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Published on March 27, 2014

Author: rachelastrange



Belief comes through hearing. In order to have belief, we must listen, but we also have to take action, which means to me that we should also be doers. How do we take action? Is it by hearing or being told something over and over until we finally accept it? No, I think that belief not only comes by hearing, but also by doing. And there are points in our lives where we may not believe something, but when we start to do it anyway, something miraculous happens, and all of the sudden we find ourselves believing it without question, watching our dreams come true in front of our eyes.

Belief comes through hearing / The Empowered Individual Blog © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

© 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

Become to Believe © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

We become discouraged – It takes time and real effort to change. Doing and saying things over and over is the best way to make it sink in as quickly as possible. Learned beliefs are challenged – what we never knew we thought or believed comes to light, and we begin to bring serious thinking to it. We struggle with change – Once we decide what we want to believe, then it becomes a struggle to change what has been instilled in us for so long. We might give up – A few times we may quit trying because it becomes too difficult to master. What happens? 1 2 3 4 © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

Comes when we get up and try again. And again, and again, and again – constantly learning from our mistakes, and correcting our thoughts and actions the next time we try. © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 increased life span lower rates of depression lower levels of distress greater resistance to sickness better psychological/physical well being reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease better coping skills during hardship Effects of positive thinking © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

64% 36% men women Positive thinking has been linked to greater life spans. One study found that optimism: • Incurred a 63% decrease in death rates among men and • A 36% decrease in death rates among women © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

People who don’t use faith or belief… • Constantly employ negative self talk • Are pessimistic, narrowing their mind and view of the world • Are unable to learn new skills or accept different ways of thinking easily • Have trouble changing their lives for the better • Can’t cope with difficulties People with belief in better things... • Rely on faith to encourage them of better things to come • Are more optimistic, broadening their views on life • Have the ability to learn new skills and accept new ideas • Create change in their lives easier • Better able to cope with challenges © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

Make conscious decisions to better your thinking. Remove negative influences in what you see, hear, and do. Put positive thinking into play, seek out people who have success and copy them. Constantly remind yourself of positive things, read, listen, and write. Achieve success in business, school, and life. Become what you want to believe and be a happier person. © 2014 The Empowered Individual Blog

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