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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: KonstantineBaybarza



BEFIGHTER Business Group offers comprehensive and bespoke sales, marketing and PR representation to Hotels and Hotel Chains, Tourism Boards, DMC operators to travel professionals in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Baltic countries.

Being a part of Befighter, that has been on a market for more than a fifteen years with a main focus on Executive Search for Financial Institutions, like banks, investment funds, investment companies, providing professional services to corporate clients with arranging their business travel, organizing events, incentive travel, meeting and conferences within Russia and abroad.

We offer ‘tailor made’ sales and marketing plan considering every need our partners have in order to achieve commercial goals.

Helping you to attain greater name presence and brand awareness, resulting in increased market share and revenues.

Our prime goal is to establish long-term business relationship with partners, assistance in achieving commercial goals, support through detailed sales and marketing and action plans.

We respect time and professionalism of our partners, their product uniqueness and market knowledge, we always remember about partner reputation they have gained on a market over the years.

Our aim is help clients to succeed and we believe impossible is nothing!

  COMPANY  PROFILE       BEFIGHTER  Business  Group    10  Nashokinskiy  lane,   119019,  Moscow,  Russia   Tel:    +7  495  221  5828   web:­‐   Email:  kbaybarza@bb-­‐  

Content     •  Company  ProKile   •  Representation   •  Sales  &  Marketing  /  PR   •  Requirements   •  Key  Advantages   •  Team   •  Success  Samples   •  Client  List    

Company  ProKile   Be:ighter   Business   Group   offers   comprehensive   and   bespoke   sales,   marketing   and   PR   representation   services  to  Hotels,  Tourism  Boards,  DMC  operators  and  travel  professionals  in  Russia  and  CIS  countries.       Being   a   part   of   Be:ighter,   that   has   been   on   a   market   for   more   than   a   Kifteen   years   with   a   main   focus   on   Executive   Search   for   Financial   Institutions,   like   banks,   investment   funds,   investment   companies,   providing   professional   services   to   corporate   clients   with   arranging   their   business   travel,   organizing   events,   incentive   travel,  meeting  and  conferences  within  Russia  and  abroad.     BeKighter   Business   Group   offers   ‘tailor   made’   sales   and   marketing   action   plan   considering   every   need   our   partners  have  in  order  to  achieve  commercial  goals.  Helping  you  to  attain  greater  name  presence  and  brand   awareness,  resulting  in  increased  market  share  and  revenues.       Our   strategy   is   to   work   in   partnership   with   a   small   number   of   non-­‐conKlicting   partners   to   provide   a   personalised  service  tailored  to  the  speciKic  needs  of  each  partner.     Driving   business   from   the   CIS   market   demands   an   experienced   and   respected   company   to   target   the   operators,  agents  and  afKiliate  organisations  to  promote  the  product.  The  presence  needs  to  be  consistent  and   sustained  to  keep  the  product  in  mind,  establish  relationships  and  deliver  consistent  growth.     BeKighter  Business  Group  has  the  contacts  in  place,  an  excellent  and  enthusiastic  team  out  on  the  road,  and   have  had  great  success  developing  business  for  hotels  and  ground  operators  in  the  CIS  market.       Our  aim  is  to  help  clients  to  succeed  and  we  believe  impossible  is  nothing!    

Representation   •  Management  of  all  trade  relationships     •  Development  and  negotiation  of  sales  mission     •  Road  Show  organization  and  arrangements     •  Organization  of  familiarization  trips     •  Destination  and  product  training  via  sale  calls   •  Representation  via  trades  and  industry  events     •  Event  organization   •  Advice  on  market,  tactical  opportunities  and  competitor  analysis    

Sales  &  Marketing/  PR   Sales  &  marketing   •  Marketing  action  plan  development   •  Brand  development  within  the  market   •  Initiation  and  development  of  marketing  campaigns   •  Research  and  development  of  new  niche  and  emerging  markets   •  IdentiKication  and  development  of  new  co-­‐partnerships  that  offer  brand  alignment   •  Identifying  and  utilizing  digital  technology  to  maximize  potential  to  the  client       PR   •  Generating  exceptional  PR  coverage  across  a  range  of  media     •  Strategic  planning  to  create  innovative  and  affective  PR  campaigns     •  Organizing  Press  trips     •  Providing  press  ofKice     •  Arranging  press  conferences  and  media  interviews     •  Securing  brand  ambassadors  and  including  celebrity  endorsement    

Requirements     our  key  objectives  for  representation  in  Russia  &  CIS  countries   •  To  maintain  and  develop  brand  position  in  the  market     •  To  ensure  that  key  USP’s  are  understood  in  this  markets     •  Make  introductions  and  have  regular  contact  with  all  relevant  Product  Managers  with  a  view  to  gaining   additional  space  in  existing  programmes,  and  to  be  featured  for  the  Kirst  time  in  new  programmes  -­‐  both  in   brochures  and  on  websites     •  To  track  operators’  contracting  periods  so  they  are  approached  at  the  best  time  of  year  for  gaining   exposure     •  To  work  with  airline  partners  to  leverage  opportunities  with  their  key  partners  and  promotional  activity     •  To  devise  tactical  solutions  for  maximising  sales  during  peak  booking  windows,  and  Killing  occupancy   during  the  more  challenging  low  season   •  To  work  with  the  group  series  operators  to  use  our  clients  products  for  their  tour  programmes     •  To  devise  relevant  and  cohesive  marketing  campaigns  in  conjunction  with  operator  partners  across  all   media  from  print  to  online     •  To  target  high-­‐end,  luxury  independent  agencies  and  home-­‐workers  to  market  to  their  databases     •  To  devise  speciKic  campaigns  for  each  market  segment,  including  honeymoons,  special  occasion  travel,   small  groups,  and  special  interest  etc.     •  To  conduct  competitor  analysis,  and  make  recommendations  with  regards  to  rates,  special  offers,  value-­‐ adds  and  tactical  campaigns     •  To  arrange  familiarisation  trips  for  appropriate  trade  partners     •  To  arrange  in-­‐market  events  for  the  target  trade  audience     •  To  manage  appointment  schedules  for  any  key  trade  shows     •  To  accompany  one  annual  in-­‐market  visit  from  the  DOSM  or  other  relevant  contact        

Key  Advantages   Our  people  -­‐  Our  team  have  all  worked  in  a  variety  of  roles  in  the  industry,  giving  us  an  unparalleled  knowledge   of   the   CIS   market   and   distribution.   More   than   10   years   experience   in   Hospitality   Industry.   Have   degree   in   Hospitality  management  and  graduated  in  European  countries.       Our  of:ices  -­‐  We  have  2  ofKices  in  Moscow  and  Kiev  that  give  us  an  opportunity  to  react  faster  on  market  needs.       Skills   and   planning   -­‐   We   have   the   skills   to   develop   relevant   and   dynamic   marketing   plans,   Kind   new   business   partners,   maintain   existing   relationships,   and   are   innovative   in   all   areas   of   activity   including   new   partnerships,   new   uses   of   technology   and   new   media.   We   have   strong   negotiation   skills,   and   produce   excellent   return   on   investment  for  our  clients.     Integrity  &  passion  –  We  operate  in  an  open  and  transparent  manner,  and  believe  that  our  reputation  rests  solely   upon   putting   our   client’s   interests   Kirst.   We   pass   on   all   negotiated   savings   and   media   commissions   directly   to   you,   as  well  as  negotiating  the  best  rates,  and  keeping  our  expenditure  low.  We  are  passionate  and  dedicated  to  our   role   in   the   travel   industry   and   our   in-­‐depth   market   knowledge   combined   with   our   strong   trade   relationships,   means  we  are  perfectly  positioned  to  develop  business  for  clients  looking  to  grow  in  the  CIS.     Contacts   -­‐   We   have   an   extensive   database   of   the   key   CIS   industry   contacts,   developed   over   the   last   ten   years,   and   maintained  constantly  to  ensure  it  is  up  to  date  and  accurate.  We  keep  in  close  contact  with  all  our  key  partners  to   ensure  we  are  aware  of  all  developments  and  opportunities  as  soon  as  they  arise.  We  are  large  enough  to  open   doors,  but  small  enough  to  guarantee  outstanding  service  and  return  on  investment.  

   Konstantine  Baybarza  –  General  Director/  Moscow  of:ice    Team     2011-­‐2012  Assistant  Director  of  Sales  at  Fairmont  Grand  Hotel  Kyiv  5*,  Ukraine     ü  Being  part  of  the  team  on  pre-­‐opening  stage,  organizing  site  inspections  with  Corporate  clients,     Travel  Agencies,  MICE  agencies  and  all  potential  business;   ü   Actively  involved  in  Sales  Action  plan  development;     ü   Stable  growth  of  hotel  occupancy  in  responsible  market  segment.   2010-­‐2010  Director  of  Sales  &  Marketing  at  Spa  Hotel  Grand-­‐Marine,  Odessa,  Ukraine     ü   Implementation  of  international  hotel  management  standards;     ü   Development  of  quarterly  and  six-­‐month  marketing  action  plan;     ü   Increasing  market  share  in  the  segment  of  "medical  tourism"  ;   ü   Stable  growth  of  hotel  occupancy  on  all  market  segments.   2008-­‐2010  Co-­‐owner,  Managing  Director  at  Sportmaks  Ltd.     ü   An  ofKicial  representative  of  two  Italian  sport  brands:  Diadora  S.p.A  and  Givova;   ü   Active  cooperation  with  the  Football  Maestro  -­‐  Ukrainian  football  club  of  singers  and  Kilm  actors.   In  the  period  from  January  2008  to  October  2010  held  a  joint  tour  concerts  in  cities  of  Ukraine   (     2005-­‐2008  Project  Manager  at  Tzar’s  Collection  Hotels&Resorts,  Odessa,  Ukraine   ü  Projects   implementation:   Hotels   (4*-­‐5*)   construction   and   reconstruction   with   rooms   total   of   500.   2005-­‐2005  Director  of  Sales  &  Marketing  at  Mozart  Hotel  4*,  Odessa,  Ukraine     ü   Implementation  of  international  hotel  management  standards;     ü   Increasing  market  share  in  the  segment  of  MICE  tourism  and  stable  growth  of  hotel  occupancy   on  all  market  segments.   2002-­‐2005  The  Dorchester  London  Hotel  5*,  London,  UK  

Team        Anna  Baybarza  –  Business  Development  Director  /  Moscow  Of:ice     2011-­‐2013  Fairmont  RafTles  Swissotel  GSA  at  Namen,  Director  of  Global  Accounts,  MICE  (Hotel  chain   worldwide)   ü  Developed,  implemented  and  controlled  annual  strategic  plan;   ü  Increase  in  the  number  of  room  nights  in  properties  for  up  to  50%  in  2012.   2009-­‐2013  Sun  Resorts  GSA  at  Namen,  Director  of  Sales  and  Marketing,  FIT  &  MICE  segments  (Hotel   chain  Maldives  and  Mauritius)   ü  Developed,   implemented   and   controlled   annual   marketing   budget   and   strategic   plan,   year-­‐to-­‐year  sales  growth;   ü  Established   and   leveraged   productive   relationships   with   key   contacts   across   the   travel   trade  (tour  operators,  travel  agencies,  airlines,  MICE);   ü  Generated  opportunities  for  joint  and  co-­‐operative  marketing;   ü  Increase  in  the  number  of  room  nights  in  properties  for  up  to  90%  in  2012.   2009-­‐2013  Director  of  Sales,  MICE  at  Namen  Hotel  Promotion  Group   ü   Improvement  and  implementation  of  Monthly  Report;   ü   Negotiation  with  potential  client  (Allied  PRA  has  been  signed);   ü   Implementation  of  new  clients.   2007-­‐2009  Incentive  and  group  travel  executive   ü     Reward  &  Recognition    for  making  2008  Employee  Appreciation  Month  in  Russia;   ü     Reward  &  Recognition  for  team  work;   ü     Reward  &  Recognition  for  support  to  Pepsi  Cola  Implant  OfKice  with  big  group  to  Sochi.    

Anna  Chornaia  -­‐  Head  of  Ukrainian  Representative     2013  Director  of  Sales  &  Marketing  at  ZABUGOR.COM  Luxury  Travel  Club   Team   Created  and  implemented  the  Leisure  and  MICE  standards  of  customer  service,  models  and   tools  (concierge  services,  loyalty  programs  etc);   ü  Took  part  in  creation  of  training  material  (Corporate  Book  of  Sales)  which  is  being  used  by   the  company  to  train  sales  managers;   ü  Successfully  conducted  marketing  and  promotional  campaigns,  cross-­‐promotional  campaigns   with  leaders  in  luxury  industry  (5*  Resorts,  Golf  Club,  leading  SPA  and  luxury  boutiques),  that   resulted   in   increased   sales,   and   help   promote   and   create   awareness   around   the   company's   brand  and  partners  brand.   2011-­‐2013  Head  of  Sales  Department  at  ZABUGOR.COM  Luxury  Travel  Club   ü  Building  and  developing  effective  sales  team,  year-­‐to-­‐year  sales  growth;   ü  Organized  several  international  conferences,  events,  incentive  and  business  trips  for  big  and   well  known  companies  in  CIS  in  2010-­‐2013  (for  groups  from  25  participants  and  up  to  180   participants);   ü  Successfully   conducted   marketing   and   promotional   campaigns   (sales   calls,   FAM   and   Press   trips,  special  events,  lottery  programs  etc).   2009-­‐2011  Senior  Sales  Manager  at  ZABUGOR.COM  Luxury  Travel  Club   ü  Twice  was  the  Best  Sales  Manager  of  unique  private  charters  to  Maldives  Islands  (in  2009   and  in  2010);   ü  Grow  sales  an  average  up  to  20%:  Australia,  Asia  and  Indian  Ocean  region,  Africa  region  (for   two  consecutive  years);   ü  Organized  few  Incentive  Trips  for  corporate  clients  and  several  Press  &  FAM  trips.   2005-­‐2008  Senior  sales  manager  and  Head  of  Sales  Department  at  SAGA  LLC   ü  Building   and   developing   effective   sales   team:   grow   sales   in   the   all   areas   of   department:   Asia   and  Indian  Ocean  region,  Africa  region  and  Australia  region;   ü  Organized  several  FAM  trips,  special  events  and  presentations  with  leading  hotels  and  DMCs   for  Ukrainian  Travel  Agencies  that  resulted  in  increased  sales.   ü 

Team   Anton  Chornyi-­‐  Head  of  Marketing  &  Advertising     at  Ukrainian  Representative  Of:ice     2013-­‐2014  Managing  Partner  at  The  TRAVELLERSS  Club,  Kiev,  Ukraine   ü  Development  of  all  research  and  creation  of  the  brand  identity;   ü  Successfully  launched  company's  Kirst  Website;   ü  Generated  compelling  and  creative  advertising  proposals;   ü  Making   of   blog   in   the   Russian-­‐language   Internet   and   regular   writing   posts   for   them   with   the   purpose  of  promotion  of  club's  services  and  the  luxury  hotel  brands;   ü  Content  development:  writing  texts  for  website,  making  unique  content,  copyrighting  and  text   optimization.   2013-­‐2014  Front  OfTice  Department  at  Intercontinental  Kiev   ü  Proper  handling  of  special  requests,  VIP'S  and  Guest  requirements;   ü  Implementation   and   Maintenance   of   daily   statistics   reports   for   the   purpose   of   yield   management;   ü  Reconciliation  of  Group  accounts  and  packages;   ü  Consistent  balancing  of  Department  Kloat;   ü  Achievement  of  Budgeted  Occupancy.   2012  -­‐  2013  Guest  Service  Representative  at  Radisson  Blu  Hotel  Kiev   ü  Having   wealth   of   knowledge   in   relating   to   hotel   products,   events   and   promotion,   playing   the   role  of  salesmanship  by  doing  my  effort  to  sell  the  hotel  at  each  customer  contact,  that  resulted   in  maximize  the  hotel  revenue;   ü  Helped  company  attain  the  highest  customer  service  ratings;   ü  Completed   customer   service   training   to   learn   ways   to   enhance   customer   satisfaction   and   improve  productivity;   ü  Reward-­‐  received  a  letter  of  appreciation  from  the  General  Manager  of  the  Radisson  Blu  hotel   Kiev  for  the  excellent  service.    

Team   Anton  Chornyi-­‐  Head  of  Marketing  &  Advertising    at  Ukrainian  Representative  Of:ice     2010-­‐2012  International  Travel  Manager  at  TA,  Kiev,  Ukraine   ü  Functioned   in   various   aspects   of   travel   sales;   as   a   travel   consultant,   salesperson   and   effective  mediator  between  customer  and  travel/hospitality  services;   ü  Provide   efKicient   and   superior   service   to   clients   (travel   consulting)   by   offering   cost   effective  and  acceptable  travel  solutions  that  exceed  client  expectations;   ü  Analyzed  and  updated  market  strategy  by  keeping  up  to  date  with  market  competition   and   latest   trends   in   ukrainian   travel   market,   and   to   completely   fulKill   customer’s   desires.   2005-­‐2010  Head  of  Department  of  customer  support  at  Vienna  Insurance  Group  (VIG)    Kyiv,  Ukraine   ü  Provide  training,  hiring,  mentoring,  leading  and  managing  staff;   ü  Created   and   provide   certiKication   and   attestation,   accordingly   to   high   level   standards   of   the  company,  to  representatives  around  Ukraine;   ü  Created  effective  training  material  that  improve  service  standards,  which  is  being  used   by  the  company;   ü  Held  a  series  of  effective  trainings  aimed  at  improving  the  quality  of  service,  providing   to  customers,  for  representations  of  VIG  around  Ukraine;   ü  Reorganized   departments   of   customer   support   at   VIG   around   Ukraine   for   more   productive  operation,  including  providing  faster  service.    

Success  Samples   BTL  Group  GSA  at  Be:ighter  Business  Group  /Konstantine  Baybarza     Challenges:   •  Low  awareness  of  the  brand  on  the  Russian  market   •  Competition  with  DMC  of  well  established    brands  on  the  market   Activities:   •  Personal  sales  calls   •  Participation    in  travel  exhibitions  (LTM  Moscow)   •  Organization  of  sales  trips  to  Moscow  for  DMC  representatives   •  Targeted  e-­‐mailings   •  Promotion  via  social  networks  (Facebook,  TWITER,  etc.)   •  Organization  of  familiarization  trips  for  MICE  companies  and  Corporate  Clients     •  Organization  of  Client  events   •  Cooperation  with  Airlines   Results:   •  Increase  in  the  number  by  22%  within  6  month     •  Realized  every  5th  direct  request  –  no  biding  between  agencies   •  Raise  of  brand  awareness      

Success  Samples   Special  Project  |Press  –  trip  to  Portugal  |  Konstantine  Baybarza       Goals:   •  •  •  To  show  journalists  Martinhal  Beach  Hotel  in  Sagres  and  Four  Seasons  The  Ritz  Hotel  in  Lisboa.   To  increase  destination  awareness  for  next  season     To   attract   «Golden   Visa»   opportunity   that   every   new   investor   has   buying   a   new   property   worth   over   0,5  mln  Euro   Participants:   •  Timeout  Magazine,   •  Voyage  Magazine,   •  Kommersant  Weekend,   •  In-­‐Klight  Magazine     •     Results:     •  Martinhal  Beach  Hotel  has  one  inquiry  regarding  Villa  costs     •  6  new  booking  for  family  holiday  next  spring  to  Martinhal  Beach  Hotel     Daniela  Berendonk|  Business  Development  Manager           On  behalf  of  Martinhal  Beach  Hotel  team  I  would  like  to  thank  you  for  fantastic  time  we  had  while  accommodating  journalists  from   Russia  in  Martinhal.  Every  member  of  our  team  had  put  all  efforts  to  assist  to  your  group  needs.   We  all  hope  it  helps  us  to  achieve  commercial  results  after  the  Press  Trip  and  also  will  effect  on  market  share  increase  from  Russian   market.  

Sun  Resorts  LTD  GSA  at  Namen/  Anna  Baybarza   Success  Samples   Challenges:   •  Low  awareness  of  the  brand  on  the  Russian    and  CIS  market   •  Competition  with  properties  of  well  established  international  brands   •  Competitors   with   higher   marketing   budgets   implementing   a   wide   range   of   marketing   tools   (road   shows,   signature  events,  regional  workshops)   Activities:   •  Personal  sales  calls   •  Participation    in  travel  exhibitions  (LTM  Moscow,  LTM  Kiev,  MITT,  Luxury  Leisure,  LTS)   •  Sales  trips  (St.  Petersburg,  Kiev,  Baku)   •  Organization  of  sales  trips  to  Moscow  and  Saint  Petersburg  for  hotel  representatives   •  Targeted  e-­‐mailings   •  Promotion  via  social  networks  (Facebook,  TWITER,  etc.)   •  Organization  of  familiarization  trips  for  TOs,  TAs,  MICE  companies     •  Organization  of  Client  events   •  Cooperation  with  Raiffeissen  bank,  Pestovo  Golf  Club  and  BMW   •  Joint  marketing  activities  with  RafKles  Dubai  and  Fairmont  Dubai,  TOs,  Airlines  and  Tourism  Board   Results:   •  Increase  in  the  number  of  room  nights  in  properties  for  up  to  50%  in  2011   •  Increase  in  the  number  of  room  nights  in  properties  for  up  to  90%  in  2012   •  Raise  of  brand  awareness     Arnaud  Martin  |  CSK,  BA  (Hons),  Chief  Marketing  OfKicer           I   am   very   impressed   with   their   approach   which   I   found   very   professional.   They   have   regular   and   reliable   reporting   methods  which  is  very  factual.  They  have  improved  Sun  Resorts  performance  in  C.I.S.    They  have  delivered  their  promise.     I  enjoy  dealing  with  company  and  Anna  in  particular  who  I  found  very  dedicated  and  knowledgeable.    

Success  Samples   Raf:les  Fairmont  Swissotel  GSA  at  Namen  /  Anna  Baybarza     Challenges:   •  Low  awareness  of  the  brand  on  the  Russian  market   •  Competition  with  properties  of  well  established  international  brands   •  Competitors  with  higher  marketing  budgets  implementing  a  wide  range  of  marketing  tools  (road   shows,  signature  events,  regional  workshops)   Activities:   •  Personal  sales  calls   •  Participation    in  travel  exhibitions  (EIBTM,  IMEX,  ANTOR,  MICE  Forum)   •  Sales  trips  (  Kiev,  Baku)   •  Organization  of  sales  trips  to  Moscow  and  Kiev  for  hotel  representatives   •  Jrganization  of  client  event     •  Targeted  e-­‐mailings   •  Promotions  on  websites,     •  Promotion  via  social  networks  (Facebook,  TWITER,  etc.)   •  Organization  of  familiarization  trips  for  MICE  companies  and    corporate  clients.   •  Joint  marketing  activities  with  DMC  and  Airlines   Results:   •  Increase  in  the  number  of  room  nights  in  properties  for  up  to  50%  in  2012;   •  Raise  of  brand  awareness.    

Client  list  

  Our  aim  is     TO  HELP  CLIENTS  TO  SUCCEED     and  we  believe       IMPOSSIBLE  IS  NOTHING!    

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