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Published on March 28, 2008

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Pork & BBQ Trends:  Pork & BBQ Trends September 11, 2002 What Does Barbecue Mean?:  What Does Barbecue Mean? A Verb the way to cook hunks of meat over an open flame in a sunny backyard? An Event an outdoor gathering for the enjoyment of good, down-home food and good, down-home company. A Flavor of fire, smoke, hickory, oak, paprika, cayanne, brown sugar, nutmeg, fruit and other nuances. A Noun either the classic cuisine of the American South, or perhaps the grill on which people cook it. History as Bible:  History as Bible Many interpretations and translations “de barbe et queue” Ultimately, Pork IS barbecue It’s a culture that spans the country BBQ as a Verb:  BBQ as a Verb Grilling:  Grilling Not an ownable position Easily claimed by other proteins Works against barbecue end product Bigger than barbecue in appeal But, not loyalists to “tool” not meat used Source: Barbecue Industry Association How Often Do People BBQ (Grill)?:  How Often Do People BBQ (Grill)? How often do you barbecue? Source: Impulse Research Corporation “Topline Report: BBQ Facts,” February 2002. Pork Is Part Of The Grilling Menu:  Pork Is Part Of The Grilling Menu When grilling, how often do you grill with pork? Source: Impulse Research Corporation “Topline Report: BBQ Facts,” February 2002. Ribs and Chops are favorites. BBQ as an Event:  BBQ as an Event Slide9:  Broadest definition of barbecue Too elusive to define, means different things to different people As an Event Source: Prepared Foods, July 2001 Most Plan to Host/Attend Numerous BBQs:  Most Plan to Host/Attend Numerous BBQs How many BBQs do you expect to host or attend this summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Source: Impulse Research Corporation “Topline Report: BBQ Facts,” February 2002. BBQ as a Flavor:  BBQ as a Flavor Slide12:  Narrowist definition of barbecue Only refers to the sauce, not a cooking method As a Flavor Source: Prepared Foods, July 2001 Slide13:  First barbecue sauce originated in China Called “ke-tsiap” English sailors brought it to the American colonies. Original version was vinegar-based. Eventually, tomatoes were added Kraft markets the world’s best-selling barbecue sauce in the world. Introduced in 1950’s First national brand of BBQ sauce in America Most popular sauce used as a “base” First Mass Produced BBQ Sauce Source: Prepared Foods, July 2001 Slide14:  Top Sauces in the Kitchen Pantry Source: NPD Kitchen Audit, 1999 (N=2,000) % of households with the following sauces 1. BBQ sauce (75%) 2. Soy sauce (68%) 3. Steak sauce (64%) 4. Tabasco/hot sauce (57%) 5. Horseradish sauce (33%) 5. Tarter sauce (33%) 6. Marinades--bottled and powder (32%) * 7. Teriyaki sauce (31%) * Significant increase with marinades in households (22% in 1993 to 32% in 1999) Slide15:  Top Grilling Sauces/Flavors Source: 1999 Weber GrillWatch Survey Most popular flavor enhancers when grilling 1. Bottled BBQ sauce 2. Homemade marinades 3. Bottled marinades 4. Bottled steak sauce 5. Homemade BBQ sauce 6. Wood chips 7. Spice rubs 8. Homemade steak sauce BBQ Sauce Use In-Home:  BBQ Sauce Use In-Home 10% of all pork includes some type of BBQ sauce, either as an additive or an ingredient. In the past year, pork was a host to BBQ sauce over 400 million times. % of pork chops including BBQ sauce has doubled during the past 15 years. For all pork, this figure has risen from 7.2% to 9.9% during this time. Source: NPD National Eating Trends Service, 2001 Slide17:  Ninety-one percent of grill owners use barbecue sauce always or sometimes while grilling. Most (61%) use it straight from the bottle Some (28%) doctor it up with other seasonings Few (11%) make it from scratch Grilling and Sauce Go Hand in Hand Source: Barbecue Industry Association Slide18:  Overall American barbecue sauce popularity: 64% most often choose hickory flavor 36% also choose mesquite 30% use honey flavor 30% top their meat with tomato based sauces Hickory Flavor is Most Preferred Source: Food Product Design 2001 Slide19:  2001’s most heavily promoted barbecue product was Jack Daniel’s Grilling Sauce. From Heinz North America Includes three varieties: Original No. 7, Sizzling Smokehouse Blend Tennessee Hickory Mesquite Tagline: “A Grilling Sauce Worthasting” Bottled Sauces for the 21st Century Source: Food Channel Trendwide, July 2001 Retail Pork Products:  Retail Pork Products The heat-and-serve shredded BBQ segment grew 44% to $85 million 52 weeks ended July 22 Lloyd’s (General Mills) dominates the category with $45 million in supermarket sales Tubs of shredded BBQ meats Another $50 million in sales for ready-to-heat BBQ ribs in 2000 KC Masterpiece (ConAgra) registered $24 million in sales last year Source: Advertising Age, August 2001 BBQ as an Noun:  BBQ as an Noun Slide22:  In its truest definition – Pork IS barbecue Loyalty to the meat used Killer application Uncontested, ownable position Marketable position nationwide at retail and foodservice BBQ as a Noun Source: Food Product Design, August 2001 Slide23:  “Low and Slow” Barbecue – a long, low-heat, smoke-cooking method using coals, smoldering logs or chunks of wood Indirect heat source Cooking techniques suits big unwieldy, castaway cuts of meat True barbecuing requires cooking items for long periods – measured by half-days rather than hours and at relatively low temperatures (rarely exceeding 330 F) And don’t forget the SMOKE -- Wood contributes a distinctive smoky flavor The Essence of Barbecue Source: Food Product Design, August 2001 A Common Misconception:  A Common Misconception Barbecue means many things, but it’s definitely not grilling. Grilling – requires quick cooking of foods at high temperatures, direct method of cooking meat over live flames which quickly sears and caramelizes its surface while the inside remains juicy and cooks quickly. Heat source is usually provided by charcoal or gas. Time is of the essence in grilling so meat should be small, thin enough for heat to penetrate, and fairly tender; kebabs, skinny steaks, burgers, sausage and chicken breasts. Source: Food Product Design, August 2001 Americans Crave Barbecue:  Americans Crave Barbecue Foods that Americans crave Barbecue ribs and steak rank alongside ice cream and chocolate at the top of the list. Taste is the #1 driver of cravings Flavors preferred include hickory-smoked, mesquite-smoked, spicy coatings and flavorful sauces. Key for men is aroma Key for women is texture Source: Crave it! Study by McCormick Seasonings Co.) BBQ is a “State of Mind”:  BBQ is a “State of Mind” What place do you think of first when you think about barbecue? Source: Impulse Research Corporation “Topline Report: BBQ Facts,” February 2002. “Other” responses included: “My back yard” Various towns in Texas Barbecue Belt:  Barbecue Belt Slide28:  North Carolina Barbecue meat: “pulled pork,” smoked pork shoulder sauce: peppery vinegar sides: coleslaw and hush puppies wood: oak and hickory South Carolina/Georgia Barbecue meat: chopped or sliced pork sauce: yellow mustard sides: light bread, coleslaw, and “hash” wood: oak and hickory Barbecue in the Southeast Source:, PIB, Barbecue: From the Pit to the Formula, Research Chefs Assc., 2001 Slide29:  Memphis Barbecue meat: ribs, “pulled” pig sauce: vinegar-and-mustard based “mop” dry rub: mixture of paprika, salt, onion powder and ground black pepper sides: coleslaw, cornbread and French fries Alabama/Arkansas Barbecue meat: chopped or “pulled” pig sauce: spicy red sides: baked beans, coleslaw and potato chips wood: pecan Barbecue in the South Source:, PIB, Barbecue: From the Pit to the Formula, Research Chefs Assc., 2001 Slide30:  Kansas City - meat: ribs - sauce: sweet BBQ, ketchup or tomato based combined with brown sugar, corn syrup, molasses, vinegar and spices Barbecue in the Midwest Source: Slide31:  California Barbecue meat: seafood, chicken, beef sauce: sweet ‘n sour, fruit juice base Barbecue in the West Source: Slide32:  Texas Barbecue meat: boneless beef brisket; link sausage in central Texas sauce: thick, sweet chili or ketchup base with Worcestershire wood: oak and mesquite Barbecue Texas Style Source:, Barbecue: From the Pit to the Formula, Research Chefs Assc., 2001 Slide33:  International Barbecue Styles Tahitian: wrapping pig in banana leaves and cooking in hole dug in ground Asian: pan smoked over high or low heat then cooked; uses tea leaves or moistened wood chips International Barbecue Source: Elements of “Classical” & “Practical” BBQ:  Elements of “Classical” & “Practical” BBQ Classical Rub, cooker, smoker, fire, wood, charcoal, sauce and meat Practical Rub, cooker, fire, charcoal, sauce and meat Source: Barbecue: From the Pit to the Formula, Research Chefs Assc., 2001 Foodservice BBQ Trends:  Foodservice BBQ Trends Slide36:  Barbecue Concept Fits Current Dining Trends ISSUE FIT By offering beef, pork or poultry, operators gain menu, price, and promotion flexibility. Additionally, many items are prepared for lower cost cuts. Sauce choices, usually a hot and a sweet, served on the side. Also, most menus offer wet and dry options, as well as marinade or dry rub preparations. Most items “travel” well and facilitate bulk packaging for family and other group meals. Items are ideal as they hold well. Many offer on-site sales of signature sauces; some have retail distribution of both prepared meals and sauces. MULTIPLE PROTEIN SOURCES HIGH FLAVOR PROFILES, BUT WITH TASTE OPTIONS FOR PATRONS CARRY HOME POTENTIAL CATERING RETAIL BRAND SPIN-OFFS Source: Technomic Information Services, 2001 BBQ In Restaurants Falls Into Three Categories:  BBQ In Restaurants Falls Into Three Categories Independents: The barbecue segment remains one of the last strongholds of independent restaurants, with some 8,000 locations BBQ Chains which are finally growing, having to cope with regionality Chains carrying BBQ items Source: Future Food Trends, 2001 BBQ Is Growing In Restaurants:  BBQ Is Growing In Restaurants Total Restaurants Servings Volume (000) * Other BBQ Foods include BBQ Chicken, and BBQ Ribs BBQ Pork/Beef Sandwich was added to the survey in June ‘00 Source: NPD Foodworld, 2001 Distribution by Segment:  Includes BBQ Pork/Beef Sandwich and BBQ Ribs Distribution of Servings, DJF ‘01 Distribution by Segment Where is BBQ being ordered? Distribution of Servings, Sept-Nov ‘01 McDonalds major driver within QSR Includes BBQ Pork/Beef Sandwich and BBQ Ribs Source: NPD Foodworld, 2001 Slide40:  Pork Rib Volume by Segments and Daypart Source: Technomic Pork Usage Survey, 2001 Slide41:  Barbecue Expansion Exporting barbecue tastes abroad remains a largely untapped industry. Tony Roma’s, of Dallas-based Romacorp, Inc, recently went abroad and currently has restaurants operating in 30 states and 23 countries and is boasting greatly increased sales. “Barbecue joints” have typically been local and are the last strongholds for independent restaurants. While this remains true, the casual dining barbecue chains are growing. Six were recently ranked in the Technomic Top 100 or Technomic Second 100 Reports: Tony Roma’s Damon’s Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q Famous Dave’s Luther’s Bar-B-Q Smokey Bones BBQ Sports Bar Source: Meat and Poultry, 2002 Pork BBQ Sandwiches:  Pork BBQ Sandwiches Two pork items are among the dozen of foods showing the largest increase in foodservice sales. BBQ pork sandwich ranked 5th Pulled pork sandwich ranked 12th up 59% from 2 years ago Source: 2001 Restaurants & Institutions Menu Census Barbecue Restaurants:  Barbecue Restaurants Chain Barbecue restaurants are now selling their meats in retail outlets. Famous Dave’s barbecued meats and sauces are being sold in more than 500 stores, including Wal-Mart, Kroger and Grant Source: Nation’s Restaurant News, February 2001 BBQ Sauces:  BBQ Sauces Highly regionalized Operators will often make use of a brand like Kraft as a base, and then customize for their operation Slide45:  Ways of Preparing BBQ Sauce Source: Restaurant Business 1998-2000 Types (%) Regions (%) Of Those Offering BBQ Sauce…. Slide46:  Barbecue Sauce: Leading Brand, Used Most Often Source: Restaurant Business 1998-2000 Types (%) Regions (%) Summary:  Summary Future Predictions for BBQ:  Future Predictions for BBQ Our taste for smoky flavors will be reaching far beyond the grill. Hot/sweet fruit-based barbecue sauces will go mainstream in a big way. Butchers will merchandise a much wider range of BBQ-friendly cuts. More of us will do our grilling over natural lump charcoal. Americans will show greater interest in the barbecue of other cultures. Barbecue restaurants will complete their conquest of all 50 states. Top restaurants will invite barbecue stars to serve as guest chefs. Haute BBQ (as in fine dining) is not an impossible dream. Source:, The Food Channel, 2001 Summary:  Summary BBQ as a noun is quentiessitial use of the word and is what makes pork BBQ.

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