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Published on January 7, 2014

Author: RoyOsing



We need to change the conversation around organizations these days; there is too much copying going on.

“How can we be like Best in Class?” pervades most of the dialogue.

That might make sense if your strategy is to be like everyone else in The Herd.

But if you want to be Remarkable and Special you need to ask “How can we BE DiFFERENT?”

You need to provide compelling and unique VALUE.

You need to be The ONLY one that does what you do.

My work, in practical and proven ways show you how to Stand-Out not Fit-In.

BE DiFFERENT or be dead Manifesto

The Essence of BE DiFFERENT — If you’re not DiFFERENT you’re dead, or soon will be — Stand-out from Best in Class; don’t copy it — Create a “just about right” Plan and execute it flawlessly — BE DiFFERENT = Provide VALUE (an experience, meaning to life) that is RELEVANT (something people CARE about) and UNIQUE (something that ONLY you provide)

The Essence of BE DiFFERENT — The ONLY Statement will separate you from The Faceless Herd: “We are the ONLY ones that….” — Cut the CRAP that gets in the way of executing — Lose the sale but NEVER lose the customer relationship — Roy’s Rule of Three: Find 3 things that will achieve 80% of what you want to and DO THEM — SERVE people don’t “service” them — Plan on the Run = Plan - Execute - Learn - Adjust Execute - Learn - Adjust…

The Essence of BE DiFFERENT — Learn about PEOPLE rather than study markets. — Segment a market until you are nose-to-nose with a HUMAN — Discover Customer “SECRETS”, needs are not enough — Create EXPERIENCES for people; don’t flog products — Service Recovery = Screw someone over + Fix it Fast +++ SURPRISE them with what they DON’T expect you deliver what you promised. It’s the ante for playing the DAZZLE game

The Essence of BE DiFFERENT — Kill the DUMB RULES you have that really piss people off — Hire for Goosebumps — Leadership = “SERVING” Around — Create your Strategic Game Plan in just 2 days; EXECUTE it on the 3rd — Customer Learning = a continuous “intimacy” discovery process

The Essence of BE DiFFERENT — SURPRISE someone to create loyalty; meeting their needs doesn’t cut it — Anoint a STRATEGY HAWK to drive the execution of your Game Plan — Don’t expect people to lavish praise on you when you deliver what you promised. It’s the ante for playing the DAZZLE game — Leaders micro-manage Customer MOMENTS

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