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Published on July 13, 2009

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Building diagnostics Cameras

Energy Auditing & Weatherization with Thermal Imagers

Agenda Energy Auditing, Weatherization & Energy Use Where & How Thermal Imaging Fits In IR-Fusion® technology Air Leaks & Insulation Moisture Electrical Roofs Thermography physics and heat transfer How a thermal imager works Resolving detail and parameters of a good image Fluke Thermal Imagers SmartView® Software

How We Use Energy in Our Homes Source: DOE - Date Accessed: 4/20/2009

Energy Auditing & Weatherization Energy Audit Evaluate energy use and pinpoint areas of energy loss Thermal imager, blower door, smoke pen, air tester, energy monitor Weatherization Includes a wide variety of energy efficiency measures that encompass the building envelope, its heating and cooling systems, its electrical system, and electricity consuming appliances Corrective action based on findings Follow up scan with infrared to verify repairs Source: DOE - Date Accessed: 4/20/2009

According to ENERGY STAR®: “…sealing and insulating the "envelope" or "shell" of your home — its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors — is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort.” Source - Date Accessed: 4/20/2009

Common Air Leak Sources Source: DOE - Date Accessed: 4/20/2009

Why Thermal Imaging? Easier & more effective inspection Customers request it More competitive Build business & make more money

What is Thermography? Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects The amount of radiation increases with temperature It is the science of “seeing” temperature by measuring the radiation emitted from an object and converting this data to a corresponding digital, or visual image called a thermogram We are only measuring the surface temperature!

What Does an IR Camera Do? Displays the thermal patterns on a given surface by converting temperature data to a digital image Can also provide advanced temperature measurements Provides visual verification and documentation of moisture problems, before and after Most importantly – reduces liability, improves efficiency, adds revenue stream

Why use Thermal Imaging? Hot or cold areas, or thermal anomalies, often are a strong indicator of potential problems Thermal Imaging works well to inspect: Building Inspections Residential - Home Inspectors Commercial – Property Managers Energy Audits/Weatherization Termite/Pest Control Water damage Commercial Low Slope Roofing Construction Defect Management or Building Forensic Firms Plumbing/Radiant Heat

Thermography Benefits Measurements are: Non-contact Obtained without disturbing structure Very sensitive to problem characteristics Detect problem before significant damage Can scan large areas quickly Identifies specific location

Why Thermal Imaging? “The time savings alone made my investment in thermal imaging well worth it.  Infrared allows me to quickly and easily locate air leaks and missing insulation without having to drill and probe with a manometer.” - Andy Imig Owner, Arrowhead Energy and Comfort Solutions – Esko, MN Instructor, Dunwoody Institute & Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

What do we look for? Thermography can identify surface temperature variations that relate to problems with poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation, broken window seals, moisture intrusion and air Air leakage Air Quality Energy Consumption Safety Concerns Occupant comfort Moisture intrusion Health (mold) Construction Problems Maintenance cost Safety Concerns Electrical and Mechanical Systems

Where do we look? Roof Systems Indoor Walls Floors Ceilings Exterior Thermal bridging Window systems Construction HVAC/R System component operation Duct system Electrical and Mechanical Systems Connections Breakers Fuses

Air Leaks Become Visible! Fast location of air leaks and missing insulation Non-destructive Easily document & report findings to property owner

Three Modes of Heat Transfer Radiation is the transmission of electromagnetic rays through space Each material that has a temperature above absolute zero (-460°F) emits infrared radiation, Conduction is direct heat flow through matter Fun fact: Notice how metal feels cold? It is not – that is only the metal taking energy away from your hand and we perceive this as “cold”! Convection is the transport of heat within a gas or liquid Cold air drops so A/C vents are high Warm air rises so heating vents are on floor

Conduction & Convection Example Outside heat conducted through siding Convected inside empty wall cavity Conducted through inside wall board Convected into air conditioned room

Air Leaks Image Courtesy of Structure Tech Home Inspections Common causes: Door & window gaps Exterior wall electrical outlets Recessed lights Attic penetrations Ducts / Vents

Fluke IR-Fusion® Combines visual light and infrared together Easy reference of problem location More effective reporting

IR-Fusion Viewing Modes Traditional Full IR Color Alarm PIP Full IR Full Visual PIP Blended Blended IR / Visual *Not all viewing modes available on-board all models, all available in software

Air Leaks Locate exact leak point

Air Leaks The passage of air through the building envelope, wall, window, joint, etc. Improper air movement significantly reduces the integrity and performance of the envelope and is therefore a major contributor to energy consumption in a building as well as poor air quality

Air Leaks Poor construction Leaks and penetrations around envelop: Chimneys Plumbing vents HVAC lines Utility lines Leaks around window and doors Poorly installed siding and wraps Damaged and misfit heat ducts

Construction Defects Find common construction issues such as missing insulation, improper framing, concrete and masonry problems, etc. These images are from a stucco home which had small outside leaks

Air Sealing Caulking Spray Foam Weather stripping Validate repairs with IR

Validate repairs with IR

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