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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: RachelKang2

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Icebreaker Categories In each round, I will assign a category Going in a circle, name something that falls under that category If you hesitate or give the wrong answer, you‟re out!

Agenda Overview of the speaker panel Industry Training: „Careers in Television‟ Professional Development: LinkedIn BCEC Retreat Upcoming Events

Speaker Panel Deltas Pluses

Careers in Television Whether your goal is to be on air or behind-thescenes, it is important to familiarize yourself with the professions out there and understand how the various parts fit together to make the whole. The better educated you are about the business, the greater your chances of gaining entry to and succeeding in an industry that has produced the likes of Walter Cronkite, Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer.

Note: These are all entry-level positions I did not list technical jobs, such as prop master and audio engineer

Agent‟s Assistant Duties At agencies like CAA, you have to be doing desk work for at least a year before you can apply to the agent trainee program $30,000 a year, paid minimum wage at first Typical office responsibilities like filing, scheduling appointments, and fetching coffee Rolling calls; chatting up clients and manning calls while your boss is out of the office Reading scripts and contracts, studying up deals Support the agent: remember the details s/he forgets, pick up the dry cleaning, and making dinner reservations Bend over backwards to keep the clients happy: accompany stars to premieres, pick up the dry cleaning PROS: insider access to the industry through celebrities, producers, directors, and studios

Expectations: Available at a moment‟s notice; failure to do so may get you fired on the spot Low pay, but lots of perks: free tickets, free swag Gateway to opportunities, so pay your dues and network hard Even if you don‟t want to be an agent, with the contacts you make the sky is your limit

Opportunities http://www.agentassociation.com/frontdoor/classifi eds.cfm If you‟re really interested about the world of talent agencies, read The Mailroom: Hollywood History From the Bottom Up

Assistant Script Supervisor Duties: Collecting and transcribing script revisions, disseminating those changes to the department heads Transferring continuity notes to the corresponding page colors Recalculate the scene totals and one-eighth breakdown (measurement of inches of page used to determine scene length) While on set, participate in taking photos for the purpose of ensuring continuity of each scene for pick-up shots or retakes; responsible for maintaining the catalogues of these photographs in an organized manner May run lines with actors during rehearsal Maintaining forms and supplies of the department and may be delegated to office tasks such as making copies, procuring materials If required to work on a second unit production team, s/he will be upgraded to a department head

What to Expect Usually freelance career Time split between working on set covering continuity photographs and completing notes and script revisions in the production office Anticipate irregular hours based on the shooting schedule, and travel may be necessary when working on location Position is a natural steppingstone to script supervisor Prior experience as a production assistant is useful

Casting Associate Duties Read through the script with the casting director to identify the principal and supporting roles, compile a list of possible actors for each character, and contact the talent‟s agency for availability During the audition process, you will have to operate the video camera, collect and catalog resumes, and ensure the process runs smoothly After auditions you edit each actor‟s video, working with the casting director to select the best takes and create a short list of names for each character These tapes must be labeled and packaged with the pertinent materials (resume, availability calendar, etc.) and delivered to the director for final approval Also serve as secretary and personal assistant Between projects, must be constantly adding to a mental roster by watching new films, shows, plays, and commercials for talent

What to Expect You can land a gig with a rich resume of amateur theatre experience and student films You must be a master networker Support the casting director, above all else

Clearance Coordinator Clearing a property refers to the practice of securing permission to use copyrighted material or personal likeness, or researching a property to ensure there are no ownership claims and disputes Duties: Generating clearance requests, drawing up appropriate license agreements Negotiate and administer contracts Continually update department‟s database with pertinent information regarding contracts, owner information, royalty data, and cue sheets Ex: to use a behind-the-scenes interview with an actor on the set of his new film for a promotional website, the coordinator would negotiate with the production company that shot the footage, the producers of the film, and the management company representing the featured actor Other examples include using a film clip in a television show, sampling a recorded song in a video game, or getting permission from TV extras The production assistant would have them sign the release form, but the coordinator‟s job is to log those releases and record the information in the event of a later dispute

What to Expect Outside of TV, employment opportunities also exist within advertising agencies, print publications, and video game developers Can lead to advancement at the manager level, or to positions such as associate producer and segment producer Excellent first step for those interested in the business side of entertainment production, as you have plenty of networking opportunities with industry professionals in music, film, television, and live production

Copywriter Write the ads and marketing assets that compel audiences to watch a show Duties: Responsible for creating copy for advertising, marketing, and PR materials on behalf of entertainment companies Take direction on the goals of the campaign and work within the given creative and design parameters to deliver content that is persuasive, interesting, and reflective of the quality of the product and intended audience May be asked to write a tag line and script synopsis for a TV show‟s website and press packet, actor bios, magazine ads Attend meetings about upcoming initiatives, pitching ideas, and conducting research

What to Expect Can be performed freelance or by telecommuting, but most often, the copywriter is required to keep regular business hours in the office Work under strict deadlines

Marketing Assistant Duties Updating contact databases, conducting research on competitors‟ strategies, and scrubbing mailing lists Clerical tasks like scheduling travel arrangements, fielding phone calls, and proofreading PowerPoint presentation slides Update blogs and Twitter feeds What to Expect Data comparison, lead generation, and click-through rates should excite you Supply information accurately and timely to supervisors, be proactive in completing tasks Can pursue advancement as a marketing representative

Marketing Representative Duties Deliver visual materials such as posters and product displays to record, DVD, and game stores Work with media outlets to set up contests and giveaways; negotiate terms Regularly visit stores to track sales and ensure there‟s enough product to meet demand Identify factors impacting sales and prepare sales analyses and strategies Coordinate focus groups, surveys, and post-release analysis reports

What to Expect Do not keep regular hours Travel extensively across assigned territory Constantly visiting the same stores or radio stations to deploy a marketing strategy, then doubling back to follow up, maintain relationships, and track sales High sales can help you work your way up from a local role to regional representative to marketing director

Personal Assistant Duties Act as the liaison for the client and fill the gap where the agent ends and the publicist begins Keep client‟s brand operational, whether through updating social media sites, walking the dogs, or reading scripts Manage client‟s day-to-day errands and appointments; most high-profile clients are scheduled down to the minute Anything is fair game, and you become involved with their daily activities

What to Expect The cliche is that every personal assistant has an agenda, whether it‟s to pitch a screenplay or land a role On set you are _____‟s assistant and do not have a name of your own Great networking opportunities, but the challenge is to get people to remember your name “No” is not an answer Common to transition to corporate world of PR, styling, or behindthe-scenes work

Production Assistant Duties Never a typical day at the office; PA is the catchall person for any task Production office PA will answer phones, make copies of scripts, and run errands Set PA will help assistant director by corralling extras, escorting actors to and from the set, and fetch snacks for the crafts services table Does not operate camera, lighting, or audio equipment; instead, PA will grab an apple box for the electrician to set a C-stand on, or help keep the set quiet while the boom operator records ambient noise

What to Expect It doesn‟t matter if your aspiration is to be a director, audio engineer, or makeup artist; working as a PA is where you learn firsthand about life on a professional set and make the contacts to launch your career Tasks that no one else wants PA work is like boot camp for the entertainment business: if you can do this job well, you have shown you have what it takes to climb up the ladder Going the extra mile to find tasks before you‟re asked to do them will impress the people around you; pass out water bottles to the crew, be standing by towels when director yells “cut!” on a pool scene The PA‟s name that gets called the most often is the one who will be on the next shoot This position can be a launching pad to any mid-level position in film and television Traditionally the next step is as production coordinator, camera assistant, or electrician

Public Relations Assistant Duties Clerical tasks and conduct ongoing research to identify the brand or client‟s coverage in all forms of media. Includes every critic‟s review in a newspaper, every blog post, and YouTube parody video Prepare press clips and deliver copies of media mentions to clients Update email lists for press releases and e-list blasts

Script Reader The gatekeeper between the scriptwriter and the development executive with the power to greenlight scripts. S/he keeps the crap off his boss‟s desk and only forwards material with real promise.

Duties • Read scripts submitted for possible submissions or on behalf of a writer seeking representation from an agent Catalogs each submission within an internal database system, detailing the title, author, submission date, subject, and other pertinent information Checks for proper formatting Rule of thumb: one page = one minute onscreen. Knows after reading the first ten pages if it is worth considering. Makes notes on well-written scenes or bad ones, which is then created into a dissertation-like review that is forwarded to the development executive or agent for consideration

What to Expect Give honest feedback on the characters, plot, dialogue, and setting It is up to the development executive to decide what could be profitable for the company and what audiences will enjoy Experience can lead to advancement in production development and producing

Social Media Coordinator Develop strategies to increase fan base on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites by outlining a campaign calendar and conceptualizing tactics to increase audience participation Actively engage followers to transform visitors into advocates for the brand Collaborate with all divisions in the marketing and promotions departments to create relevant content Deliver regular updates to superiors on traffic and conversion of visitors, and will submit new development plans for approval

Staff Writer First step for aspiring television writers. Staff writers are paid a weekly salary and contracted for a designated period during the life of a series.

Duties Gather with other staff writers to break down script, develop plot points and flesh out characters Like improvisational actors, writers bounce ideas off one another with the aim of adding to the brainstorming. Constructive criticism should be followed with a pitch for a solution. May participate in first reads and rehearsals with the cast and make notes and changes to scenes that are not working well

LinkedIn "LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.” Odds are when you apply for an internship or when you contact a company for your event, they will search you up on LinkedIn. Not having one when you are in a business club and/or are an aspiring business major implies you aren't serious about your professional life. When professionals look at your LinkedIn, it is also their first impression of you and the first impression really matters.

Profile Picture Pick a professional picture of yourself to upload. It should be clear and you should be the only one in it (no floating arms from #failcrops) It also depends on what industry you want to go into, I've noticed representatives from entertainment companies can get away with more "Instagrammy" pictures because it shows their personality a bit and sets them apart from the people in monkey suits. If you want to go into something more traditional and conservative like finance or accounting, you should probably opt for a more conservative and professional picture.

Headline This defaults to the most recent thing under "Experiences", and if not, it will default to "Student at the University of California, Berkeley". Personally, I would create an original headline -- this would help differentiate you among your peers and among the other search results. But if you had a prestigious internship or if you have had work experience that you believe defines you, keep that as your headline.

Summary Your summary should have this structure -- introduction, body, action step, and optional specialties. Your introduction should state your year, major, and school. The body should include some background information on yourself (like the objectives portion of your resume, but more detailed.) The action step should be a sentence that welcomes the reader to reach out to you. Specialties is just a list of things that you are good at and are interested in pursuing further professionally.

Tip Look at the LinkedIn belonging to someone who holds a title that you would like to hold someday, or a professional you look up to in your industry of choice, and try to emulate it. Warning: if you look at someone's profile, it will notify them and might prompt them to look at yours in return. You can change your viewing to "Anonymous" in settings.

Education and Experience This could essentially be copied and pasted from your resume.

Media If you have created PowerPoint presentations, written research papers, done case competitions, produced films/videos, produced music -- upload it to your LinkedIn. It will show people that you are so serious about what you are doing that you have gone out of your way to work on projects related to it. Having physical work to prove that you have done more in school than just schoolwork will score you brownie points for sure.

Everything Else Everything else is just a matter of you filling it out all the way, this will help you get your Profile Strength to 100%.

Your Presence What is often overlooked by students on LinkedIn is their LinkedIn presence. Just like how looking at someone's statuses on Facebook and pictures on Instagram tells you a lot about a person, looking at your posts and likes on LinkedIn helps other professionals get to know you as well. By sharing articles from the industry you are interested in, it shows that you are on top of current news. By liking company posts and statuses you show that you are engaged in the community. Follow companies that you are interested in. Join groups that cater to your interest. All of this will bring your profile together into a cohesive professional narrative. This could also bring attention to your profile from the companies you are interested in.

Your Connections Try to connect with as many people as possible without it being too awkward. The larger your network, the better your profile looks to other professionals. It shows that you try to put yourself out there and try to meet people, which is always a good skill to have. Connect with friends, fellow students, club members, counselors, coworkers, speakers you've talked to at events etc.

Assignment Please connect with me on LinkedIn (search Rachel Kang) as soon as possible. I will check everyone's LinkedIn by Wednesday, March 12th and email out my critiques and recommendations the following night.

BCEC Retreat Saturday, March 15th Meet @ Shattuck Bart station 11AM to SF Return around dinner time

Upcoming Events BCEC Music Committee Tour: Fantasy Studios Thursday, March 13 9:15 AM to 12 PM The tour will begin at 10am, so we will be meeting at 9:15am on the corner of Shattuck and Durant to catch the 49 bus down to the studio. We should be back in Berkeley by 12:00pm or 12:15pm.

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