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Published on March 20, 2009

Author: aSGuest15130

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Slide 1: BCP “Business Continuity is a people process that is technology enabled” Scott R. Roe, C.P.P. President, Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. Presented By: Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Slide 2: What is BCP? Business Continuity Planning Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING (BCP) : BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING (BCP) “Process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable an organization to respond to an event in such a manner that critical business functions continue with planned levels of interruption or essential change.” SIMILAR TERMS: Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Resumption Planning, Continuity Planning Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Past & Present : Past & Present Employee Notification Calling Tree (pre-2000) Y2K (Information Technology – Infrastructure - focused) Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Why BCP? : Why BCP? Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Jacobs Packaging – 1982“Worst Fire In The History Of Kansas City” : Jacobs Packaging – 1982“Worst Fire In The History Of Kansas City” General Alarm (started as a 3 alarm) • 150 + Firemen & Firewomen • Burned for 3 days • Impact – several city blocks • Computer backed up • Files stored off-site • No Business Continuity Plan • Company closed 3 ½ years later • 18 company employees out of work • 100’s of employees working at neighboring businesses impacted Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) West Bottoms – Kansas City, Missouri The SolutionBusiness Continuity Plan : The SolutionBusiness Continuity Plan Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) 1) Project Initiation o Objectives & Assumptions 2) Functional Requirements o Fact Gathering, Alternatives, Decisions by Management 3) Design & Development o Designing the Plan 4) Implementation o Creating the Plan 5) Testing & Exercising o Post Implementation Plan Review 6) Maintenance and Updating o Updating the Plan 7) Execution o Declare Disaster and Executing Recovery Procedures Project InitiationObjectives and Assumptions : Project InitiationObjectives and Assumptions Problem Definition (DR vs. BCP) Objectives and Assumptions Scope and Cost Of The Program Committees / Teams Policies Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Functional RequirementsFact Gathering, Alternatives and Decisions : Functional RequirementsFact Gathering, Alternatives and Decisions Risk Analysis (RA) and Controls Threats (Nature - Human - Technical ) Risk Mitigation Controls Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Quantify (financial impacts) Qualify (meeting the criteria to be included) Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Design and DevelopmentDesigning the Plan : Design and DevelopmentDesigning the Plan Plan Scope and Objective Statement Business Recovery Organization and Responsibilities Major Plan Components Acceptance By Management Roles & Responsibilities Types Of Disasters With Mitigation Strategies Infrastructure Repair/Replace Manual Process – Work Around Escalation, Notification & Plan Activation Vital Records (electronic & paper) – Off Storage Program Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) ImplementationCreating the Plan : ImplementationCreating the Plan Emergency Response Procedures (building evacuation, medical response, shelter in place) Command, Control & Emergency Operations Center Delegation/Designation Of Authority Detailed Resumption, Recovery & Restoration Vendor or Support Contacts Contracts (have a copy in your plan) Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Testing and Exercising PhasePost Implementation Plan Review : Testing and Exercising PhasePost Implementation Plan Review Exercise Program & Objectives Exercise Plans & Scenarios Plan Evaluation Training, Corporate Awareness Programs and Vehicles for Dissemination Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Maintenance and UpdatingKeeping the Plan Current : Maintenance and UpdatingKeeping the Plan Current Schedules & Budgets for Update & Maintenance Activities Business Continuity Plan Appendix Items Plan Distribution & Security Binder/Disk Control Numbers Distribution Lists Restrictive Markings - Information Protection Policy Non-sensitive Sensitive Confidential Maintenance Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Execution PhaseDeclare Disaster and Execute Recovery Operations : Execution PhaseDeclare Disaster and Execute Recovery Operations Roles & Responsibilities Activation Documentation Use Of Forms For Recording Events Communication Employees, Customers, Vendors, Media Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Slide 15: Presented By Abhishek Kumar (C01) Thank You

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