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Published on September 30, 2014

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I am a brother of the beard, so I found this quite entertaining. Hope you do too.

I'd love to give credit to the person(s) that made this, but it only says Mashable. So props to them, check them out for more funny and interesting infographs!

BEST BEARD The most desirable face shape on a man is square and oval is the runner-up, so the goal is to try to achieve these shapes using facial hair. Here are some general guidelines for basic facial hair sculpting. ‘O This face shape has a wide hairline, broadjawline and narrow chin. To create balance, the lower half (just below the cheekbones) has to be "filled out". You want a full beard designed to take away from the pointy chin. Avoid too much fullness along the sides of the face as this will give the appearance ofan even widerjawline. A neatly trimmed beard designed to slim the face is the best look for this face shape. Hard lines along the cheekbones and a slightly "squared off" neckline create the final touch toward a slimmer, oval-looking face. The best way to give the appearance ofa shorter face is to stick with neatly trimmed beards or beard scuff. Similar to rectangular/ oblong face shapes, this takes the attention away from a narrowjawline.

Keep your facial hair short and No chin? No problem, if you can A short beard with hard lines or trimmed, you already have grow facial hair. Keep your a scruffy beard will help strong lines. beard full while shaping it to accentuate your squarejaw. give off the appearance of a 7 strong jawline and 1 pronounced chin. [ 1 You win! Most beard styles will Skip the beard and go clean lfyou've got a long face, and i look good with this facial shape, shaven. Any beard your wear you can grow a beard, stick , so you can experiment a bit will only make your face appear with full beards that you can more to find which one best even smaller. style to make your face appear 5 suits you. The world is your smaller. Beard scruff will only ‘ rt bearded oyster. show that you can grow a lot of '“°= "°°'° it, so it's better to avoid. INFUGRAPHIUS i any ‘

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