BD myShopi's omnichannel activation platform: data strategy

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Information about BD myShopi's omnichannel activation platform: data strategy

Published on September 24, 2014

Author: myShopi



myShopi is the #1 promo platform for consumers in Belgium with over 500k app downloads in September 2014. myShopi provides a digital shopping list functionality, cashback coupons, digitized loyalty cards and retailer leaflets to consumers via smartphone apps, tablet apps and a the website
This presentation explains the data strategy of BD myShopi and was presented by Toon Coppens at the BDMA data or devil conference, September 16th.

myShopi Toon Coppens – @me_toon - 16/09/2014 – BDMA DATA Conference

The context: BD Group in the consumer decision lifecycle OMNI-CHANNEL ACTIVATION & LOYALTY PLATFORM DATA 1-to-1 marketing Promo marketing


myShopi: Promo platform Omni-Channel

500k APPs downloads




Shopping list


Online leaflets

Usage data Coupon usage and views Shopping Available data list Geo-location & shop info Leaflet s views Loyalty card usage

Not greedy on data

Zero entry barrier

Qualitative data

App rating Keeping consumers happy

Cashback data

Cashback 1-2-3 Cashback?

400+ campaigns

Delivering tons of data • Voorbeeld kassaticketten Tons of data

New FMCG insights

Ibeacon + video Beacon

Shopping intent based activation

Shopping intent based re-activation

Thank you • • @myShopi

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