Becoming an Orthodontist in Canberra

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Information about Becoming an Orthodontist in Canberra

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Luciedymock


Becoming an Orthodontist in Canberra: Becoming an Orthodontist in Canberra An Australian orthodontist is a dentist who has worked to become a registered specialist in a branch of dentistry which diagnoses, prevents, and treats poor alignment of jaws and teeth. Special training is required for orthodontists because their work involves designing and using devices such as headgears, braces, and plates to correct misalignment of a patient's teeth or jaws, or in many cases, both. Important Skills for Orthodontists A Canberra orthodontist will have mastered some specific skills in order to be successful. These include : Critical and scientific thinking Social perceptiveness and aptitude Monitoring and assessment abilities, for self and others Active, effective listening Excellent speaking and communication abilities   Becoming an orthodontist in Canberra requires a rigorous course of study. Students intending to become practicing orthodontists in Canberra must dedicate themselves to their education and should expect at least eight years of school. Canberra orthodontists in general have followed the guidelines set forth by the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO). The program for becoming a Canberra orthodontist is : Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry Earn a Master's Degree in Orthodontics Become registered as an Orthodontic Specialist by a State Dental Board In Canberra, orthodontist candidates are closest to the specialized programs offered at the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. While the undergraduate and graduate programs at all Australian universities have many similarities, each also has unique requirements, such as grades required for acceptance, and the courses offered may change every year. Therefore, careful planning is required in order to successfully complete a course of study and achieve registered specialisation. However, the general nature of the university courses that prepare potential Canberra orthodontists for their future careers is consistent. PowerPoint Presentation: University Courses In Australia, undergraduate study courses that award successful completion with a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry usually take about five years to complete. Students learn to apply scientific, systematic ideology to diagnosing and treating oral diseases and anomalies.   The first two years focus on teaching students general scientific knowledge to provide them with a solid medical background. The third year involves clinical work, in which dental students are assigned patients, and the fourth year continues and builds upon this experience. Students at this level will learn more specialized oral care, delving into orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, and applied oral medicine. In the fifth year, students usually gain clinical experience in external settings, such as private practices and community clinics. A graduate study course that moulds the new dentists' general oral care skills into those required for the specialized field of orthodontics in Australia generally stress process over specific course content. Graduate students in an Australian Master's Degree course in orthodontics can expect an equal emphasis on the elements of a broad education, clinical work, research, and community service. This graduate course usually takes about three years to complete . The Dental Board of Australia requires that before dentists can become registered specialists in orthodontics, they must have completed at least two years of practice in general dentistry and have successfully met all requirements for general registration as a dentist. Orthoclinic is an orthodontic practice in Canberra. For more information visit

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