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Published on April 12, 2008

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SETTING UP A SALES/RECRUITING PRESENTATION:  SETTING UP A SALES/RECRUITING PRESENTATION By: Scott S. McLean TAZ Tenacious Audacious Zealous Slide2:  John and Mary thank you for allowing me to visit with you tonight. I will be talking to you about three things tonight. Slide3:  First the credibility of our company we feel it is important that you feel completely comfortable that we are a solid and significant company. The reason is you may consider doing business with us and possibly giving us referrals. So we believe our credibility would be important to you, wouldn’t it? By the way, do you both plan on retiring from your present company? WAIT FOR ANSWER Slide4:  (90% of the time they will answer no. If the answer is no you then ask.) John and Mary what is your plan to change careers? Again ninety percent of the time they won’t have a plan. YOUR RESPONSE- Since you don’t have a plan and definitely don’t intend to stay with your current career would you be interested in an opportunity that has the potential to significantly increase your income, where you could be your own boss control your own time and have an equity stake in a ownership position? WAIT FOR ANSWER 90% plus will say yes. Slide5:  John and Mary would you be curious to find out how you might do that with Primerica? (They will say yes.) Then that will be the last thing we discuss tonight. Slide6:  The second thing I will go over is what we actually do for our clients. This to me is the most important thing we do and the primary reason I am so proud of being involved with Primerica. Slide7:  We feel it is important that you feel very good about what we do for our clients so if you decide to become a client, give us referrals or become involved in our business opportunity you will feel very comfortable doing any or all of those things. Slide8:  The last thing I will cover is our business opportunity I am confident you will be as impressed and as enthusiastic as I was. Slide9:  If you teach your team to set up every appointment this way you can be sure that every prospect will get a recruiting interview, referrals will be asked for and business will get written. To get maximum results it is the trainer’s responsibility to teach the trainee how to do a commitment oriented closing presentation. You must have a clear understanding of why you are on the appointment and that is to; RECRUIT, GET REFFERALS AND CLOSE BUSINESS WHERE APPROPRIATE. Slide10:  The Financial Services Company Of The 21st Century Would you feel comfortable doing business or working with a company of this magnitude?. Disturbing Facts:Our Mission is to Help Families Become Debt Free and Financially IndependentFacts about Families Today . . . :  Disturbing Facts: Our Mission is to Help Families Become Debt Free and Financially Independent Facts about Families Today . . . At the current rate of wealth creation, by the year 2005, out of 100 workers at age 65: 1 - Will be wealthy (net worth of $5 million of more) 4 - Will be financially independent (net worth of $1 million to $4.9 million) 41 - Will be working 54 - Will be DEAD BROKE Which category will you want to be part of? Source: Smart Money, April 2001 Slide12:  Most People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan Do you have a written program to get out of debt and retire financially secure? Slide13:  How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Financial Advice? By Suzanne Woolley, Money Magazine September 2002 Issue Everyone's a financial adviser today--or claims to be--but qualifications and competence vary widely. Some are brokers accumulated years of experience as financial planners. The range of fees is just as wide. The most important thing to understand from the get-go is exactly how you'll be billed and what you'll get for your money. Here are some guidelines. ADVICE BY THE HOUR. If you're comfortable with your overall financial picture but are concerned about, say, which 529 college savings plan to choose, a planner can help you on an hourly basis. Fees run from about $75 to $300 an hour and a minimum number of hours may be required. FINANCIAL PLAN. If you want an in-depth assessment of your current and future needs in terms of asset allocation, insurance, taxes and so on, a comprehensive financial plan is the way to go. According to the Financial Planning Association, such plans run from $500 up into the thousands - as much as $10,000 for a wealthy client with complex planning needs. ONGOING MANAGEMENT. If your portfolio is in the six figures, countless independent advisory and brokerage firms are eager to manage it for a fee. In fact, odds are that the broker you visited years ago is now called a financial adviser; fee-based products made up more than 25% of brokers' gross earnings for 2001, up 30% from 2000, according to the Securities Industry Association. Fees on assets under management can range from half a percentage point to 2.5 percentage points; commissions for trading may or may not be included. The Financial Planning Association says a fee-only planner might charge 1% on a $200,000 portfolio, or a set fee of a couple thousand dollars based on the needs of the client. A $200,000 wrap account at American Express Financial Advisors, meanwhile, might be levied a 2% fee, or $4,000 (fees range from 1% to 3%; the larger the account, the lower the fee). If you're worried that your planner--whether a broker, accountant or insurance agent in a former life--will favor certain financial products that pay him or her a more generous commission, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisers ( has more than 750 fee-only members who are paid directly by their clients and accept no commissions. --SUZANNE WOOLLEY Slide14:  Personal Debt $20,000 @ $7503 Monthly Payment = $1,540 $.M.A.R.T. Solution This Frees up $685/month4 $470/mo. invested @ 10% for 15 years = $194,8005 $215/mo. added to principal of new loan House and all debt paid off in 15 years If this client continued to invest $1,540 each month until age 67 (17 more years), the total accumulated amount @ 10% would be: $1,885,355 Slide15:  Income Protection or Survivor Protection BEFORE PRIMERICA’S Financial Needs Analysis AFTER PRIMERICA’S Financial Needs Analysis Approximately 3 times more coverage for $36 less per month * Primary age 37 preferred Custom Protection 20. Spouse age 35 preferred Custom Protection 20. Child rider covers up to 10 children assuming they all qualify based on standard underwriting conditions. For information purposes only. Not for any product solicitation. Income Protection:  Income Protection The Magic Of Compound Interest:  The Magic Of Compound Interest $39 Per Mo. Invested For 30Yrs The hypothetical illustration demonstrates annual compounding at various rates and not the performance of any actual program. No allowances for taxes or inflation. Slide18:  How Money Works $10,000 Investment The of Rule 72 approximates the number of years it takes to double your money. Certificate of Deposit – vs - S&P 500 Stock Index Let’s track a $10,000 lump sum investment made by John & Mary on 5/31/85 Certificate of Deposit Total Value as of 3/31/03 $30,422 Average Annual Total Return 6.44% (Annual Compounding) S&P 500 Index Total Value as of 3/31/03 $70,491 Average Annual Total Return 11.57% (Annual Compounding) Past performance is not indicative of future results. Certificate of Deposit -1 year. All capital gains and dividends reinvested. $1.3 Million 3% interest 6% interest 12% interest $148,680 $286,370 Testimonials…:  Testimonials… Before FNA Home paid off in 30 years Interest on Home and debt $253,508 8 total payments Retirement age: 62 with a home mortgage and debt of $15,000 at retirement “Had no idea how 401k worked or how to choose investments” After FNA Home paid off in 15 years 6 months Interest after loan paid: $166,725 (will save $86,783 in interest) 1 single payment - $687 savings per month! Retirement age 61 with zero debt Reallocated investments to match their retirement objectives. * Dave joined PFS part time. Replaced his income and then went full time 1 year later. These are a few examples of what we do for our clients… Dave and Hope Testimonials…Referral from Dave & Hope:  Testimonials…Referral from Dave & Hope Before FNA Home paid off in 28 years Debts outside of home – 6 Interest owed - $453,000 Projected retirement savings $850,000 No college plan for kids “We had no formal plan to reach our education and retirement goals, essentially we were winging it” After FNA Home paid off in 13 years 9 months Debts outside of home – 2 Interest owed $195,026 (will save $258,000 in interest) Projected retirement savings:1.4 Million Established 2 tax free college plans “We received sound, valuable financial education and advice. We no longer worry about educating our children or out-living our retirement income. Our Primerica representative provides us with an annual complementary Financial Needs Analysis to ensure we stay on track.” Tom & Kristina Work with Referrals…:  Work with Referrals… How Do You Get Your Leads? Ideal Market: Married, Kids, Homeowner, Employed, 25+:  How Do You Get Your Leads? Ideal Market: Married, Kids, Homeowner, Employed, 25+ The list is how we begin the process of building your business. The goal is 10 names and numbers. Our promise is to never compromise your relationships in anyway. We will never ask anyone to do business, unless we can improve their current situation. Slide23:  Four Ways To Earn Income* EMPLOYEE Has a Job Income Based on Position Limited Hrs = Limited Income Limited Income = Limited Dreams BUSINESS Owns a System Has Others Working For Them Unlimited Hrs Per Week = Ulmt’d Inc Potential Franchise, Marketing, Etc. SELF EMPLOYED Owns a Job Income Based on The Person Doctor, Lawyer, Sales People Limited Hrs = Limited Income INVESTOR Has Money Working For Them Enjoys Complete Freedom & Lives The Dream If I could help you to become an investor more quickly would you join me in my business? Which two ways to earn income appeal to you most? P.F.S. Compensation Rates of return are nominal rates, compounded monthly. Contributions are assumed to be made at the beginning of the month. The Chart above is not indicative of any particular investment or savings vehicle. It does not take into consideration taxes or applicable deductions. *The Cash Flow Quadrant, Cash Flow Technologies, Inc; used with permission, The Cash flow Quadrant and ESBI are trademarks of Cash Flow Technologies, Inc. For information purposes only. Not for any product solicitation. The Key: Recruit & Develop People Slide24:  Initial fees associated with entering financial service industry New Jersey Life License - 4 yr license $369.00 State Certified School $240.00 Finger Printing $ 10.00 Background check $ 74.00 Total Investment $773.00 State examination fee $ 80.00 Slide25:  If you qualify, we fund the process for you. New Jersey Life License PFS State Bond Fee PFS Life Testing Fees PFS State Certification School PFS Background Check PFS Our investment in you! PFS INVESTS IN YOU! Certified Field Trainer PFS Slide26:  John Addison (President of P.F.S.) convinced Sandy Weill (CEO of Citigroup) to put up several million dollars of Venture Capital to help fund our expansion. Your Investment $199.00 background check - $ 40.00 Processing fee deducted if you don’t qualify PRIMERICA VENTURE CAPITAL FOR YOU! Slide27:  Complete our field training process and we reimburse you a minimum of $200.00. Your investment for a multimillion dollar business opportunity! $ 1.00 profit What logical reason would prevent you from joining our firm? WHAT’S THE RISK. . .ONLY TIME & ENERGY! Slide29:  No major investment You pay only $199 to start with Primerica and begin building your business. No overhead You don’t have to go out and rent your own office, buy fancy furniture, hire a secretary, etc. No franchise fee Because Primerica is not a franchise, there is no franchise fee. However, you can use the Primerica name and the Citigroup name at no cost. At Primerica, you have the opportunity to go into business for yourself, WITHOUT all the risks of doing it alone. We offer the most ideal conditions for fulfilling those dreams. Primerica: Where Dreams Come True Slide30:  Unlimited opportunity Primerica never restricts your market. You can expand your business into other states or internationally. No loss of security Because you start part-time, you don’t have to give up the security of your full-time job. Be your own boss At Primerica, you are in control of your success. Unlimited territory Primerica never restricts your market. You can expand your business into other states or internationally. Primerica: Where Dreams Come True Slide31:  Recognition There are plenty of opportunities to gain the recognition you deserve. Exciting Travel Compete for company sponsored trips to exotic locations such as Hawaii, Italy, Monte Carlo, Greece - the list goes on! And that’s not all! At Primerica, you’ll also benefit from: Are you ready to make your dreams come true? Primerica: Where Dreams Come True

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