Be Yourself - 5 Principles of Career Transition

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Information about Be Yourself - 5 Principles of Career Transition

Published on March 5, 2014




5 principles of the messy but exciting process of career change and transition. Drawing on some favourite quotes with some food for thought.

Principle No.1 It is important to value your offer Be clear and specific about your strength and motivations

Principle No. 2 – Find outlets to expose the talents you have “People don’t change that much. Don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out. Try to draw out what was left in. That is hard enough.” Source: "First break all the Rules, what great managers do differently" by Buckingham and Coffman.

Principle No. 3 – Reflect but ultimately action trumps reflection “To know oneself, one should assert oneself. Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself. We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die.” Albert Camus

Principle No. 4 – Who is your career manager? You are! “Chance favours the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur “We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don't like?” Jean Cocteau

Principle 5 – It is messy. Roll with it. “We oscillate between ‘holding on’ and ‘letting go’, between our desire to rigidly clutch the past and the impulse to rush exuberantly into the future.” Herminia Ibarra

Some food for thought The Transformative Power of a Personal Project The Power of Introverts (3 links) Animated version of talk The Secret of Success creatively 10 Inspirational quotes from Herminia Ibarra's 10-inspirational-quotes-from-herminia.html Read: “Working Identity on the First-Act-Then-Think Change Strategy”

Actions to consider 1. Develop your CV (it can be creative but do a bog standard one first) 2. Develop a strong Linkedin Profile (after the CV) The start-up of you (linked tips on 2) 1. -of-you-visual-summary 2.

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