Becoming a Shared Community Value

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Information about Becoming a Shared Community Value

Published on June 14, 2019

Author: brittyellow


1. Becoming a Community Shared Value

2. The civic & political ground on which we stand has shifted. We need to acknowledge that and we need to understand that.

3. Passage of the Political Ownership Generation Competing Political Agendas Expected Government Revenues < Expected Government Expenses Political Grandstanding

4. Lack of Trust + Fear = Emotional Response

5. Despite our collective efforts, every year destination organizations continue to be under review. The attacks seem to be getting worse and more frequent. And too often we are our worst enemy.

6. Destination organizations are too often finding their relevance in a community is weak or non-existent.

7. The Cornerstone: It supports everything from the bottom up. It tells you why you are doing what you do every day. It’s the foundation, the big picture, the destination.

8. The Cornerstone is the Ideology, the Philosophy, the Value of Destination Promotion.

9. #1 What is the community need that must be filled?

10. Every community must compete with every other community for their share of the world’s attention and investment.

11. #2 What is the solution required to fill the need?

12. People need to… …be aware of a community. …be shown that a community is a destination and have a clear and defined impression of it in their mind. …understand that destination and want to visit that destination to experience the community and its people for themselves.

13. #3 Why are destination organizations the solution to filling this need?

14. Strategies to achieve awareness, positive impressions and the desire to travel and share that experience. Tactics that include brand development and management, promotion, marketing, sales, visitor engagement.

15. #4 Who are we helping - who is our customer?

16. Support of destination promotion is for the benefit and well- being of every person in a community. It is a common good, a public good. It is an essential community investment to develop opportunities and build quality of life to benefit the people of a destination. Residents are the customer. Residents are the ones you are helping.

17. Responsibilities - You need to… ü interact with residents and their elected officials regularly and often and you need to speak their language. ü know your community inside and out. ü reflect your community and all its diversity. ü operate in a transparent manner. ü be a proper fiduciary of public monies and proactively prove it. ü include community stakeholders in your decision making process and the rollout of any major initiatives. ü have a strategic plan that incorporates this approach and have an advocacy & community engagement plan. ü operate without arrogance.

18. We need to know the language to use. What specific information do people look for and where do they currently find it.

19. Updated Key Words In The New Tourism Vocabulary Community Family Help Local Need Opportunity People Program Provide Public Service Support Work

20. What’s Next?

21. The Community Shared Value Notebook

22. Thank You

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