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Published on September 6, 2007

Author: Waldarrama

Source: authorstream.com

BOOT CAMP HOCKEY:  BOOT CAMP HOCKEY Leadership Respect Intensity It’s More than Intense Hockey Training…It’s Life Lessons. For a Change that is Forever…:  For a Change that is Forever… Mission – Build the player with positive, uplifting and empowering messages that will create a LEADER and give the player a sense of true TEAM WORK. This will aid him in not only hockey, but more importantly – succeeding in LIFE! Accomplish Mission by…:  Accomplish Mission by… Players actually run the camp with extreme staff supervision. Each player holds a position where they lead entire team or portion thereof. They are RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for human beings! Then they are evaluated by their own peers in writing and later counseled by staff on their victories and challenges. We call this the 'truth–teller!' Accomplish Mission Cont…:  Accomplish Mission Cont… Teach with Practical Application: Responsibility Accountability Honor Courage Commitment Team Work Integrity Honesty The 14 Leadership Traits The 11 Leadership Principles Highlights of Boot Camp Hockey:  Highlights of Boot Camp Hockey Leadership Training Classroom Discussions Personal Discussions Practical Application Guest Spkrs to reinforce ideas Players Lead and Responsible for other Players Intense Ice Sessions Morning - focus on Skills Afternoon - Team Concepts Evening - Scrimmages Tough Dryland Training At least two sessions Plyometrics andamp; Strength Hill Runs Finish as one! Individual or Team Camp Option:  Individual or Team Camp Option Come as Individual or send an Entire Team with Coaches on Ice Each person will take away same Life Lessons Send a team – get back a UNIT! Team will live, eat, sleep, train, workout, move, learn and skate as ONE! Each Player will have MORE Responsibility than ever before! Supervision and Safety… NUMBER 1 Priority:  Supervision and Safety… NUMBER 1 Priority Staff on 24-Hour Duty Track Players/Activities at all times Communications in-place Campus Police Present Medical Facilities Available EMT/Trainer Present Coaches/Counselors Former Military Members Pro, Div I or Junior players All are accustomed to leadership, supervision, being 'on-duty,' responsible and accountable Lake Placid Olympic Experience Option:  Lake Placid Olympic Experience Option Experience the MIRACLE! Live with Olympic Athletes Skate where the Gold was won! Have 1980 Gold Locker Room Stay at Olympic Training Center Olympic Coaches as Guest Spkrs Visit all venues Ride the actual 1980 bobsled Submerge yourself and team in Olympic Lifestyle and History Unbelievable vacation for parents Room for ONLY 2 Teams! Any Age – male or female Need at least 20 Players Recreation at Boot Camp Hockey:  Recreation at Boot Camp Hockey Its fun, camaraderie and team building! -Soccer -European Handball -Rec-room activities -Nintendo/Play Station Tournaments and MORE! With Hard Work… -comes great reward… Well-planned and quality recreation is more than just recreation. You can build team values, leadership, accountability and trust while you enjoy yourself without even knowing it! ConclusionWhy Boot Camp Hockey?:  Conclusion Why Boot Camp Hockey? Simply put…We have what you have been looking for! Finally, a serious training camp that focuses on improving the person, building the spirit, promoting good values and teaching lessons that are critical in succeeding in life. All this with the player having the time of his life and learning in an environment that is safe, supporting and intent on creating a positive experience. www.bootcamphockey.com

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