content  types   and  subjects.   Yes,  60%  decrease   in  Reach  for  this   client.   Yes,  but  at  a  far   smaller  rate  (20%)   Decrease?   Engagement?   Is  Organic   Reach   really   declining?   August/Oct/Nov   Seasonal?   highs  with  January   lows   Paid?   Content  Mix   Yes,  but  significantly   smaller  “wake”   So  what  is  the  conclusion?   94  

Thank  you  for  coming!!     Remember  to  put  the  slide  share  URL  here   Mark  Williams   @MarkWilliams   mark@liveworld.com   Dorice  Piraino   @DoricePiraino1   dorice@liveworld.com  

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