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Published on May 22, 2018

Author: ItsECampus


slide 1: Become An Expert At Digital Marketing By Taking Complete Digital Marketing Course In Noida Digital marketing broadly refers to advertisements delivered through the digital channels such as search engines websites social media E-mail and mobile apps. Since it is the kind of industry which is growing and changing continuously it makes for a wonderful and extremely exciting area of both study as well as work. ItsECampus is your source of complete digital marketing training institute Noida where you can take multiple digital marketing courses in all of its fields to become an expert of the digital marketing world. The various digital marketing courses are: 1. Search Engine Optimisations - Under this you will learn the strategies techniques and tactics which will help you increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high- ranking placement in search results. You will also learn to achieve more ROI and better organic reach through the search engine on a website to generate more results and better sales. 2. Search Engine Marketing –With this course you will learn how to promote the websites/products/ services by raising their visibility in the result pages of different search engines through optimization and advertising. Besides that you will also learn to build campaigns set bids measure and track the success from some of the best trainers. Plus you ’ll also gain knowledge about advertising through Display Network and Youtube. slide 2: 3. Social Media Marketing – Under this course you will study the process of social listening and monitoring to have meaningful conversations which would help you gain traffic or attention through different social media sites. You will also learn the techniques and the activities that would involve the social sharing of content written images or videos for the purpose of marketing. Social media can actually bring remarkable success to your business if implemented correctly. 4. E-Commerce – This course will teach you how to guide online shoppers to e-commerce websites and also encourage them to buy their products or services online. 5. Mobile Marketing – One of the most important mediums to reach your target audience is mobile. Therefore the course teaches you how to accelerate and driving business growth through mobile with closer consumer engagement. slide 3: 6. Email Marketing – This part of the course teaches you to captivate and engage the audience by marketing a commercial message directly to a group of people by effectively measuring and using the email marketing training course. 7. Digital Media planning and Buying – Here you learn the planning and buying process of strategizing negotiating and purchasing the ad placements on various online publishers and other platforms. 8. Big Data and Analytics – With this you will learn how to collect organize and analyse the large sets of data to discover patterns and useful information for the business insights. By taking the complete digital marketing training in Noida you can easily become an expert at digital marketing

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