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Published on July 7, 2016

Author: blissequity



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3. Dear Readers, In our current issue of BE magazine, we feature Mental Health and much more ,from health to wealth .Today, mental illness has become more widespread than ever before, yet many are still afraid to seek help even though we now have so much more knowledge and so many more options for treatment. Unfortunately, the stigma and shame of years ago are still very prevalent. Although people are starting to ask for help and share their stories, there are still many who hide their struggles. In order to change this, we need people to speak openly about mental illness, allowing others to realize that they are not alone — that they too may be helped. Through sharing, we “normalize” the topic of mental illness, we reduce the discomfort that so many feel, helping to remove the fear and shame that prevents so many from seeking help. Today there is much more recognition and understanding of mental illness than ever before, however we still have a long way to go with respect to removing stigma and reducing the num- ber of people who struggle in silence. We can all help to break that silence by speaking out and sharing. Look into the various initiatives taking place in your local area and see how you can help inspire change. Lets create the Change Until next month God Bless . PUBLISHER’S NOTE Shobhaa Arya Founder & Publisher Write to 1 • B E - July 2016

4. Editor in Chief It is that period in the year which carries one of the most powerful seasons in full swing. Nature has decided to gear up and give a strong performance in the form of rain. This sea- son I believe generates maximum reactions from people. Everyone definitely have things to say and experiences to share when it comes to monsoon. In my opinion, monsoon more than any other season resonates with life. It teaches us lot about ourselves and others around us. If you notice, since last year, most of the people have been praying for rains. Lack of it had created multiple issues and the only resolution for the same was rains. Prayers were an- swered and we are being showered now. However, aren’t many complaining? We complain about the potholes which already existed, but are problems now because of the water fill- ing up in them. Traffic jams, delay in public transport, leaking roofs and a lot more. Such is life. We want to achieve certain goals, have various dreams to fulfil and strive hard to work for them. We do all of this without realising that in the journey of these goals and wishes there would be certain challenges and concerns. All of what we want need not have a dichotomy, all black or all white. It would have shades of both. Many a times we fail to understand this. As a result of which we create conflicts and complicate the process of ac- complishing our outcomes further more. This is where we need to realise that simply running behind your dreams is not sufficient. The problem that occurs here is that we only continue focusing on why the tides are not in our favour and how these challenges are blocking us. In addition to this, even when we achieve our goals we have many complaints and frowns due to all the things that come along with it. Like I said earlier, we want rains for various reasons but we have issues with jams and puddles. The choice of focus is completely yours. Is it rains or the puddles that is more important for you. It is essential to note that at any point of time we would have positives and negatives like these, we can’t ignore the negatives but we should also not forget to remember the positives. Focus on positives sides as well, for all you know the negatives would be handled better as a result of it. We hope that, like every month even this time Bliss helps you understand the positives in your lives and deal with your challenges effectively helping you succeed in your desired direction. Have a great month! Happy Monsoon to you Nitin Shah 2 • B E - July 2016

5. Associate Editor Monsoon season comes with a series of lessons. We can enjoy, complain, get angry or excited, feel blessed or cursed when it rains. The feelings differ from situation to situation and person to person. Haven’t we all observed this by now? I sometimes feel rains and salt create a similar impact feelings and situations at different levels. We don’t understand the importance of salt till its proportion in a dish goes for a toss. Don’t you want to ditto here for monsoon?! It does the exact same thing to you. When it is in access, traffic jams, water logging and messy grounds bother you. When there is a lack of it, there is water shortage, bad crops and a lot more. Now the difference here is, that maybe you can create a way to balance the proportion of salt in your meals. However, rain being rain; we can’t strike any kind of balance. In spite of understanding this, it becomes an issue for many. Something which arrives, lives, dances, sings and leaves on its own is beyond our control. So something, which is beyond our control and can cause difficulties, needs acceptance followed by preparation. There are some who prepare and feel good, some who prepare and still complain and others who just don’t do anything about it. This exactly is life. It is beyond anyone’s control. Issues happen! Things can do well and at times can do bad. This means, that even if we don’t have any hold on it; we can still attempt to make the most of it. Can’t we? Let us make the best of everything. Let us give ourselves the permission to recognise the posi- tives and live them! BLISS just like every month yet different from the previous months gives you some more in- sights, guidance and meaning to move ahead and grow further more in your life. Have a blissful month Lots of love Paulomi Pandit angry or excited 3 • B E - July 2016

6. C O N T E N T SJuly 2016 VOL: 01 II ISSUE 11 BE DISCLAIMER Bliss Equity holds the rights to Accept & Reject articles if not found upto the standard in language or presentation without any notice to the contributer . All content in print and online is owned by BE for the next one year . No part of the content can be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the publisher. Publisher will not be held responsible for the content of the magazine including accuracy and effects . All disputes subject to the jursisdiction of Competent courts in mumbai only . Founder Shobhaa Arya Editor in Chief Nitin Shah Section Editor (Upcoming Events &Workshops) Paulomi Pandit Business & Strategy Consultant Girish Hemnani Distribution & Circulation Anand A 4 • B E - July 2016 Anti Agiing Kevin Pederson Abundance Through Vaastu Vijay Keshwani Do You Need Approval ? By Ruti Yudovich Crystal Grids Tarminder Manchanda Self Defeating Loops In Life Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences Pvt. Ltd. The Not-Me Syndrome Nan Russell Educational Phiosophy Irina Nelson Joint Pains Natural Remedies Josef Bichler Alternative Ways for a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.. Psycho Adda What’s Your Excuse for Not Being Successful in Life ? David Neese Look Like a Beacuty Without the Sleep - How to Fake a Good Night’s Rest 5 24 26 28 30 32 34 6 7 8 10 11 12 14 16 18 19 20 22 23 Money, Prosperity, Abundance Jennie Marshall Tarot Card Sun Signs Predictions for July 2016: Vijay Keswani Grief is a Journey, Not a Destination Elaine Williams The CEO of you Inc. Daniel Dunoo Opening Petals of Life Poornima Dayal Irritable Bowel Syndrome Anu Mehta The Golden Circle How To Inspire People Adam Sinicki Time Managment Marc Weiner Corporate Branding Will they remember you ? Tyson Fenech

7. ANTI AGIING It is natural to see wrinkles on the face when you grow old. This is the effect of aging. Premature aging and wrinkles can be checked if care is taken when you are young. A lot of people rely on home remedies when it comes to diminishing them. Here are some tips and home remedies to get you started on the path to minimize these wrin- kles and make your skin look young and healthy again. Stay out of the sun The first place to start is to stay out of the sun. Sun tanning damages and ages your skin faster than anything, and it also has been leading to cancer more and more since the ozone is wearing away from pollution. Eat healthy Secondly, incorporate healthy doses of natural antioxidant foods like leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruit for maximum free radical elimination. Free radicals are the number one cause of collagen breakdown, which is a direct cause of wrinkles. Smokers beware Smoking robs the com- plexion of oxygen, decreasing blood cir- culation to facial skin and resulting in pre- mature lines and wrinkles. Also, anyone puffing on a cigarette is essentially doing a lot of repetitive facial movements that add even more wrinkles. So kick the habit if you want those wrinkles to disappear. Sleep on your back When you sleep on your side or belly with your face on the pillow, wrinkles are formed. People who sleep in this posture usually get a diagonal crease on their forehead running above their eyebrows. Sleeping on your back eliminates this problem. Facial massage Massage increases the blood circulation and results in the tightening of muscles and tissue. This re- duces the fleshiness of the skin and restores a young look. You can apply coconut oil on the portions of your skin and face where wrinkles set in and gently massage every night at bedtime. Go bananas Try banana as an anti-wrin- kle treatment. Mash a fourth of a ba- nana until it becomes very creamy. Spread all over your face and leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold water. Gently pat dry. Get a humidifier Air conditioning and heating systems are known to dry out the skin, making the aging process occur more rapidly. Try using a humidifier. This inexpensive bit of equipment will help to keep air moist and therefore keep your skin moist too. Vitamin E Prick three capsules of vita- min E and drain into a small bowl. Add two teaspoons plain yogurt, half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your face with cotton ball. Leave on your skin for about ten min- utes and rinse off. By KEVIN PEDERSON 5 • B E - July 2016

8. Hi ,friends...... I am Veejay keswani, My journey on spirituality began, when I was 10 or so I used to see some inci- dents before they actually hap- pened,Could sense fights in By Psycho Adda house ,as I entered their house,I would learn only during exams but can know and remember every underline,com- ma,and full stops in books n manuals.In a way I was knowing almost all but didn’t know what to do,what it was.Then I told this to my Guru Dada Lalchandji,who had hanumanji ki siddhi,he guid- ed me in Hanuman chalisa,Ra- mayan,which further increased my intuitive capabilities. At age of 16, I left my family busi- ness,and went to Southern India for Vastu,astrology training,there I got wonder full knowledge and then moved on to North India for learning it’s Vastu changes ,reme- dies and yantra making. Started helping people with Vas- tu,astro knowledge,suddenly got bed ridden for 4-5 days,some neg- ative energies from clients Vastu affected me,than started my jour- ney with different healings like reiki,pranic etc. These trainings added more bet- ter results for clients,I can now do protection also for clients from negative energies,people started coming to me for marital prob- lems,they came for business im- provement,I designed progres- sive corporate logos,Film and TV fraternity also came from time to time,People almost got miraculous results in all of their problems,be it with Vastu,astro ,palmistry,face reading,distance healing,tarot n angel readings or guided meditations. One of my Client in US ,who had previously lost lot of mon- ey,regained all in one and half years after he did remedies from me,childless couple from Band- ra ,who failed ivf treatment many times got twin kids ,Healings happened to many people at dis- tance in whichever country they were,factories that were on brink of closure revived with our Vas- tu consultation.I did research for 24 years in Vastu and all spiritual subjects related with it. I conduct one to one sessions as well as huge workshops,travel all over India for Vastu visits and consultation .I have appeared on TV channels like Zee Cinema,- Care world TV,Many cable net- works and magazines. Vastu Tips For Progress: 1: If there is negativity in house or your work is stuck,mop flooring with unrefined salt solution for 3 months. 2: Place wall clocks only on North or East walls,one of jobless person got job next day,he put wall clock on North. 3: Put 2 inch square silver piece with thickness of one coin and keep it in South West corner of house undisturbed,then keep this in shirt or purse for good Money Luck. Abundance through Vaastu VIJAY KESWANI Email: Mob.: 9850090230 6 • B E - July 2016

9. Do You Need Approval? “No matter who you are or what you did; there will always be somebody who will not approve of you. So don’t try to live your life trying to please everybody.” As babies we want to get attention, so we smile or laugh and make others laugh back at us. When they don’t give us at- tention we cry and then for sure we get it. As we grow older we get a bit more sophis- ticated–– if we don’t get love, attention, approval or acknowledgement, we break things in the house, or we “accidently” spill milk on the floor, or we forget to take the dog for a walk and voila – the stink and the mess on the carpet gets us a LOT of attention. Then we do things and we want people to agree with us––to tell us it was accept- ed, beautiful, that it was OK, and that we are wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with liking to hear compliments or a good word of support. These are all wonderful. But NEEDING praises is a different mat- ter. Looking for approval; needing it to move on… Where does it get us? Whose life are we eventually living? Ours or those whose approval we need? Therefore to live your life, to be who you are and who you want to be––the only ap- proval you need is from yourself. Be true to yourself. Don’t wait for others to give you the OK to live or how to live. You are here! You have already gotten a driver’s license. Don’t wait for others to drive you around; you don’t know where they’ll take you and where you’ll end up. You be the driver of your own car. Set goals, set targets, get in your car and drive on. Go to places you want to see, drive fast or slow; don’t stop to ask people whether your driving is acceptable or if your choic- es are approved. Follow your own heart, follow your passion and those who don’t approve will be just another traffic light on your way to your destination. By: Ruti Yudovich 7 • B E - July 2016

10. CRYSTAL GRIDS TARMINDER MANCHANDA Mob-9870040769 Grids are based on Sacred geometry very much like the Mandalas.It was recog- nized early on that geometry itself offered pathways into the subtle realm of meaning and spirit that we call sacred. The play of geometric form obeys laws that unfold from the nature of experi- enced reality itself, laws that are not subject to human whims or prejudices. Mastery of those laws provided knowl- edgeable individuals with tools to reshape the world, both on a physical level - for geometry was the foundation of much of ancient architec- ture and technology - and on the subtler levels as well. Out of this recognition of the sacred possibilities of geometry, an extraordi- nary tradition of wisdom took shape. It was expressed in many different forms in the cultures that treasured it; the forgotten geometers who planned and built the mighty stone circles of northwestern Europe, no doubt, understood geometry in very different ways, from the temple priests of Egypt, the initiates of the Pythagorean Brotherhood of ancient Greece, the Taoist sages of China, the Incas of Peru, or the master builders of medieval Europe. Grids were created out of rocks as it became appar- ent that by setting grids fol- lowing the rules of Geometry, and by activating it, sacred codes were released. A large source of energy could be pro- duced, apparently from no- where. This energy could be locked into any area . This knowledge was then used in creating grids with Crystal stones as the stones itself grew in perfect geometrical platonic shapes. Crystals in- herant ability to amplify led man to create grids to help him quickly manifest desires of any kind. Crystals are placed in po- sition based on geometric shapes. The central crystal used can be a pyramid or a generator etc. and generators , natural or tumble stones are placed around it. Quartz Crystals are the choice of many as these are the Master crystals , ideal to use in grids by combininig them with var- ious other crystals based on the issue for which the grid is being created. The crystals placed are pre programmed to hold the manifestation as required. Once activated, by connecting each stone to the other, the grid is then ready. Manifesta- tion occurs when a secret code is released after correct place- ment of stones and activation 8 • B E - July 2016

11. of the grid is was believed that this manifestation occured in the fifth Dimension and beyond as a crystals vibratory rate is of high frequency. Crystal grids can be used for a variety of purposes. They can charge objects with life force energy, create powerful emotional changes in anyone who comes into the area gridded, and can be used for healing. Build- ing foundations, Farmhouses,Flats, Gardens, Conference rooms, Offices, Shops, Hospitals, Waiting rooms, Spas, Bedrooms,Beds, Treat- ment tables are some of the areas one can grid. Then there are personal grids for Health, Family, Relationship, Love, Prosperity, Career and business , Manifestation, Grids for inter- views- the list is endless. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (20+YRS IN CRYSTAL HEALING ) To get your grid made you can contact me by Email - or call me at 9870040769. 9 • B E - July 2016

12. SELF DEFEATING LOOPS IN LIFE Recently, a friend spoke to me about certain problems she was facing in her life, one of them being work related. She mentioned to me that last year a lot of work-related projects came to her, but for some or the other reason she couldn’t see the projects through. Those projects either got delayed or cancelled, or someone ended up misbehaving with her, resulting in her leaving the project. She told me that she had reached a point in her life where she was quickly losing hope and her faith in God. Also, what bothered her the most was the fact that she almost stopped praying. She believed that this could be the reason for her problems. When asked about her reasons for thinking so, she said that she had always believed that God gives you what you ask for from him. So, for her, prayers were the way of telling God what is it that she would like to receive in her life and also her way of showing gratitude for listen- ing to her. She also said, “I feel very guilty and afraid when I’m not able to pray. Guilty that I’m not doing what I should and afraid that if I don’t pray, I wouldn’t get what I want.” At the end of the conversion, she told me about a realisation that dawned in her. She said “it’s incredible that we end up doing things without being aware of what we’re actually doing, and how those things are affecting us.” According to her, there were two very important things that she understood now after our conversation. They are: 1. Though she thought she prays to God out of love, she was actually doing it out of fear. 2. This fear had created a kind of loop in her life that could be responsible for her problem about work. The following is the summary of her understanding about the loop she was into, in her words : “I would pray to God about getting work. The prayers would get answered and I would receive new projects. Since the kind of work I do is very hectic, these projects left me with very little time for myself. As a result I wouldn’t be able to pray. This would make me feel guilty and afraid. And then, I would create / attract situations that would lead to the projects being delayed or cancelled so that I would get the time to pray again.” She said it’s amazing how she had put herself in a loop without even realising it. These self-defeating loops end up creating a downward spiral in our lives which we are not even able to identify most of the times. As you finish reading this post I wonder whether you have been able to identify any loops in your life. Do share you views about the post and also about any loops that you may have been able to identify. By Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences Pvt. ltd 10 • B E - July 2016

13. A common pastime at work, it seems, is point- ing out flaws, missteps, and problems – espe- cially the boss’s, a coworker’s down the hall, or that roadblock person in some other depart- ment. Stories of performance and style inadequacies, or snippets of memorable negative encounters can be repeated for days or even weeks. Some live perpetually in the work-culture, fueling rumors about a perceived inept, difficult, or bureaucratic department or person based on years-ago happenings. Certainly, difficult people, poor leaders, and problems exist at work. But, the reality is most people aren’t that way. Still, entire industries exist with training courses, and books and ar- ticles flourish devoted to how you should deal with these people. Articles like “How to Work for an Idiot” to “Ways to Cope with the Co- worker from Hell,” and everything in between. In thisAge of Me where selfies, personal-brand- ing, and self-expression push limits of common sense and beyond-tribe community, did you ever think “What about me?” – does someone at work believe those things about me? Might you be someone else’s difficult person or idiot boss? It’s not a question we typically ask our- selves, but if you want to be winning at work- ing you should. While we’re quick to want to fix everyone else, to think the problems at work are about them, most of us fall short when it comes to seeing our own impact on others, even if it’s milder than being a “coworker from Hell.” In my first executive role years ago, while going through 360 degree feedback, I quickly discover that what I intended, and how it was perceived by others, was vastly different. If I’ve learned anything in my 30 year career, it’s this: self-awareness is a critical and chal- lenging skill to develop. Today, as me-focused approaches encourage and reinforce projection outward, not reflection inward, it’s even hard- er. From popularity and work performance, to driving skills and general intelligence, we have the collective tendency to overestimate our skills. Duke University Professor Mark R. Leary calls it the “better than average” effect, noting in his book, The Curse of the Self, that “most of us have a higher-than-average per- ception of ourselves, often blinding us to our shortcomings.” This “illusionary superiority” even applies to how trustworthy we think we are. Take crim- inals for example. While they wouldn’t typi- cally top most trustworthy lists, that’s where they see themselves. According to research from the British Psychological Society: “Jailed criminals think they are kinder, more trust- worthy and honest than the average member of the public.” This “better than average” effect can yield a “not-me syndrome.” It’s not me that’s creating stress, building road blocks, or diminishing trust – it’s someone else. It’s not me who needs improved communication or more trust-based work relationships – it’s them. And it’s not me who’s micro-managing, or failing to follow through on my words or commitments – it’s those other people. THE Not-Me SYNDROME By Nan Russell 11• B E - July 2016

14. The role of teacher can be hardly underesti- mated in the process of education. It is obvious that teaches play an im- portant role in the learn- ing process and shaping of students personality and their cultural identity. In fact, teachers possess cer- tain authority and it is extremely important that they used this authority effectively and contrib- uted to the balanced de- velopment of students. To achieve this goal teachers need to develop their own educational philosophy that would help them not only to teach but, what is more important, to learn. First of all, it should be pointed out that teachers’ philosophy may be shaped under the impact of differ- ent factors but it is possi- ble to distinguish two the most important constitu- ent elements of their phi- losophy. On the one hand, it is the actions of teachers, their behavior that can really define their philosophy since they have certain models of behavior, hab- its that they often cannot change but which some- times they should change in order to develop a really effective educational phi- losophy. In such situations it is very important to take into consideration another important factor, namely what teachers think about their actions because it is the reflection on their ac- tions can change not only teachers’ behavior but their educational philoso- phy at large. Obviously, they should be very critical in the anal- ysis of their actions and attempt to assess them as objectively as possible in order to choose the right direction in the develop- ment of their educational philosophy. In such a way, teachers, being able to im- pact on students by their behavior and ideas, should develop their educational philosophy on the basis of these essential elements. Basically, it is necessary to underline that there are two possible ways to the development of education- al philosophies. First of all, it is possible to devel- op the educational philos- ophy during the action. It means that a teacher can reflect on his/her behavior while he/she is performing some action and analyze it immediately. For in- stance, a teacher can scan the situation in the class- room during the lesson by questioning students in order to find out whether the lesson or the problem discussed is interesting for them or not. On analyzing the received information, a teacher can change his/her behavior or continue the lesson if it runs successful- ly. However, this is rather a short-term approach since it provides an opportunity to learn only the current situation and analyze the current behavior of teach- ers and assess whether it is effective or not, right or wrong. At the same time, it does not provide the opportuni- ty to analyze the situation in depth and, consequent- ly, it is practically impos- sible to fully understand the reaction of students on teachers’ behavior and often it is quite difficult to choose the most effective ways of behavior immedi- ately. In such situations, an- other strategy of the de- velopment of educational philosophy may be quite effective. What is meant here is the development of teachers’ educational Educational Philosophy 12 • B E - July 2016

15. philosophy on the basis of the analysis of their past actions. Unlike the previous approach, this one implies that teachers do not analyze the present sit- uation in the classroom, for in- stance, but, instead, attempt to objectively evaluate their past actions and behavior, they take into consideration what they did and whether it was right or not, or probably their could be better ways of acting in the given situation. On analyzing their past be- havior, teachers get an ex- cellent opportunity to have a larger view on their work and behavior and objectively and more profoundly analyze it. This will naturally open op- portunities for the develop- ment of the long-term strat- egies and the analysis of the general effectiveness of educa- tional philosophy in the long run. Obviously, both approaches could be quite effective in the development of educational philosophy but the real pro- fessional teacher would rather apply both of them than focus on one approach only. In fact, such a combination is simply essential since it is important that the teacher could change and improve his/her behav- ior immediately in the con- crete situation depending on the circumstances but he/she also needs to be able to make a profound strategic analysis of his/her actions in order to reveal more profound details that can remain unnoticed on a brief analysis during a les- son, for instance. Nevertheless, it is possible to conclude that, regardless the approaches teachers use in the development of their educational philosophy, it is necessary to remember that they are responsible for their students and not only at the present moment but for their further life as well because consciously or not students learn from teachers and grad- ually are influenced by their behavior, actions, thoughts, ideas and philosophy at large. Irina Nelson 13 • B E - July 2016

16. JOINT PAINS NATURAL REMEDIES Arthritis and other forms of joint pain can make even the simplest forms of movement difficult in your day to day life. Although you may feel like taking a pain pill to get quick relief, these anti inflammatory medicines are not without side-effects, and their prolonged use can lead to permanent damage to your organs and the immune system over a period of time. Instead of opting for common over the counter pain medication, the best solution is to incorporate some natural anti inflammatory foods in your daily diet which will have a far more positive effect on your health. Here are a few top natural anti inflammatory foods that will help you deal with pain better and heal faster: TURMERIC: Turmeric is often used in Indian and South Asian cooking and is an excel- lent anti inflammatory agent. Curcum- in present in turmeric is regarded to be as powerful as NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin, without the side effects. You can either add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to sleep or use it as a curry pow- der in your main dishes. FISH Fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, trout and anchovies are a good source of ome- ga 3 fatty acids, which help lower the risk of heart disease, boost the immune system and reduce swelling due to chronic conditions. Whenever there is a stark imbalance in the amount of omega 3 and omega 6, there can be increased inflammation and pain. If you are a veg- etarian, you can get your omega 3 from walnuts, pecans and flax seeds. BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER Both these vegetables contain prop- erties that help reduce inflammation which makes them one of the most ef- fective natural anti inflammatory foods. They are rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber that strengthen the immune system and help remove carcinogenic compounds. PAPAYA This is not only a delicious fruit but also a great agent for reducing pain and in- flammation. An enzyme called papain and other vitamins and minerals con- tained in the fruit help relieve aches and soreness. You can also eat papayas to aid digestion and promote healthy skin and hair. 14 • B E - July 2016

17. KELP Kelp is a kind of marine algae which is a rich source of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and protein. A complex carbohydrate called fucoidan present in kelp makes it one of the most potent nat- ural anti inflammatory foods. There are various types of kelp that you can include in your diet like kombu, wakame or ar- ame, often used in Korean and Japanese cuisine in the form of sushi, miso soup or stir fry. PINEAPPLE Pineapples are refreshing and besides a great taste, they are also one of the most popular natural anti inflammato- ry foods. They contain an enzyme called bromelain which reduces inflammation, helps reduce pain and eases the healing process. In fact, there are some arthritis medicines which also use these extracts to treat the condition. Try to get fresh pineapples instead of the canned ones, as they are devoid of any preservatives and added sugar. BERRIES All kinds of berries like blueberries, strawberries or raspberries are great natural anti inflammatory foods. They contain phytochemicals and antioxi- dants which soothe the joints and remove harmful toxins from the body. Eat them whole or in the form of smoothies to ease joint pain. By: Josef Bichler 15 • B E - July 2016

18. 7 Alternative Ways for a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit… Any form of therapy that falls outside the sphere of traditional medical and ther- apeutic practices is known as alternative therapy. Though it may sound like it has come up as a response to traditional healthcare practices, it is not so. The truth is that alternative therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, ayurveda, homeop- athy etc.have been in prac- tice for centuries, across all continents and the rea- son they are known as ‘alternative’ is because their use and impact is unclear to many. However, in recent years these various forms of therapy have regained popularity and are being extensively used by people looking for non invasive, inexpensive or sometimes even more spiritual forms of healing. Alternative, which is sometimes known as contemporary therapies, are used to treat a range of complaints right from mi- nor ailments such as body aches and common colds to problems related to stress, chronic pain, insomnia and depression. In this article we have outlined seven of the prevalent, out of the many, forms of alternative therapeutic practices that one might wish to consider, with regards to how you may benefit from them. 1.Meditation and Yoga: Meditation is said to be a science used to ‘turn inward’. While meditating one relaxes their body and mind, focusing not on what is hap- pening around them but rather on their inner self. Meditation is used to heal physical, mental and emotional stress, gain self awareness and move towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Yoga is a popular form of alternative ther- apy that incorporates the principles of meditation. It focuses on bringing togeth- er the mind, body and spirit. Apart from the many physical benefits of yoga such as improving flexibility, reducing weight, increasing metabolism, etc. there are sev- eral mental and emotional benefits as it is useful in dealing not only with stress and anxiety but also with mood swings and even depression. 2.Acupuncture: Acupuncture in an an- cient Chinese technique based on the principal that there are patterns of ener- gy flow in our bodies, that help in main- tain good health. It believes that ailments arise from blockages in the flow of energy and thus to heal the body one needs to stimulate certain points, known as acu- puncture points or acupoints, in order to unblock these blockages. This is usually done by inserting needles, which is gen- erally painless. Acupuncture is commonly used to treat different aches and pains, nausea, de- pression, anxiety, infertility, insomnia, indigestion and migraines. 3.Massage therapy and Acupressure: In massage therapy one uses the effect of physical touch to deal with stress, pain and other diseases. This is done manip- ulating the soft tissues in the body. Mas- 16 • B E - July 2016

19. sage therapy is highly used to treat back pains, neck pains and other types of chronic pain. Acupressure, like acupuncture works with acupoints, and is often uses massage therapy to treat its patients. It can be effectively used to treat physical and emotional pain, stress, addictions, anxiety and depression. 4. Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the state of hypnosis to make subconscious changes in the client in order to alter certain problematic perceptions, emotions, attitudes, behaviours, etc. Hyp- notherapy can be used to treat any problem where one needs to let go of old behavioural patterns and learn a new one. Thus it can help with treating addiction, insomnia, depression, bulimia, stress, ADHD, Aggressive behaviour, etc. as well as certain physiological problem such a chronic pain. 5.Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, which states that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in a healthy person would cure simi- lar symptoms in a sick person. Homoeopathic treatment is used by many as an alternative to allopathy and it can be used to treat a vast va- riety of ailments like colds, coughs, allergies, anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions and more. 6. Ayurveda: ‘Ayur’ meaning life and ‘veda’ meaning science, is an ancient form of alter- native medicine rooted in the Indian subconti- nent. Ayurveda is looked at as an holistic heal- ing process that takes into consideration the importance of a good diet, meditation, prop- er hydration etc. in order to have a long and healthy life. 7.Energy Healing: Energy healing is an um- brella term that includes many different forms of alternative therapies that deal with the concept ‘energy’ or ‘aura’ to heal the mind and body. Techniques like Reiki, Pranic heal- ing and Chakra cleansing are popular forms of energy healing. Like the other forms of alter- native therapy, these can also be used to cure physical, mental and emotional problems in individuals. By Psycho Adda 17 • B E - July 2016

20. What’s Your Excuse for Not Being Successful in Life? Excuses! Excuses! When we fail to do something we are ex- pected to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. Howev- er, if we analyze it closely, an excuse is a self-destructive alibi for having failed to do something, especially when it involves attaining a goal. In- stead of trying to persevere in finding ways to continue achieving a goal, some of us resort to excuses. Even a handicap cannot be used as an excuse. Many handicapped but determined people have become achievers and champions. Instead of us- ing a handicap as an excuse, let us turn it into an asset. Let us explore this further. A handicap need not be a rea- son for failure. On the con- trary, a handicap can be a rea- son for success. People with a handicap always have an off- setting strength that allows them to overcome problems better than others. A person with a handicap has one obsession - to lead a nor- mal life. Depending on the handicap, a person would pre- fer to be as independent as possible. So he struggles and finds ways to overcome his impediment. When he is able to achieve his goal, this raises his self-esteem. In turn, he in- spires others. Everybody has handicaps in varying forms and degree. That is why; it requires effort and determination to over- come them. Handicaps can either be physical, financial, or emotional. And they can ei- ther be real or imagined. Whenever we look at a hand- icap, we almost always look on the negative side only. It’s about time we take a look at the positive side of it. The pos- itive side may be the difficult side, but it’s the one worth looking into. It’s the side that is going to lead us to excel in life. If you think your handicap is physical, like having a weak body, you can counteract this through proper diet and train- ing exercises. As long as the physical parts of your body are intact and mobile, there’s no reason why you cannot make it strong and useful. Why? Even those without a leg (for example) can be made to walk or run normally. With the ad- vancement of science, artifi- cial legs can help a handicap function with great mobility. It your handicap is financial, then the more reason you have to rise above your pres- ent status. And if your finan- cial status limits your educa- tional attainment to improve your life, the school is not the only place to learn. Certainly, there are help centers to get you started even from zero level. Once you are initially warmed up with the basics of an education, the rest is up to you. Make use of libraries. Once you are educationally equipped, use your brain and come up with creative ideas to improve your life. If you are emotionally dis- turbedwithnegativethoughts, it is like you are sitting on a chair with wobbling legs. Try sitting on a chair with stur- dy legs; meaning, look at the bright, positive side of life. Put aside negativity and start thinking positively. The only one who can stop you is your- self. If your handicap is a combi- nation of any of the physical, financial, or emotional type, congratulations. You should strive more to overcome them, because a double layer of per- severance results to more than double the achievement. Where the odds are greater, the prize gets much bigger. After all the efforts you have exerted, the prize of success shall be a well-deserved one. So what’s your excuse for not being successful? BY :David Neese 18 • B E - July 2016

21. Look Like a Beauty Without the Sleep – How to Fake a Good Night’s Rest As we spring ahead again and adjust our internal clocks for Daylight Savings, we must be prepared for those mornings when sleep doesn’t come naturally – a condition known as Daylight Savings Hangover The good news is that there is a way to look refreshed and awake – even if your sleep schedule is in the dumps. Tip 1: Shut it down – electronics thatis.Beforegoingtosleep, shut down all electronics – that means TV, computer and, yes, your blackberry. These all are stimulants for the brain, and if you’re answering emails in bed at 10 p.m., you’re going to have a difficult time getting to sleep. Hit the power switch at least an hour before bedtime. Tip 2: Get up … NOW! Once the alarm goes off, get out of bed immediately. Snoozing is not sleep; it’s just prolonging the inevitable. Tip 3: So now that you’re up – do something. Try a morning workout to get motivated and feel energized for the day. Take a quick run or hit an early morning spin class. Be sure to challenge yourself first thing and then see how much easier your morning commute feels. Tip 4: Hydrate. Great-looking skin isn’t just about what you put on it, but also what you put in your body. Skip that morning cup of coffee, which can be dehydrating, and drink a glass of ice water instead. The cold water will not only give you a kick in the morning, but also help hydrate skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed. Tip 5: Wakeup and fake it! Use a hydrating and stimulating makeup like Almay Wake up Make up – a favorite of celeb Kate Hudson. This product contains essential minerals and ingredients, such as cucumber and aloe, which soothe and hydrate skin. It also has first-of- its-kind encapsulated water technology – once the powder touches your skin, it releases a cooling sensation that gives you an added boost in the morning. Tip 6: Do NOT skip breakfast. You’ve worked out, you’ve hydrated, you’re looking gorgeous. Why deny your body the nutrients it needs tokeepitlookingandfeeling refreshed by walking out the door without grabbing a quick bite? 19 • B E - July 2016

22. Money, Prosperity, Abundance The Purpose of Money Unfortunately, much of humanity is so focused on making money that it has lost sight of deeper purposes. Persons in or affiliated with traditional organizations are per- haps particularly adept at this focus on money, or, as we like to say, “the bottom line. “We are moving into a time (or are we in it?) when we can more easily see the manifestations of our false beliefs. We are facing experiences that more easily teach us to tap into higher purposes and more empowering intention. We will surely get this teaching. Since I have entitled this article, “Money, Prosperity, Abundance,” I want to define my terms. For me, each word connotes a different meaning and resonates to a different vibration. The Meaning of Money, Prosperity, and Abundance Money is a means of exchange, energy in the form of coins or wampum or reduced to paper as currency. Gold and silver have value -- both intrinsic and extrinsic -- but paper only represents value. The only power money has is the power we give it. Prosperity means flourishing and thriving. We tend to equate prosperity with good fortune and success and affluence, the good things of life. Abundance is an overflowing supply, fullness. The Infinite Source is our supply. Energetically, money has the lowest vibration of these three. When fears s u r r o u n d money, the v i b r a t i o n moves to a still lower frequency. We can touch and see money. We have many myths and cliches about money (root of all evil, growing on trees, rainy day, buying happiness, and more). The energy of prosperity has more of a flow to it than money -- listen to the word “prosperity” as you say it out loud and resonate to its vibration. You can feel similar resonance of the words that I used above to define prosperity, also. Abundance resonates with words and ideas like joy and love and wisdom. Abundance is not really of this physical world, although we use it to manifest in the physical world. We cannot see Jennie Marshall --- Empowerment Consultant and Coach 20 • B E - July 2016

23. abundance, we can only see manifestations of abundance. So, too, we cannot see love or joy or wisdom, but we can have feelings, pictures, and examples of the manifestations. All energy comes from Spirit. And Spirit is abundant, infinite, unlimited. Creating Money, Prosperity and AbundanceWhen we focus our attention in the world of money, we tend to believe that the only way to generate more money is with money or something else that is tangible or physical. In other words, there is a belief that we can only create something “new” from something that is already created. This is a false belief. This is a belief that is coming to the surface for humanity right now as our money and organizational systems are challenged. When we live in the consciousness of abundance, we know that we can create more of everything from the Source. There is no fear in this consciousness. Consider how you feel when you are surrounded by the richness of nature, one of the physical world’s manifestations of abundance. Ideas flow. Peace is present. You can more easily touch your own joy. You vibrate to abundance. Releasing Fears and ResistanceFears and resistance about money are strong in our society, especially now. Such thoughts and feelings are not necessarily in direct proportion to the quantity of money an individual or organization has. Those with considerable financial means often live with more fears and resistance about money than those with modest resources. The usual response to this phenomenon is, “Of course, they have more to lose.” But I say it goes deeper than that. Fears and resistance about money are embedded deeply in the human consciousness because of the attention and feelings associated with it. Since I can see thought forms, I see how and where such dynamics are embedded. These dynamics permeate all aspects of our lives as a society, and impact us even when we do not personally embrace the specific concept. These embedded dynamics disappear as we lift our vibration and consciousness to appreciate abundance. Fears and resistance about money can be released by surrendering -- often a tough concept for those who have been “successful” in our society. We release fears and resistance by knowing that we opening to wellness and abundance rather than overcoming sickness and poverty. We release by being attentive to our own growth process. We release by letting go. We release by no longer resisting. Moving ForwardI know -- both personally and energetically -- many successful persons who are being challenged to move into and stay in their spiritual knowingness. Those who have been successful and prosperous in the world as it has been must now shift their foundation so that they believe in the Source of their manifested physical things rather than the belief in the manifested physical things themselves. In your own family or organization or other group, you might consider ways to discuss concepts of abundance and prosperity and togetherness and plenty and love. Here is a simple example: the word “downsizing” is an anti-abundance concept. It is also dehumanizing, by the way. Consider, also, that “doing more with less” is a mixed vibration -- do you want “more” or “less”? Consider how you can promote more healthy concepts and clear messages. The dichotomy of wealth and poverty is not merely an issue of distribution, but one of consciousness. We are moving into a new paradigm, a paradigm that includes the awareness and acknowledgement of Spirit. Let’s make the move consciously, joyfully , and abundantly. More than enough exists in this world that is constantly expanding. 21 • B E - July 2016

24. Tarot Card Sun Signs Predictions for July 2016 : 1: Aries: Your life shows a very good growth this month,abundance of good health,wealth indicat- ed.people working in fields related with acting,direction and creative arts will see won- derfull growth. 2:Taurus: Your card suggest u r very pure at heart and trust peo- ple blindly,tarot card message is please don’t trust people blindly as they may take un- due advantage. Builders will benefit from deals. 3:Gemini: Your cards show that you may suffer from bad health due to your negligence, pls take im- mediate medical help.Good career growth,good relations with people on cards. 4:Cancer: Watch before you take any de- cisions.Children appearing for competitive exams will have field days. New career opportunities coming your way.Love life will improve. 5:Leo: It’s time for u to believe in power of manifestations, whatever hard work u have done,will now come to frui- tion.People who are into im- port export business will have great success. 6:Virgo: Love is in air,ur ex will get back to u soon,u will have good time. People who want highest po- sitions in career can reach great heights.Business people wanting expansions will meet like minded people. 7:Libra: Someone known to u ,want to hurt u in more ways than one. Be cautious of taking big risks in business. 8:Scorpio: There will be celebration in house,property matters if any will be cleared.Nice money gain coming up. 9:Sagittarius: You will succeed beyond imag- ination.Love life improves. Money is coming in more n more different ways.Njoy good relations. Time is good for net- work marketing. 10:Capricorn: It’s time to pay attention to health and keep stress in con- trol. Money may get stuck. Relations may not seem good. Chant “ Together-Divine” For good relations. 11:Aquarius: Good time for business im- provement and money gains. Take decisions with care.Big gains indicated but only if cor- rect decisions taken at right time. 12:Pisces: U do amazingly well in ca- reer,relationships.Great time for family outings and cele- bration. An out of city party may happen.U will enjoy good health. VIJAY KESWANI Email: Mob.: 9850090230 22 • B E - July 2016

25. Grief is a Journey, Not a Destination There are days you sit in a chair and stare out the window because living seems to take too much energy. Even to think about what to make for dinner is an all-consum- ing task. It can be daunting, feeling as if there is nothing in this world that will ever hold your interest again. The mail or- der catalog with the Valentine’s Day gifts is a reminder there won’t be any lover’s keepsakes. No hiding in the cabinet those chocolate and peanut butter eggs my hus- band, gone two years, used to enjoy. How small and silly a thought, but how big a rip in my heart. I had always been versatile and open to new ideas, but following my husband’s death, life became a narrow focus of work and children. The joy had flown from most of my days and I worried if this consum- ing disinterest in the world would be per- manent. Time could move excruciatingly slow, and yet other days I couldn’t account for the hours I’d lived through. On the dark days, I lamented that no one cared anymore about my worries, dreams or desires. I hated being an empty vessel, and as I be- gan dating, I expected that special some- one to come along, fill me up, and make me happy. At that point, I mistakenly thought, things would return to normal. I’d be my old self. Little did I know at the beginning of my grief journey, my old self was forever gone. However, I wanted ver- ification that I mattered to someone in some way. I wanted affection and caring, craving what I no longer had. My heart remained ever hopeful that I would find a happy ending, but due to some poor choic- es, I kept throwing myself on the rocks of dating disappointment. With the loss of someone integral to mine and my children’s lives, my sense of nor- malcy had changed. Sometimes I wal- lowed in uncertainty about my life, and the tears would leak out of my eyes to run down my cheeks. I kept those emotions hidden most of the time. I couldn’t bear to have others see me so weak; it seemed too private to share. On rare occasions, I allowed myself to express my pain and anxiety. I wish now that I shared my grief more often. One day I awoke and realized my life had never been a shipwreck and now was not the time to start. I was ever mindful that I was an example to my children, so I gath- ered my strength and took control of my destiny. Knowing the future was all in my hands was frightening and yet liber- ating. Becoming myself once more wasn’t an easy process, but a slow, methodical movement forward. I am no longer the woman I was, but then having gone through this journey, how could I expect, or want, to return to who I had been? Indeed, as the years folded one into another, I had no need to rehash the past. It was behind me as it should be, neither forgotten nor dwelled upon. I now avidly pursue the future as I wel- come life’s unexpected joys and experienc- es. A new life and outlook has emerged, and it is interwoven with bits and pieces of my former life. I am thankful to have found myself again. BY:Elaine Williams Elaine Williams a widow and author of A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss 23 • B E - July 2016

26. The Chief Executive Offi- cer of “You Incorporated”? Sounds like a weird expres- sion but it’s nonetheless a viable and vital concept. It is to see yourself as a com- pany or product (which you certainly are). The CEO of you, Inc. is essentially concerned with personal branding. When it comes to personal branding, the ul- timate responsibility rests with the individual and not a second party. Person- al branding is perhaps as crucial for success as much as the branding of a com- pany or its products and services, if not much more. Companies the world over are noted for branding and re-branding their products and services. They do so to create value, have com- petitive advantage and re- main relevant within their chosen industries. Personal branding is undoubtedly the way to go for profession- als who desire to climb high the ladder of success in the corporate world. DevelLOP a unique sales proposition As CEO of you, Inc., it is essential you develop a unique sales pro- portion. What do you stand for? What do you want to be known for? What makes you stand out from the crowd? What image of you do you want to be etched into the psyche of your clients or potential clientel? In his book, “The Millionaire in you”, Dr. Michael Leboeuf notes that the purpose for a unique sales proposition is to set you apart from those who do similar work. He provides practical advice on the route to take: “Look at your work through the eyes of those who hire you. What do they value most when they hire someone like you? What problems do they want you to solve? What can you do better than anyone else? Take the answers to those questions and write a short, original statement, phrase or word that tells people why you are the person they need.” It is that simple and yet very essential. Leverage on your uniqueness. Commit to self improve- ment Failure to continually strive to be a better ‘you’ will be counter-productive, espe- cially if you are involved with the corporate world and desire to be the best you can possibly be. It should be the pre-occupation of employers, employees and prospective employees to constantly engage with ac- tivities that stimulate the mind, unleash potential and sharpen competences. It is advantageous to be on a constant look out for op- portunities for self improve- ment. If it requires reading some self help or motiva- tional books do so. If it re- quires attending seminars or enrolling for a course to build your capacity, by all means do so. Go the full length to ensure that you are better today than you were yesterday. In his book, “be a sales su- perstar”, Brian Tracy, a world renowned author and top sales trainer, contends that sales persons, and all employees for that matter ought to dedicate them- selves to contiguous learn- ing. He notes that, “the future belongs to the learn- ers… The highest paid sales people spend much more time and money improving themselves and upgrading their skills than the aver- age sales person.” So right on point! Commit to Excellence Excellence should be the hallmark of every profes- sional. Mediocrity in the delivery of products and services should not be countenanced whatsoever. When assigned a task, one ought to settle for nothing short of excellence. It was Orison Swett Marden who once proffered this advice: “Make it a life-rule to give your best to whatever pass- es through your hands. Stamp it with your person- al character. Let superiori- ty be your trademark.” You do not want to be known for slackness and mediocrity. Such will be a poor brand THE CEO OF YOU, INC. 24 • B E - July 2016

27. and would inadvertently drive away clients and pro- spective clients. Brian Tra- cy also states, “The divid- ing line between success and failure is contained in your ability to make a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to be the best and then to back your decision with persistence and determination until you reach your goal.” Such solid advice! Commit to integrity Integrity in business is everything, someone has said. Integrity basically connotes the attribute of doing the right thing at all times and in all occa- sions; ethical uprightness; honesty. Professor Thom- as Dunfee of the Wharton School and who was in business for nearly three decades once noted, “We need to stress that person- al integrity is as important as executive skill in busi- ness dealings.” Sharing similar sentiments, War- ren Buffet, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hatha- way once conceded that “in looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: in- tegrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don`t have the first one, the oth- er two will kill them.” It is sad that some profes- sional have developed the proclivity for outwitting the system and more es- pecially their clients. In the long run, when their sordid business dealings are discovered, they lose clients and in some cases end up with lawsuits and imprisonment. Who wants to hire (or have business dealings with) a swindler? Commit to creating visibil- ity As CEO of you, Inc., creat- ing visibility is a must; Re- fusal to do so is to consign yourself to obscurity and failure. Creating visibility essentially connotes the idea of exposure. Placing advertisements and em- barking on several other promotionalcampaignsare employed by companies to create visibility, with the intent of increasing their market share. Little won- der S. H. Britt once made this perceptive statement: “Doing something without advertising is like winking at a beautiful girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” Dr. Michael Leboeuf shared similar sentiments when he stated that “the world isn’t going to beat a path to your door unless it knows you exist, what ben- efit you provide and what makes you special.” Here, social media such as Face book, Twitter and the likes become important. When an employer (or potential employer) for instance, checks your profile and posts on Face book, what will he or she see and what impression will he have of you? What image do you create in the minds of your contacts and others who may at one point in time or the other check out your posts? It`s horrendous how many youngsters, some elderly included, mess up their personal brands via social media. Rather than mess up or waste your time in idle chatter on so- cial media, make a delib- erate effort to ensure that your accounts, profiles and posts project a good image about yourself. See social media as a promotional tool. You could also volunteer your services, where you desire to work for instance; this is one of the viable ways of creating visibility which will inure to your benefit in the long run. When all is said and done, never forget that you are CEO of you, Inc. It will do a lot of good if every professional or aspiring professional takes per- sonal branding seriously. One ought to maintain the consciousness of being a CEO of you, Incorporated and should take calculated measures to create a per- sonal brand that will sell. By: Daniel Dunoo 25 • B E - July 2016

28. Let’s talk about animals and flowers - and their timeless, eternal spiritual signifi- cance. It doesn’t matter how fond, physically close or knowledgeable you may be about animals; they love us unconditionally and have supported us across lifetimes. Of course, like us, they would love it if we were to show compassion, kindness, and love towards them. They spiritually under- stand the language of our hearts, as that is the only language they speak. It’s amazing how they permeate our con- sciousness, either literally or indirectly, like the humming bird that flits about blessing the flowers, the dolphins that frol- ic in the ocean, adding to its charm! Getting visions of plants, animals or na- ture elements, dreams about them isn’t just a chance. They are either helping you or stand by you as your totem/Ani- mal guides. The easiest way to reach out to animals and hear their inner voice is by considering them as spiritual allies who wish to reach out to all who are open to receiving their guidance, when called upon with a sincere intent. They bless the plan- et with love. God has created a magnificent life cycle, each balancing the other in the most ap- propriate numbers. So the next time you happen to notice an animal in a vision or a flock of them somewhere, realize it’s a blessing. Thank and bless them. So let’s thank, love, heal and acknowledge animals. They add to the light on this planet and the universe, which helps the diversity of life to excel. As humans we enjoy a special relationship with Flowers. Not just delightful to see, flowers are invaluable spiritual teachers and perennial gurus of the garden out- doors. Due to their attractive existence, they transcend the heaviness of the phys- ical and straddle the world of the mysti- cal. In countless cultures and cosmologies, flowers have carried special meanings that went far beyond their medicinal proper- ties. They have symbolized spiritual sto- ries, they have adorned god forms and gar- landed pictures of divine light, explained relationship dynamics and emotions, they have also interpreted secretly encoded messages. Our co-existence with flowers is character- ized by a language that is far more profound and descriptive than any human language, as through their serene appearance, they strike heart to heart conversations with us. Like Angels, flowers are wonderful oracular helpers. When we gaze at flowers with love and complete dedication to it, we become receptive to receiving answers. Attending to them, nurturing the, feeding them, fruits and candies (yes!!), holding them close to our hearts and asking them questions pertaining to life, we receive in- credible answers where the voice comes from the core and is filled with love. OPENING PETALS OF LIFE 26 • B E - July 2016

29. For instance Orchids have magical spe- cialties like elegance, expression, unique- ness, romanticism, love, intuition and luxury. Connect with them for the same. Rose stands for abundance, clearing, healing, love, secrecy and self-love. The numbers of flowers in the world is probably as vast as the number of stars in the sky, each having its unique and magical significance. In order to connect to the flower, either pick one from the garden or buy one from the market, with gratitude to them and Mother Nature for blessing your life with them. Talk to them, nurture them and receive love a million times. Flowers enjoy a very spe- cial bond with the universe. They have been created to add life to each strand to the pure air that we breathe, to add visu- al and sensual divinity on to the planet and to recognize our constant connection with the permanent source of life! Thank you god for creating them! Thank you god for creating them! Love Poornima Dayal Certified Angel Intiutive by Doreen Virtue Reiki

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