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Published on September 30, 2014

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FORMAT • 25 questions which you will get only if you are a true quizzer • 5 Simpsons references that you never noticed before • 16 questions that will blow your mind • These participants thought they were in a serious quiz round .… you’ll never guess what happens next • 16 more questions that will blow your mind

25 questions which you will get only if you are a true quizzer Written elimination. No negatives. +1 for each answer. View slide

• ________ was initially included to make users familiar with graphical user interfaces and it proved useful in familiarizing them with the use of a mouse and basic techniques such as the drag-and-drop. • It has raised concerns of lost business productivity and in 2006, a New York City worker was fired after Mayor Michael Bloomberg saw him using it on his office computer. • What? 01 View slide

• Solitaire

• This is a photo of Axelle Despiegelaere, a Belgian who was offered a modeling contract by L'Oreal after being spotted at a certain place. • However, her contract was later cancelled after images of her posing with a hunting rifle and a dead animal were found on her Facebook feed. • So where was Axelle spotted by L'Oreal, leading to her short-lived celebrity status? 02

• At the 2014 Football World Cup

• From a blog post titled “All our ________ are belong to you” on a certain company’s website • “Yesterday, there was a wall of ________ in the lobby of our Palo Alto headquarters. That is no longer the case. They have been removed, in the spirit of the open source movement” • Name the company which has made this move, which seems to be a mix of good business sense and altruism. • Also mention what they have done. 03

• Tesla Motors • They have made their patents for electric car design open for the public to use

• This messaging service was launched in 2010 and was called "Weixin" which means "micro message". • It became wildly popular in China and for its international expansion it was renamed and the company has hired various brand ambassadors for its international expansion, including a popular footballer as well as an Indian Actor and Actress as their brand ambassador in India. • Which service? 04

• WeChat

• What does this graph show? 05

• Most deadly actors, in terms of on-screen kills

• Where would you most probably be if on the morning of the 7th of July, you wake up early, dress in whites with a red waistband and neckerchief, enter through the gate of the Town Hall and wait for the rocket that sets off at 8 AM? • (Some of you attention seeking types might also want to carry the day's newspaper rolled up) 06*

• Pamplona

• In 1992, George HW Bush made a speech which included the statement "we are going to keep on trying to strengthen the American family, to make American families a lot more like the X and a lot less like the Y.“ • The creators of the Y responded by creating an opening scene where they see this speech and one of the characters says, "Hey, we're just like the X. We're praying for an end to the Depression, too.“ • Simply identify X and Y 07*

• X – Waltons; Y - Simpsons

• X is a character from a short story which has been made into two movies - one in the 40s and another in 2013 - although neither is really true to the short story • It is believed that the character was largely based on the author himself. Neurologist V.S. Ramachandran has suggested that the author may have had a neurological condition that causes vivid and bizarre hallucinations even in blind patients, which would explain what happens to X. • Name the short story in which X appears. 08*

• The secret life of Walter Mitty

• The August 31, 1946 edition of the New Yorker was somewhat deceptive with the cover showing a summer picnic in a park. • Inside, the entire edition was dedicated to a single story around the events that happened on a particular day in the lives of six people. • This was done because most people in the US were unaware about the details of the event. • So what event was the story around? 09*

• The atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima

• F. Mark Bell, Charles Bronson , Malcolm Couch, Elsie Dorman, Robert J. E. Hughes and Tina Towner have also shot a film of this, however X’s film is the most popular one. • Don DeLillo once said that X’s famous little film “could probably fuel college courses in a dozen subjects from history to physics” • Who is X? 10*

• Abraham Zapruder

• In January 2014, an Indian Trail councilman from North Carolina, David Waddell tendered his resignation letter in a rather unique manner, which caused great excitement among certain fans. • The image shows his letter. • So what caused all the excitement? 11

• It is written in Klingon

• According to legend, when the voting was taking place for the first Academy Awards, the most votes for Best Actor went to X who starred in various movies including Hills of Kentucky, Tracked by the Police, Jaws of Steel and A Race for Life. • However, it was later felt that this would result in the awards not being taken seriously and the award ultimately went to Emil Jannings. • Who is X? 12

• Rin Tin Tin

• Inori Aizawa is an anthropomorphic mascot created to advertise a particular software and to convince anime fans to return to using it as its popularity has been falling. • Which software? 13

• Internet Explorer

• Events in August 2012 led to some unwittingly hilarious posts, tweets etc. by people who were probably confused. • Subsequently, there were many images making fun of this. One such image is shown here. • Simply name all three people being referenced. • (Full names needed) 14

• Neil Armstrong; Louis Armstrong; Lance Armstrong

• This is the logo of a group which has a large presence in various e-commerce businesses including B2B online web portals, online retail and payment services, mobile commerce and so on. • In September it raised $25 billion to become the biggest IPO ever. Identify the group, whose name would surely be familiar, possibly in a different context. 15

• Alibaba Group

• Whose website is this? 16

• Whose website is this?

• Weirdass Comedy

• In the early hours of Sunday, 22nd February 2009, a savage virus called ‘CSV’ began to infect millions of websites worldwide. • Originating from an unknown source in the UK at around 2am it started corrupting the CSS files of websites through a server loophole. • So what exactly did the virus do? • (Images on the next slide) 17

• Changed the text to Comic Sans

• The Pillars of Hercules was a phrase used for two peaks which were supposed to mark the end of the known world. • Traditionally, they bore the warning "Non plus ultra", (nothing further beyond) to warn sailors to go no further. • However, after the discovery of the Americas, Charles V incorporated the pillars into his coat of arms with the phrase "Plus Ultra", indicating a desire to see the Pillars as an entrance to the rest of the world. • While the identity of one of the two peaks is disputed between either Monte Hacho in Ceuta and Jebel Musa, the other one is quite clear. • So which is the other peak? 18

• Rock of Gibraltar

• This is a documentary by Juan Carlos Zaldivar • JFK also often used the same phrase “90 Miles” in his speeches • So where are these 90 miles? 19

• Between Key West, Florida (USA) and Cuba

• When the app Yo was launched, it was dismissed by a lot of people . • However Venture capitalist Marc Andreesen felt it was a useful instance of "one-bit communication" — like a Police siren, a flashing stop light or an "Open" sign. • He also compared it to a major one bit communication technique, common in South East Asia and Africa. • Industry estimates of loss of revenue due to this technique are around 20–30%. • What technique, which has been used by many companies and even by the AAP in India? 20

• Missed Calls

• These birds are so vital to the ecosystem that two separate groups have convergently evolved; one in the New World and one in the Old World. • The New World birds are found in North and South America; Old World birds are found in Europe, Africa and Asia. • What birds? 21

• Vultures

• 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of a certain modern marvel whose cross section is shown below. Identify this engineering wonder. 22

• Channel Tunnel

• Her real name is Tardar Sauce. • Her owner says that her look is due to feline dwarfism. • She first became popular on Reddit and now her Facebook page has over 6 million likes. • She was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on the cover of New York Magazine. • Ironically, she is calm and actually really nice. • How do we better know her? 23

• Grumpy Cat

• In 2007, MS Office made a major change by changing X (the previous default) to a new one Y. • The change was made due to two major reasons - the rise in digital reading and the need for the modernization as X had been in use for a long time. • Identify X and Y. 24

• X – Times New Roman • Y – Calibri

• What is this a list of? • 1. "Harry Potter" series, J.K. Rowling (21.08%) • 2. "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee (14.48%) • 3. "The Lord of the Rings," J.R.R. Tolkien (13.86%) • 4. "The Hobbit," J.R.R. Tolkien (7.48%) • 5. "Pride and Prejudice," Jane Austen (7.28%) • 6. "The Holy Bible" (7.21%) • 7. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Douglas Adams (5.97%) • 8. "The Hunger Games" trilogy, Suzanne Collins (5.82%) • 9. "The Catcher in the Rye," J.D. Salinger (5.7%) • 10. "The Chronicles of Narnia," C.S. Lewis (5.63%) 25

• Top 10 books ranked by how often they were named in Facebook statuses mentioning “10 books that have stayed with me”

Finals will be starting soon

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