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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: dkosaraju



2014 Voices Conference presented by Global Tech Women
Presenter: Kinsey Durham, gSchool

Becoming a Software Engineer: Inspiring a New Generation of Developers

Outreach Programs Mentorship Apprentice Programs Developer Schools

Programs like Railsbridge

“I got to meet people who were new, instead of people who had been doing it since they were five.”

“It creates an open and encouraging environment for people who might otherwise selfselect out of programming”


Mentorship is worth your time.

Being a great mentor

Ability to explain complex concepts simply



Weekly Retrospectives



Apprentice Programs


“thoughtbot noticed there were talented people who weren’t ready for full-time consulting jobs with us, but figured we could train them...”

Benefits much higher than the costs.

Why should companies be doing this?

More developers for hire

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting employees who want to mentor/teach

Good will/vision of company spreads

Developer Schools

“Along with learning to code and acquiring a job, The Flatiron School really taught me to check my ego.”


Why is all of this important?

Diversity Lack of quality engineers Failure of education system

“Providing formal mentorship is important for retaining and advancing underrepresented employees.” - NCWIT

Access to computers and the Internet

82% of CS graduates are male

Lack of Encouragement Financial Access Barriers Discrimination Lack of Role Models

Who’s hiring?

4 years Expensive Lack of real experience



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