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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: brod


Beech Acres Coaching Model W.E.A.V.E.:  Beech Acres Coaching Model W.E.A.V.E. Weaving a tapestry of success in personal lives, communities, and in the world. Overview of Coaching Model Team Work:  Overview of Coaching Model Team Work Charged with defining and creating the Beech Acres coaching model Utilizing a visioning process to accomplish charge Work to be completed by January 1st, 2003. Presentation provides overview of work in progress to date. Step 1: Context Map :  Step 1: Context Map Define current reality Identify emerging trends Establish challenges and uncertainties Slide4:  BA Coaching Philosophy CONTEXT MAP OUTSIDE TRENDS • Mental health not preventive focus only Everything under scrutiny Loss of Creative Connections Managing business and new ventures in face of change- partnership screening criteria UNCERTAINTIES INTERNAL TRENDS POLITICAL CLIMATE/Culture ECONOMIC CLIMATE CUSTOMER NEEDS • Self Help Market Growing Significantly – mostly women • Online utilization of services and spending is growing • Coaching Industry highly un-regulated, no gold standard • Dispersed families creating “different breed” of parents • Quality training programs Simplified services, custom cocktail to meet their need Assistance to ID and meet goals Ongoing support and contact Continuum of product that allows people to self select into specific categories of readiness for change • Significant Org. Change with desire to own not rent products • Progression away from expert model to “helping families fix themselves” • Focus on serving all parents, regardless of income • Air of experimentation to build toward future • Recession/Depression climate for next 3 to 5 years in U.S. Donation shift toward 9/11. Harder to sell “our kids” to donors. Endowment reduced due to economy Greater scrutiny on outcomes demanded by donors and board. • Does being able to select the coach you want matter How do you sell a process product when people think they want “advice” How to distinguish between coaching and counseling How to engage all staff in product How integrated can this program be with BA-IT Spending on the net TECHNOLOGY FACTORS • Ability to handle volumes critical to success Leverage training center and other technology, not just internet to deliver services • To own or not to own software • Internal IT and external user capabilities • Consistent validated tool for selecting coaches needed Step II: A Vision Cover Story:  Step II: A Vision Cover Story Creative process to describe future impact of model Draws out key themes of vision Making a Difference:  Beech Acres’ Coaching COVER STORY VISION IMAGES HEADLINE BRAINSTORMS QUOTES BIG HEADLINES SIDEBARS COVER 2005 HEADLINE • Performance coaching from BA puts you in the driver’s seat of your life Yes, coaching can be profitable HEADLINE HEADLINE • BA coach institute serves its 10,000th customer Non-profit makes good in for profit world • 98% of users experience life changing satisfaction The human side of the internet exposed by BA • “BA changes social work to social progress” – John Pepper • “BA combines learning life’s lessons and honoring of self to create well balanced people.” –Peter Senge Time Magazine Out of the Cottage and into the Heart • Human relationships at the cornerstone of BA coaching philosophy From the troubled community to a model city, BA philosophy weaves webs of support and direction for entire populations…one person at a time The Little Engine that could…BA grows coaching products and brands beyond its home town. • BA takes coaching beyond Big Business & into the heart • BA coaching model sets golden standard in industry Making a Difference Step 3: Vision Themes and 4 Bold Steps (still a work in progress):  Step 3: Vision Themes and 4 Bold Steps (still a work in progress) Clearly state themes that embody the “spirit” of the vision Generate concise supporting ideas/thoughts that support each theme Identify key steps to establishing a vision statement and framework Slide8:  BA’s Coaching Model CHALLENGES •1 VALUES B O L D S T E P S 2. Review existing models and create draft BA model 1. Craft vision/purpose statement 3. Create Communication Plan regarding draft model to Org/teams 4. Create work plan to complete model • Simplicity Honesty • Belief in everyone’s potential • Cost Effective Capability Building Integration Customer Orientation Results Relationship Create BA global coaching model •3 • 2 • Meet them where they are (culture, learning style, readiness, motivation) Customer defines quality and satisfaction Willingness to be inventive to find solutions Focus on the individual • Systems & materials flexibility Flexibility to build a “custom cocktail” to change Infused through entire organization • Reality check in context of relationship to achieve success Coach’s R US Build will to achieve self-reliance • Internal efficiency and external revenue focus Pays for itself Income contributes to larger endeavors • Defined by customer Impacts BA mission, community & field Measurable in every way • A Human relationship quality in everything we do Tell the objective truth Personal, group and Org. levels SUPPORTS 1 •3 2 Step 4: The Vision Statement:  Step 4: The Vision Statement Under Development Step 5: Coaching Model:  Step 5: Coaching Model Create core model framework based on previous work and model filters Model filters It must address every vision theme It must have utility for each target customer group BA organization/staff Business to business End users: Parents, workers, etc. It must be “reversible” and have many faces W.E.A.V.E. Model:  W.E.A.V.E. Model About WEAVE:  About WEAVE Will building for awareness and growth Explore reality and readiness Ah-ha discovery of options Verify plans and commitment Energize for results Supporting Materials:  Supporting Materials Additional diagrams and ideas that influence the model, its application, and final design Coaching Service Progression:  Coaching Service Progression Passive General Info. Aggressive Experts/Counseling Self-Guided Little Human Medium human Coaching Service Target Market:  Coaching Service Target Market Very Sick Sick Near Sick Worried Well Well Insurance Self-Pay Self-pay or Benefits

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