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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Raimondo


The Global Indian Survey Sizing and Profiling:  The Global Indian Survey Sizing and Profiling August to December 2005 Contents:  Contents Background to Global Indian Survey Research Plan The Insights Global Indians are important to BBC World:  Global Indians are important to BBC World BBC World is a 24-hour international news and information channel “Our aim is to be the best and most influential source of international news and to be the most trusted source of news anywhere” Steve Williams, Senior News Editor As an international channel we are interested in understanding ‘Globally Minded Individuals’ the world over India is an important market Rapidly changing Growing economy Global Indians are…:  Global Indians are… Progressive mindset People of Influence Inward & Outward investment Inward & Outward travel *Source: FDI Confidence Index, AT Kearney Why a survey of Global Indians:  Why a survey of Global Indians No up-market survey available in the market today Platinum, Nupscale are product related TGI: broad based and SEC focussed TAM – no attempt to cover attitudinal data, involvement SECs considered a blunt measurement instrument Agencies use psychographic data to understand consumers but these are agency specific & not industry benchmarks (e.g. Mindshare’s 3-D) HPI launched by IRS, uses 50 variables and is based on ownership without insights into mindsets (cant replace SEC) Tighter budgets for up-market brands, can’t treat them as FMCGs TAM – no sensitivity to demographics. Do SEC A & SEC E really watch the same programmes? For the increasing number of agencies using guesswork, this study will help fine-tune media plans and strategies leading to an increase in ROI Lack of alternative data Research Plan:  Research Plan Why is international information important?:  Why is international information important? Widen horizons positive elements of another culture Helps in Decision Making/Keeps you prepared More information better decision making Global impact on India Work - International market/company/business Personal Conversation pieces colleagues/ family abroad Intellectually stimulating Mirror ‘It’s necessary to know how the world views India’ Source: Phase 1 Who are these Global Indians?:  Who are these Global Indians? Corporate Decision-makers Cultural Inquisitives Professional networker Cosmopolitan Family Member International News Junkie “It’s not just to give my brain a face-lift. It’s an on-going process to be informed, well-read.” “It helps to be able to talk to the client not only about work but also about other things.” “I have great curiosity about the countries I have been too – and I have a great curiosity about the countries I haven’t been to!” “After my children went abroad I was very curious to know what kind of environment they live in.” “Broadens your vision. Radically changes the way you think. Otherwise you are confined to a particular area and you get the notion that what I have seen is the best or the worst.” Source: Phase 1 Phase 2, The Plan:  Phase 2, The Plan Sizing – 1st Part Before doing 5,000 interviews we did 200 pilots in Mumbai and Delhi to check whether the research was making sense Developing a pyramid of Globizens As the essence of a global Indian is based on attitude and behaviour, the definition uses both Attitude and behaviour are present in different degrees and therefore there are different levels of being global Phase 2 Starting point:  Starting point Target Audience SEC AB, 18 to 54 years, C&S, Speak English Top 8 metros Universe size 8 million Period of fieldwork, 2005 Pilots - August; 200 samples Sizing questionnaire - September to November; 5,000 telephone interviews Profiling questionnaire - fieldwork November to December; 2,000 face to face interviews Global Indian Insights:  Global Indian Insights Definition of Global Indian:  Definition of Global Indian ‘An Indian who has a personal or professional need or desire for global news, information or events and has international behaviour characteristics.’ Global Indian Attitude Behaviour Source: Part 1 Attitudes Statements that matter:  Attitudes Statements that matter Behaviour Statements that matter :  Behaviour Statements that matter Slide15:  Locazen Weak attitudes & Weak Behaviour 35% Globatude Strong attitudes & Weak behaviour 37% Globehave Weak attitudes & Strong behaviour 13% Globizen Strong attitudes & Strong behaviour 16% B E H A V I O R ATTITUDE Matrix : Attitudes & Behaviour Global Indians:  Global Indians International Attitude Domestic Attitude International Behaviour Domestic Behaviour Globizen 16% Globatude 37% Globehave 13% Locazen 35% Globizens by market:  Globizens by market Mumbai 35% Delhi 16% Chennai 9 % Bangalore 8 % Hyderabad 20% Pune 2% Ahmedabad 3% Kolkata 8% More likely to be Male, SEC A1:  More likely to be Male, SEC A1 Source: Global Indian 2005 Slide19:  Profile of a Globizen Positive about India International Attitudes & Behaviour Globizen Environmentally Concerned Influencers & Decision Makers Culturally Unique Consumers of International Products High Net Worth Consumers International Media & heavy internet users Positive about India Globizens:  ‘India can cope with domestic crisis without receiving foreign aid’ 66% agree, 69% more than Locazens ‘India will overcome China to be the Asian superpower in the next 10 years’ 57% agree, 38% more than Locazens ‘India can win a bid to host the Olympics in the next 10 years’ 55% agree, 28% more than Locazens Positive about India Globizens India is the best place:  India is the best place Source: Global Indian ‘India is the best place to work’ 71% agree, 34% higher than Locazens ‘India’s BPO sector will grow despite security concerns’ 66% agree, 105% higher than Locazens ‘The lower classes or the poor will benefit from India’s economic growth in the future’ 60% agree, 70% more than Locazens Culturally Unique Globizens:  Culturally Unique Globizens ‘Could live anywhere in the world’ 67% agree, 78% more than the Locazens ‘The standard of living in the big cities in India is comparable to other big cities in the world’ 53% agree, 65% more than the Locazens ‘More in common with people in the West than with poorer people in India’ 60% agree, 98% more than the Locazens ‘Most of your sports heroes are not Indian’ 49% agree, 127% more than Locazens Globizens have strong international attitudes & behaviour :  Globizens have strong international attitudes & behaviour Source: Global Indian 2005, Behaviour in the last one month Influencers & Decision Makers :  Influencers & Decision Makers Index Source: Global Indian 2005 21% of Globizens have done one of these Users of International Products:  International = better quality 73% agree that the availability of international products has given consumers a better choice Increase in better quality products in India 72% feel the quality of most products are better than what they were a few years ago Influencers of choice 54% give advice to people who come to them before buying new things Users of International Products Source: Global Indian 2005 Environmentally concerned :  Environmentally concerned Index Source: Global Indian 2005 ‘I am concerned about pollution, global warming and such environmental issues’ Keen users of International Media:  Keen users of International Media Source: Global Indian 2005 Heavy users of internet:  Heavy users of internet Potential PC owners 95% feel a PC at home is a necessity International brand focused 62% would buy an international branded computer rather than an assembled one Key buyers 40% are the sole decision makers when buying a computer Source: Global Indian 2005 Globizens are high value customers:  Globizens are high value customers Consumer Durables & Personal Gadgets Source: Global Indian 2005, among those intending to buy Globizens are potentially higher spenders:  Globizens are potentially higher spenders What is your budget…? Source: Global Indian 2005, among those intending to buy Thank you:  Thank you

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