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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: startup2014


Description Learn how to become a surplus merchandise liquidator from home starting today. Sell liquidated merchandise by the truckload . No Experience, No Money Needed to start, No Tech Skills Required. Free Training by experienced liquidator

You Can Become a Successful Liquidator Work from Home Selling Merchandise by the Truckload

New Merchandise is LIQUIDATED Daily • Brand new, retail ready and packaged merchandise is liquidated on a daily basis • Sell online or offline by the piece, by the case, by the pallet, or truckload to customers that want new merchandise at a deeply reduced cost.

Example • Software that retails for $29.00 with a wholesale of $14.55. • If the owner decides to LIQUIDATE the merchandise it MUST be sold for LIQUIDATION LEVEL PRICING which means up to 90% BELOW wholesale

NEW PRICE NOW this LIQUIDATION boxed software that retails for $29.00 may be available at $1.45 or less ! Yes…it may even be available for a lot less…if you know the secrets that liquidators employ

This is REAL LIFE EXAMPLE We handled a deal just like this… We PAID A LOT LESS THAN $1.45 a piece for the brand new, retail packaged Software !! So much less that we were able to sell truckloads to a discounter …and it FLEW off their shelves !

Reasons why Merchandise is RECLASSIFIED for LIQUIDATION 1) Overproduction - a business may have produced more than their customers could buy, leaving EXCESS in their warehouse

Packaging Change • 2) Change in Packaging- A seller may modify, improve or otherwise update the box &/or packaging design, making previous packaging design obsolete. • The product may be the same..but since the packaging is different, the existing inventory merchandise may have to be LIQUIDATED to make way for new packaging.

Product Improvement • 3) Product Updates - a product may undergo a revision. Software programs are continuously updated, beauty products may add or subtract an ingredient, a new component may be used in manufcture, improving the product. • so what is on hand must be… yes, you have it.. LIQUIDATED.

Seasonal Changes • Change of Season- Hot sellers during the summer may be lay fallow on retail shelves in the fall. Savvy retailers stock up to sell them at a big sale to attract buyers into their store. • OR they may warehouse them for sale the next summer. The profit potential in both cases can make any entrepreneur smile and ask for more.

BRAND NEW..NOT RETURNS • This merchandise is brand new and highly desirable to retailers and their customers who want to buy that item at discount • In fact, there are retailers that buy this type of merchandise on a daily basis • We are NOT talking about RETURNS OR DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE

Just Look at This LIST • • • • • • • retail software computer games DVDs movies figurines clothes paper goods

More • • • • • • • • • • plastic ware coffee artwork leather goods greeting cards books candy potato chips luggage lamps

More • • • • • • • • • • computer accessories office supplies sunglasses toys holiday decorations canned food canned drinks jams pet supplies soy milk

More • • • • • • • • • • sporting goods clothing watches jewelry garden supplies purses shoes home decor pajamas belts

And More • • • • • • • • • socks hair care products shampoos skincare products cookware canteens, camping equipment BBQ supplies and too much more to mention here.

It’s Simple • IF you know where to access liquidation merchandise • BUT 96.3 % of the people who decide to jump into this business FAIL... because they LOOK IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES.

Places NOT to LOOK • • • • • • • They Look for websites that sell it They look for dropshippers They look for lists They look for dealers They run Google searches They buy worthless software They look for sales

RULE: Stay away from sites selling DISCOUNTED merchandise on the internet. The profits have already been devoured once the item is listed.

Proven Business • We owned and operated a successful business selling liquidation merchandise by the case and by the truckload for more than a decade. • Learn how to Find all the Liquidation Merchandise you want and sell from home with No experience, Using none of your own money.

FREE TRAINING Get complete no cost training at: Do it NOW and START TODAY Change your life once and for all

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