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Published on April 8, 2017

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Be an eloquent speaker to score above 7 band in IELTS speaking : Be an eloquent speaker to score above 7 band in IELTS speaking Students appearing in IELTS find speaking module very difficult as they have to appear in a face to face interview with the examiner. This causes an uncomfortable feeling among them. When students are anxious and uncomfortable, it is very difficult for them to maintain their fluency and coherence. As a result, they are unable to answer the question properly. Even after taking coaching they face certain problems such as lack of vocabulary and ideas, lots of repetition and pauses that limit them to a band score of 5-6 . Here are some of the tips for the preparation of the speaking module and to be fluent in speaking to score above 7. Tips for IELTS speaking : Tips for IELTS speaking The Speaking test format is designed to foster a good conversation between the examiner and student, so be natural and answer the questions spontaneously to have a good conversation. To learn to speak naturally,students should start thinking in English and should notrely on translating the question in their mother tongue to answer. It might seem difficult in the beginning but as you practice you would start feeling comfortable speaking in English.   Listen tothe questions carefully and try to answer them naturally. Stay calm and relaxed while answering because it would give enough time to your mind to think of the ideas and vocabulary. If you try to answer in haste you may not have enough words or ideas to answer it properly and you may lose coherence.     Fluency does not mean to speak fast but to answer the question smoothly in a well-organized manner with proper expression. If you rush to finish the answers the examiner may think that you are nervous.   Confidence is the key to achieve high band score. The best way to develop confidence is to speak in English with people. Practising in front of mirror also boosts the confidence of a person and at the same time allows him to observe his facial expression while speaking. Slide 3: Think or search some commonly asked questions and prepare the answers with your real life information. Do not try to speak the learned words as examiners are expert in identifying that and may give a lower score.   Speaking at a length of time needs lots of practice. Use voice recorder to measure your speaking time. Recording facilitates you to you know your weak areas and to keep a track of your performance to see the improvement.   The first part of speaking includes some common questions such as home, hometown, computers, mobile, indoor and outdoor activities, your liking and disliking etc. Try to think of questions about such topics and prepare the answers by using some good vocabulary words. This preparation method helps to think some of the common ideas which can be used in different speaking questions. Slide 4: The second part of speaking is cue-card topic which is speaking about a topic foaround 1-2 minutes. Students often make more mistakes in this part as they sometimes do not have enough ideas, and to keep going on they deviate from the topic or do repetition of sentences. The best way for the preparation of this part is to utilize the given one minute properly to generate ideas and arrange them logically as per the hints given below the cue-card.   The last part of speaking is follow-up questions which are related to the cue-card. The questions asked in this part are of bit abstract nature which involve in-depth thinking and answering logically. The students should give longer answers in this part than part 1 and try to explain the ideas with the help of the examples. To gain a high band score students should use varied tenses, structures and phrases to answer this part.   Listen and watch some IELTS speaking interview videos with band score 8 and 9 to understand the test format and logical answers to questions, and most importantly practice to speak daily by choosing some common IELTs questions in speaking. Enrol now at Knowledge Icon- The best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar to improve your speaking and to gain a high score in IELTS. Watch the testimonials of our students who got the desired band in IELTS at our YouTube channel Knowledge Icon.

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